The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 667 You Are Perfect

“Darling, is she really our child? I’m not very handsome. However, she looks so ugly.” Fourteen days after Sherry was born, Scott sat on the bed and looked at the baby with dark and wrinkled skin, lost in thought.

Edith, who was lying on the bed, immediately rolled her eyes at Scott and said, “She’s a newborn baby. How is it possible that she’s pretty? She’s still too young. Sometime later, when she grows up a little bit, she will be pretty.”

“I want her to be like you when she grows up. In that way, she will be a beauty. Certainly, it’s necessary for her to be like me.
However, I just want her to inherit my merits.” Scott murmured.

“What do you mean? Could it be that she will inherit my shortcomings while she will only inherit your merits? Why are you such a narcissist?” Edith spoke with some dissatisfaction.

Scott gave Edith a gentle glance and said, “You’re perfect.”

Previously, Edith wore an angry expression. After hearing that, she put on a sweet smile, looked at Scott in a flirtatious manner and said, “Humph, you could be said to be sweet.”

“Have some rest. I’ll go to the kitchen and prepare some delicious food for you.” Scott stood up, turned around and went to the kitchen.

There were several top nurses in the Davies family now. Besides, Jennifer was also here. It could be said that they could take very good care of Edith. However, Scott still wanted to cook for Edith. These days, it was always him that cooked for Edith.
Besides, he bought everything Edith needed in person. Every day, he went to the food market with Jennifer and bought the freshest vegetables for Edith.

After Scott went to the kitchen, Edith took her mobile phone which was on the table. These days, Scott only allowed her to play with her mobile phone for half an hour every day. He wouldn’t let her play with it for even one more minutes. Edith could secretly play with mobile phone while Scott was not with her.

After all, she did nothing but lie in bed every day. Anyone in her position would be very bored. Therefore, it was normal for her to want to play with her mobile phone very much.

Not long after she opened microblog, she received a message from one of her male college classmates. According to this message, he had just finished studying abroad and was unfamiliar with H Country. He learned that Edith was in B City from other classmates. So he wanted to know if Edith had time to meet him and told them something about the current situation in B City.

It was certainly impossible for Edith to go to meet him. These days, she couldn’t even leave her room.

However, he had helped her a lot in college. When she did her graduation project, she asked him many questions about something she didn’t understand.

Therefore, she wanted to ask Scott to meet this classmate. After all, B City was under the control of Scott. No matter what problems her classmate had, Scott could help him solve them.

Before long, Scott came in with a bowl of ginseng soup. He handed it to Edith and asked her to drink it.

Edith talked to Scott about her male classmate. Hearing that, Scott immediately asked, “Did you secretly play with your mobile phone again?”

Edith immediately stuck out her tongue at Scott and said, “Oh, I saw that someone had sent me a message, so I texted him back. He helped me a lot in college. Go to meet him and help him for my sake, please.”

“I will go to meet him, but you must promise me that you won’t secretly play with your mobile phone.” Scott spoke.

“I got it. Darling, you’re so kind. I love you.” Edith said with a smile.

Scott was helpless. After asking Edith for more information about her classmate, Scott said a few words to Jennifer and then left the Davies House.

Edith told that classmate that she couldn’t go to meet him because she had just given birth to a baby. She also said that she would ask Scott to meet him and that Scott would find a place for them to live in.

After leaving the house, Scott found that he was still wearing an apron. He put on a bitter smile. At this moment, he had to take it off and hold it with his hand. There was even a faint smell of dishes on it.

At this moment, the male classmate of Edith was waiting in a high-end restaurant in B City. Scott went to that restaurant by taxi.
Blue Dream Restaurant could be said to be a famous high-end western restaurant in B City.

At this moment, a man and a woman were sitting face to face at a table in Blue Dream Restaurant.

The man was dressed in expensive clothes and looked handsome. It could be tell in one glance that he was a talented person with a high degree of education. The woman had white skin and looked pretty. She was quite a beautiful woman.

This man was exactly the classmate of Edith. He was named Holden. He was studying in M Country before. The woman was named Daisy and had emigrated to M Country now. Although she looked like the people of H Country, she was no longer a citizen of H Country. They became lovers in M Country.

At this moment, they were talking about Edith with a mocking smile.

“She said that she had just given birth to a child and therefore asked her husband to come to meet us. It’s ridiculous. If I’m not wrong, she’s married to a loser. I really can’t understand why she had the courage to ask her husband to come to meet us.” Holden said with a smile.

“She had just given birth to a baby? Didn’t you say that she was your goddess when you were in college? After you said so, I thought that she was a middle-aged woman.” Daisy spoke while twitching her lips.

“That’s history. When I was in college, she was my goddess. I always helped her. Sometimes I would hint that I liked her.
However, she acted as if she didn’t understand and had never responded to me. When I remember what had happened at that time now, I find that I did have flattered her without caring about my dignity. It didn’t matter that she didn’t take a fancy to me.
However, she kept asking me for help while pretending that she didn’t take my hints. It was really annoying.”

“Therefore, I want to meet her after coming back from M Country. Now, I’m someone who has studied abroad. Besides, I’ll soon become the general manager of the famous Excellence Network Technology Co., Ltd. I just want to show off to her. At that time, she didn’t like me. Now, I’m so excellent that she was not match for me.”

“Unluckily, she has just given birth to a child and can’t come to meet us. But it’s ok to show off to her husband. When he comes back, he’ll mention it to her. In this way, I can show off both to her and her husband. Then I can vent my anger.”

Hearing that, Daisy also put on a playful smile and said, “I look down upon ordinary men of H Country. They’re not as good as men of M Country. Of course, you’re an exception. Sooner or later, you’ll become a citizen of M Country. As for your classmate’s husband, the loser, I’m afraid that I will feel sick after looking at him.”

“When he’s here, just laugh at him. There’s no need for you to respect him. I just want to show off to Edith and him. It’s unnecessary to be polite to him.” Holden said with a smile.

The moment he finished speaking, Scott approached them with his apron and asked, “Are you Holden?”


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