The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 666 Sherry Davies

After driving Amara out, Scott turned around and walked towards Edith’s room. Just now, he gave Kacper an order: if Amara dared to step into this house, he should break her legs.

After Scott went back to the courtyard, Nicolas approached him and asked, “Is it really that woman?”

Scott nodded and said with a smile, “I’ve driven her out. Before Edith gives birth to the child safely, she won’t be able to step into this house.”

“Great. I had thought that she would no longer disturb us after what happened last time. Unexpectedly, she should come here on the day Edith gives birth to her child. Why does she do it?” Nicolas sighed helplessly.

“In fact, she didn’t know that Edith will give birth to our child today. She thought that I was dead, and therefore came here to get some benefits from the Davies family.” Scott explained.

Nicolas spoke with his eyes wide open, “It’s much wicked for her to do so. Alas… don’t bother to talk about her.”

“Don’t think about her. Today, Edith will give birth to a child. It’s a good thing. Don’t be upset by some unimportant people.” Scott said.

Nicolas nodded. He no longer talked about Amara and continued to look at Edith’s room.
About two hours later, Scott became a little impatient and had a faint impulse to rush into the room to have a look.
“It’s been several hours. Why is the child still not born? Does anything go wrong? I have to go in and have a look.” Scott spoke.

Jennifer hurriedly stopped Scott and said, “Different from what you think, children can’t be born in a short time. It’s not been a long time. Sometimes, a woman can’t successfully give birth to a child in a day. Wait a moment. I estimate that the child will soon be born.”

Scott helplessly sighed. Hearing Edith scream from time to time in the room, he was anxious.

At the same time, he finally realized how great women were. They were worthy of admiration just for their giving birth to children.
“It seems that I must be very nice to Edith in the future. Besides, I have to make our daughter know how great her mother is and ask her to be good to her mother.”

When Scott was talking to himself, a baby cried in the room. People in the courtyard were excited.

Scott was so excited that he didn’t know what he should do for a while.

At this moment, a nurse ran out of the room with a smile and said, “Congratulations! The madam gives birth to a beautiful girl.
Both the madam and the baby are safe.”

“What! How is it possible that she gives birth to a daughter? She should have given birth to a son. Did you make a mistake?” Lily, who had been waiting, exclaimed. People in the courtyard were all confused.

Scott was a little embarrassed and hurriedly spoke to Conor, “Watch her, and I’ll go in and have a look.” After saying that, he hurriedly entered the room.

“No. I also want to go to have a look. I don’t believe that Edith has given birth to a daughter. They must have made a mistake.” Lily didn’t believe what the nurse said.

“Now, she has just given birth to the baby. It’s not good for too many people to go in. You had better wait.” The nurse hurriedly explained.

Conor immediately blocked Lily’s way, felt puzzled and asked, “Isn’t it good to have a daughter? Even Scott is happy to have a daughter. Why are you unhappy?”

“If they have a daughter, I can’t marry their child. Oh, my dream is shattered.” Lily cried.

Conor was puzzled. He couldn’t understand what Lily was thinking about.

In the room.

The moment Scott went in, he saw that Edith was lying exhausted on the bed. Her hair had been wet with sweat and her lips were a little pale. It could be seen that she had suffered great pains. However, now, she was smiling.

The nurse beside her was holding a baby wrapped in a piece of cloth. The baby’s skin seemed to be dark. She was just born, and therefore she couldn’t open her eyes.

Scott approached Edith and kissed her on the forehead first. Then he turned around and held the baby into his arms.
“Darling, thank you. We have a daughter now.” Scott said with a smile.

“Pick a name for her.” Edith spoke.

After some thought, Scott said, “What about Sherry Davies?”

“Why?” Edith asked.

“She’s our little daughter. I’ll definitely let her become the happiest young lady in the world.” Scott said with a smile.

Edith nodded with a smile and said, “Ok, I’ll follow you.”

Scott gave the baby in his arms a glance and said, “In the future, you’re called Sherry Davies. Remember that you’re my daughter and that I won’t let anyone bully you. If anyone dares to bully you, I’ll beat that person up!”

In the past, he was fiercely protective of Edith. In the future, he would be equally protective of Sherry who was in his arms now.

At the door of the Davies House, Amara stood there with her hands on her hips, swearing while facing the door.

Before, Scott drove her out. She was angry, so she stood here, swearing. She used all kinds of dirty words. However, she dared not step into the house.

Kacper had been standing on the roof and had been staring at Amara. Amara had realized that she couldn’t afford to offend him, so she only dared to swear.

After a long time, Amara was finally tired from swearing and stopped.

Right at this moment, a servant ran over and spoke to the security guards with an excited expression, “JZ has a daughter now.
He says that it’s a big day and will give all of us bonus.”

The security guards all wore excited expression. It seemed that they were very happy.

Hearing that, Amara immediately murmured, “She should give birth to a daughter. What’s the meaning of having a daughter? It’s not as good as having a son. The reason I suffer so much is that I don’t have a son. Now, the daughter I took painstaking effort to raise up doesn’t consider me to be her mother. If I were in there, when I find that she gives birth to a girl, I’ll choke that girl to death.”

As Amara spoke, there was a vicious look in her eyes.

At the same time, several people were sitting in a secret private box at a restaurant in B City. All of them were smoking cigarettes, so the room was filled with smoke.

The person who sat on the host’s seat was named Dillon Graham. He was the son of Wheeler. The people in this private box were members of the Graham family and the Sharp family. They didn’t run away from B City because they wanted to take revenge on Scott.

“Scott killed my father and ruined my family. I must take revenge on him! I believe that you all have this idea. So far, we just need something with which we can deal with the Davies family.” Dillon spoke.

“You’re right. If we openly deal with the Davies family, we will absolutely fail. However, there is more than one way to take revenge on others. Sometimes, the weak can defeat the strong.” One of them said.

A man sitting next to Dillon said with his eyes lit up, “Scott’s wife is going to give birth to a child recently. Maybe she has already given birth to the child. We can’t defeat Scott, but we can do something to his child.”

“If we could find a way to take Scott’s child away from him, we would be able to negotiate with him.”

The people in the private box all agreed. Dillon also smiled to show that he agreed with it. He said, “It’s a good idea. Then, let’s think about how to take Scott’s child away from him. At that time, we must let him know how it feels to lose immediate relative!”


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