The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 665 You Are Not Eligible to Do so

In the Davies House.

In the courtyard in front of Edith’s room, Scott was walking back and forth nervously. The people with high status in the Davies family, including Conor, Charles, and so on, also stayed here with anxious expressions.

Top obstetricians in B City had long been waiting in the room. It was the day on which Edith would give birth to her child.

Nicolas and Jennifer couldn’t help smiling. As someone who had experienced this kind of events before, they were obviously calmer than those who hadn’t experienced it before.

Lily was also excited. She stood alone at the door with her eyes fixed on the door. From time to time, she murmured a few words. No one knew what she was saying.

Scott approached Conor and asked, “Are you sure that you have sent enough people to guard this house and that there won’t be any problems?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Kacper and other two experts in fighting are guarding respectively at three sides of this house. Besides, there are many men of the Davies family guarding this house. No one could enter this house without permission. Don’t worry.” Conor answered. He was a little helpless. Today, Scott had asked this question for three times, as if he had lost his memory.

Scott turned his head, looked at Charles and asked, “Are you sure that the best doctors in B City are ready? Can they come here soon after anything happens to Edith?”

“They’re waiting in the living room. What about going to have a look with me?” Charles looked at Scott, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

“It’s unnecessary. I believe you.” Scott answered.

Charles didn’t agree with him. He thought: if you believed me, you wouldn’t ask this question for more than ten times. Obviously, you didn’t believe me!

“Scott, don’t be so nervous. Edith is just about to give birth to a baby. It’s not as dangerous as you think. Relax.” Jennifer comforted Scott with a smile.

“Jennifer, you’re right. I don’t know why, but I’m still worried.” Scott answered.

“It’s normal for you to be nervous. You haven’t experience this kind of thing before. However calm you are, when your wife is going to give birth to your child in the room, you’ll be nervous. After Edith gives to the baby, you’ll be relieved.” Nicolas spoke with a smile.

Scott nodded and took a deep breath. He thought: I shouldn’t be so nervous. I couldn’t let my daughter laugh at me just after she was bor.
Yes, I had to be calm. I must give her the impression of a strict father from the moment she was born.

At this moment, Scott noticed that Lily who was murmuring at the door. He approached her and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Lily turned her head, looked at Scott and spoke with a smile, “I’m thinking about how to call you in the future. Shall I call you father or brother? Which is better?”

Scott was embarrassed. He hadn’t told Lily that Edith had known that she was carrying a girl when she had pregnancy check- up. Therefore, Lily always thought that Edith was carrying a boy.

And according to the agreement between Scott and her, if Lily went after Scott’s son, Scott couldn’t interfere with it.

“Well, why are you so sure that Edith will give birth to a boy? What if she gives birth to a girl? In my opinion, you shouldn’t think about these useless things.” Scott was afraid that Lily would rush into the room after he told her the truth, so he gave a hint.

Lily glowered at Scott at once and said, “Scott, what do you mean? Do you want to break your promise? Listen, I’ve observed Edith for a long time. According to the information from the internet, there are many signs that Edith is carrying a boy.”

Scott was embarrassed. He didn’t expect that Lily would believe the statements on the internet. Could it be that the statements on the internet were more trustworthy than medical examination?

“Humph, listen, after your son is born, don’t ask me to be his godmother. I’ll marry him in the future. If you ask me to be his godmother, things will be weird.” Lily raised her head and spoke to Scott.

Scott sighed helplessly. He thought: for the time being, let her immerse herself in her fantasy. After the child was born, she would know that the information she hot from the internet was not true.

When they were waiting anxiously, a servant of the Davies family rushed over and said somewhat anxiously, “Lord, a person wants to break into this house. She claims herself to be your mother-in-law. We stop her in the front courtyard. Please go to deal with this issue.”

Scott frowned. The first person he thought of was Amara.

“She’s crazy. Could it be that she wants to make trouble for us on the day Edith gives birth to her baby? It seems that it’s really correct to divorce her at that time.” Nicolas also guessed who that person was and said angrily.

“I’ll go to have a look now. You wait here. After Edith gives birth to the baby, you must immediately tell me.” Scott said as he went to the front courtyard.

Everyone nodded.

In the first courtyard after coming into the Davies House, Amara was standing face to face with more than ten men of the Davies family angrily. They were at daggers drawn. Kacper stood on the roof, looking at the unreasonable woman on the ground coldly.

“Get out of my way. Listen, Edith is my daughter. I have the right to see her when she gives birth to her baby. You can’t stop me from doing so.” Amara shouted with confidence.

Those men stared at Amara and didn’t know what to do. If it was someone else that wanted to break into the house, they would have long caught that person.

However, she was Edith’s mother. They didn’t dare to catch her, so they could only stop her in this courtyard.

“Besides, I know that Scott, the loser, is dead. Now, it’s my daughter who is in charge of the Davies family. You should be very respectful to me, the mother of Edith. Now, you’re stopping me from going in. If Edith knew that, she would definitely break your legs for me!”

The reason why Amara dared to come to B City at this time was that she heard that Scott was dead. This news was widely spread in B City, and some people in J City had heard about it.

After knowing that, she instantly thought that one of her enemies was gone. Later, she heard that Edith was leading the Davies family now. Therefore, she wanted to come to here to live a happy life.

Amara couldn’t do anything with Scott. However, she had many tricks to deal with her daughter and Nicolas who she considered to be a loser. Edith was someone who would yield to the weak but not to the strong. As long as she used some tricks, Edith would definitely soften.

At that time, she could be said to be the mother of the head of the most powerful family in B City. Naturally, she would be able to bully others.

“Quick, get out of my way. After Scott died, my daughter is the head of the Davies family. I’m her mother. Do you think you can afford to offend me?”

Amara muttered. Then, she tried to break in again.

“I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed. I’m still alive.” Just then, Amara heard Scott’s voice.

Amara was immediately froze. She hurriedly looked up and found that Scott was approaching her.

She was instantly dumbfounded and was scared.

“Why…Why are you still alive? Isn’t it said that you’re dead?” Amara spoke with trembling voice.

“Others says so, and you just believe it? No wonder you would be fooled into selling the hotel.” Scott taunted.

Amara’s face was dark. Then she took a deep breath and said, “Scott, anyway, I’m Edith’s mother. Could it be that you want to drive me out after I come here?”

“Today, Edith’s going to give birth to our child. I don’t want any accident. Therefore, go back to where you’re from. Otherwise, I’ll take some action.” Scott spoke coldly.

Amara glowered at him and said, “Edith is going to give birth to a baby today? You should don’t inform me of such a major event.
Do you consider me to be your mother? No. I must go in. When my daughter is giving birth to a baby, I must stay with her. Get out of my way. It’s a serious matter to give birth to a baby. And I’m experienced in it. When you deliver Edith’s child, I’ll be worried.”

Scott was speechless. If he allowed her to go in, he would be worried.

“Get out of here now. I don’t want to talk nonsense with you.” Scott said.

“Scott, be a moral person. My daughter is giving birth to a child. Why don’t you allow me to go in?” Amara said in a loud voice.
Scott twitched his lips and said,

“Because you’re not eligible to do so.”


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