The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 668 They Had a Servile Attitude to Foreigners and Foreign Things

Both Holden and Daisy turned their heads and looked at Scott. Seeing that Scott was dressed in clothes that were not expensive and that he was holding an apron, they were immediately sure that he was Scott.

But Holden didn’t greet him. Instead, he pretended not to know who he was and asked, “Yes, it’s me. What’s the matter? It seems that you’re a dishwasher. If something is wrong, ask the manager to talk to me. It’s not appropriate for you to come to me.”

Daisy covered her nose with her hand and said with dislike, “You’re so smelly. The men of H Country are really disgusting. Go away now. I can’t bear it anymore.”

Scott didn’t get angry. He smiled at Holden and said, “I’m Scott, Edith’s husband.”

Hearing that, Holden pretended that he just knew the identity of Scott. Then he spoke to Scott, “Oh, it’s you. I’m sorry. Before you introduced yourself to us, I thought that you were a dishwasher.”

Scott knew that he was just pretending. He thought: it seemed that he came to us with ill intentions. However, I was very happy because I had just had a daughter. I would forgive him.

“When I just finished cooking at home, Edith asked me to meet you. And I don’t attach much importance to clothes at ordinary times. I’m sorry.” Scott spoke.

“In fact, you have nothing to do but do housework at home, right? You claimed that you don’t attach much importance to clothes? It’s a glorified excuse. You’re so shameless.” Daisy muttered.

Holden smiled and said, “She’s my girlfriend. She has lived abroad for a long time, so she is blunt. I’m sorry.”

Scott just smiled and didn’t say anything.

“We’ve just ordered food, but we haven’t eaten yet. Would you mind waiting for a moment here?” Holden asked.

“No, I don’t mind it. Just enjoy your food. I’ve made reservation for you at the hotel.” Scott said, “I’ll go to ask the waiter for a chair.”

After saying that, he went towards a waiter.

Holden immediately put on a scornful smile, “He’s really a country bumpkin. If he is not a customer, the waiter won’t offer a chair to him. It seems that the rumor is true. Edith’s husband is really a loser.”

“I’m afraid that people like him will never have a meal in this place in their lives. Leave him alone. Let’s see what he’ll do after he takes a pratfall.” Daisy spoke after giving Scott a glance.

Scott approached the waiter and said, “Get a chair for me and put that near that table.” “Sir, our restaurant… You, you’re Mr. Davies!” The waiter’s eyes were immediately wide open.

The Davies family could be said to be a catering giant in B City. It was nearly a shareholder of all famous restaurants. Blue Dream Restaurant was no exception. Besides, Scott was very famous in B City. This waiter naturally knew him.

Scott just nodded at him and motioned for him to get a chair for him quietly.
The waiter hurriedly nodded, after which he went to get a chair for Scott.

Scott went back to Holden and Daisy’s table. Both Holden and Daisy thought that the waiter had refused him. Holden said, “I’ve forgot to tell you one thing. This restaurant…”

Before he could finish his words, the waiter came close to Scott with a chair and said respectfully, “Mr. Davies, I’ve got a chair for you.”

Scott nodded and sat down beside them.

Holden was embarrassed and bit what he had intended to say back.

“What did you just say?” Scott asked, staring at Holden.
“Nothing…nothing.” Holden spoke.

“What the hell. This guy is so lucky that he runs into a waiter with such a good temper. If he had run into other waiters, he would have long been driven out.” Daisy muttered.

Holden coughed gently and no longer thought about this matter. Instead, he stared at Scott and asked, “Do you settle down in B City now? Are both of you working in B City?”

“Not really. We’ve got something to do in B City, so we came here. Later, Edith was about to give birth to our child. So we didn’t go home. Nat long ago, Edith gave birth to a child. I wanted to take good care of her, so I didn’t work in these days.” Scott answered.

Holden nodded thoughtfully. In his opinion, Scott didn’t have the ability to settle down in B City at all. The houses here were prohibitively expensive. Besides, it was difficult to go through the formalities related to settle down here. It was very difficult for ordinary people to settle down in B City.

“Well, it’s indeed difficult to settle down in B City.” Holden said.
“Edith told me that you’ve just returned from abroad.” Scott spoke.

When it came to this topic, both Holden and Daisy held their heads high with a hint of pride on their faces, as if having lived abroad was something very worthy of showing off.

“Holden returns to H Country for work. He’ll be the general manager of Excellence Network and accumulate work experience there. A few years later, he’ll go to M Country and marry me. Then, he’ll become a citizen of M Country and will never return to H Country.” Daisy spoke.

“Oh? Isn’t it good to stay here? Why do you want to go to M Country?” Scott asked. In Scott’s view, the economy of H Country was no worse than that of other countries. He also believed that the people of H Country should stay in H Country and make contributions to the motherland.

Daisy immediately twitched her lips, put on a look of disdain and said, “Let me put it in this way. Since I’m here, when I breathe, I feel uncomfortable. The air in foreign country is fresher. Besides, people there are much nicer than the people of H Country. If it wasn’t that I wanted Holden to have more work experience, I would never be here.”

Hearing that, Scott took a sense of dislike. He didn’t expect Daisy to be someone who had a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things.

“Daisy’s right. You’ve never been abroad, so you know nothing about foreign countries. H Country is really not as good as foreign countries. You should try hard…Forget it. It’s no use to talk to you about it.” Holden spoke with obvious disdain.

Scott laughed. He certainly knew foreign countries well. However, even though he was in this position, he still thought that H Country was the best. He couldn’t figure out what those, who had a servile attitude to foreign countries, were thinking.

“The family members of Daisy set up Excellence Network in H Country. I know that it’s hard for you to find a job. If you want to work as a security guard or a cleaner in Excellence Network, you can tell me. The salary won’t be low. I can help you to get this job easily.” Holden said with a proud expression.

Scott twitched his lips. He found that these two people just came to him to show off and that they weren’t in need of help at all.
Daisy’s family members had the ability to set up a company in B City. How was it possible that they could not find a place to live in?

After some thought, Scott decided that he wouldn’t let Edith lose face. Obviously, her male classmate wanted to show off to Edith because he thought that he had made some achievements. Now, Edith didn’t come to meet him. He, as her husband, shouldn’t let Edith lose face.

Soa he raised his head and said with a smile, “If I remember correctly, Excellence Network is trying to get the chance to cooperate with Fantasy Group, an internet giant in H Country. If you have any difficulties, you can come to me. I can help you.”

Fantasy Group was exactly founded by the Davies family. Now, the internet industry developed very well. How was it possible that the Davies family didn’t set up a company in this industry?

Before, when they chatted, Charles occasionally mentioned Excellence Network to Scott.
Now, Charles was the head of the companies of the Davies family in the Internet industry.

If foreign countries were really so good, it would be impossible that Excellence Network was so eager to cooperate with Fantasy Group. If necessary, Scott wouldn’t mind teaching Holden and Daisy a good lesson.


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