The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 664 The End of This Event

Gradually, Bradshaw stopped twitching and no longer moved. The people present watched it and were extremely shocked.
Just in more than 20 minutes after Scott killed first people by a dagger, Scott killed five people, including Bradshaw.

Six people, including Beasley, the head of the Sharp family, Bradshaw and his three companions and a reckless guy, were killed in just 20 minutes. Watching that, people present all realized that Scott was serious.

Wheeler was froze now. Keeping thinking that Scott broke Beasley’s neck with a slap, he trembled violently every few seconds.
His lips were pale, and he kept sweating.

This dinner party was held by him and Beasley. Now that Scott had killed Beasley, how was it possible that Scott would let him off?

Moreover, Scott could kill Bradshaw, who was so good at fighting, in just three moves. It meant that it was impossible for him to run away even if he tried his best.

At this moment, Scott turned his head and looked at Wheeler. Wheeler’s Adam’s apple kept moving and his lip trembled.
Scott approached Wheeler, put on a playful smile and asked, “Only you’re still alive. Do you have any last words?” Wheeler took a deep breath. He thought: anyway, I would definitely be killed. I would rather not die as a coward.

“Scott, you’re a demon! You should ignore the law and kill people wantonly. Do you really believe that you can get the Davies family out of crisis by doing so? You’re just dreaming!”

Scott twitched his lips and said, “When you thought of harming my wife and my child, you also ignored the law.” I just respond in kind. Why do you say such words when you suffer loss?”

“Humph, no matter how you defend yourself, you’re but a reckless person. Maybe you can kill me. However, the Davies family has been a spent force. Even if I’m dead, the Davies family will still be destroyed. It’s an irretrievable situation. However hard you try, you can’t change it!” Wheeler spoke with an angry and sad expression.

Scott smiled and said, “Do you really believe that the Davies family is so weak? Well, I’ll let you know how powerful the Davies family is before killing you.”

After saying that, Scott took out his mobile phone and made a phone call.

“Take action.”


After have a short conversation, Scott put the mobile phone back into his pocket.

Not knowing what Scott had done, Wheeler looked at Scott with a puzzled expression. However, in his opinion, they had been

dealing with the Davies family with the help from M Country in the past six months. Even if the Davies family was not destroyed, the Davies family had been very weak. Scott alone couldn’t change anything.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the Graham family and the Sharp family will disappear from B City in 10 minutes. I want you to understand one thing: however weak the Davies family is, no one can offend the Davies family without paying a price. Ten minutes later, if anyone among you still wants to deal with the Davies family, I’ll accept the challenge.”

Before Scott came here, he got into contact with Guanling and learned that people of Guanling were waiting for his order.

Guanling was so powerful. When Guanling took action to destroy the Graham family and the Sharp family, ten minutes would be too much.

Hearing what Scott said, Wheeler immediately sneered and said, “He’s just bragging. Don’t believe him. The current situation of the Davies family is known to you all. Scott’s back, so what? The people of the Davies family had given all their money to Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. It’s impossible for Scott to get the Davies family out of crisis alone.”

“Therefore, even if he kills me, you must work together to destroy the Davies family. Only in this way can we get back what belongs to us!”

The people present immediately responded to Wheeler and strongly condemned Scott. They said that Scott was just trying to fool them.

Scott didn’t say anything and just stood silently.

About ten minutes later, Wheeler received many text messages on his mobile phone.
“Your bank account, the last four number of which is 4253, has been frozen…”

“The bank has stopping lending money to you…”

“Your XX company has been banned for violation of regulations…”

Before long, Wheeler received many phone calls.
“Wheeler, what happened? Why does the company run out of cash? Hurriedly invest more money.”

“Chairman, our company is need of 5 billion dollars. So far, the stocks of our company have slumped by the maximum limit. If we fail to get the money, our company will be done!”

Wheeler watched it dumbfounded. It never occurred to him that so many things would happen to the Graham family in just 10 minutes. If it went on like that, the Graham family would lose everything in the end.

Beasley’s mobile phone also kept ringing. It could be known without thinking that the Sharp family was in the same situation as the Graham family.

“Look, both the stocks of the Graham family and the stocks of the Sharp family have slumped by the maximum limit. The market value of all their companies have fallen by nearly 30%.”

At this moment, someone shouted in shock. People present all took out their mobile phones and searched the current situation of the Graham family and the Sharp family.

“Both the head of the Graham family and the head of the Sharp family have been placed on the list of defaulters. It’s said that their companies have a deficit and fail to repay the loan. All their assets have been frozen.”

“It’s found that several companies of the Graham family and the Sharp family have violated regulations. Relevant authority has sent someone to carry out the investigation!”

The people present talked about many pieces of news related to the Graham family and the Sharp family. Both the Graham family and the Sharp family received heavy blows.

Only then did people present understood that Scott was serious.

Wheeler staggered back with a pale face. He gave Scott a glance. Scott was calm, but Wheeler felt that there was an air of forcefulness coming from Scott.

He lost all his strength. Considering that the Graham family had been destroyed and that Scott wouldn’t let him off, he fell down to the ground and lay on the ground.

After this evening, the plan to deal with the Davies family, which involved many enterprises, was quietly stopped.

After going home, those who had attended the dinner party immediately warned their members of families not to offend Scott.
All the actions against the Davies family were stopped that night, as if the participants had been affected by some ideas.

On the next day, the Graham family and the Sharp family declared bankruptcy because of a series of problems, such as poor management, lack of funds and suspected violations of regulations. The people in B City were shocked.

None of the people who attended the dinner party that night told anyone that Scott had come back. After watching Scott kill someone, they were afraid of being killed because of saying something they shouldn’t have said.

The position of the Davies family in B City became strong again. The bankruptcies of the Graham family and the Davies family stirred up heated discussions among people in B City. There were many rumors about it. Some storytellers even wove the events into a story that was widely spread.

Many people thought that it was Edith that got the Davies family out of this crisis by defeating the Graham family and the Sharp family in unsparing ways. According to the storyteller, she was just like a goddess of war.

Many people even claimed that Edith was carrying a unicorn and that the Davies family got out of the crisis because of the blessing of God. In short, there were many different rumors. These rumors were exaggerated and mysterious, gratifying the curiosity of many people.

In front of a company of the Sharp family.
A middle-aged woman walked to this place with a child of seven or eight years old. There was a hint of excitement on her face.

“Hayes, be a good boy. Soon, we’ll be able to see your uncle. Your uncle is an important person in the Sharp family. He works in this building and is the leader of more than ten people. Later, we will ask your uncle to find the shameless guy we met on the bus and teach him a good lesson.” The middle-aged woman said with a smile.

The little boy seriously nodded at once. Considering that they would soon be able to take revenge on that person, he was also excited.

They came to the door of the building, seeing that the door was sealed.

Not knowing what had happened, the middle-aged woman was puzzled. A security guard happened to come out after putting away his belongs. After seeing that, she hurriedly approached him.

“Fella, we’re relatives of the Sharp family, and we want to meet my relative. Can you show us the way, please?” The middle-aged woman spoke.

The security guard looked at her up and down and then said with disdain, “the Sharp family has been destroyed. You should come here to meet your relative. Some employees of this company are arrested while others have run away. You should dare to claim yourself to be the relatives of the Sharp family. Aren’t you afraid of getting yourself into trouble?”

“What are you talking about? The Sharp family has been destroyed?” The middle-aged woman exclaimed.
“Yes. Don’t you see that the door is sealed?” The security guard said. Then, he no longer spoke to her, turned around and left.

The middle-aged woman stared at the door and kept silent for a long time.


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