The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 663 You Are Too Noisy

“Scott, what…what do you want to do?” Beasley asked while staring at Scott. He was also a little shocked. However, considering that there were four super experts in fighting standing behind him, he was no longer afraid.

Scott gave him a glance and said coldly, “Why? You’re going to harm my wife and my child. Besides, you want to divide up the property of my family. Could it be that you don’t understand what I’m going to do?”

“Scott…Scott, don’t try to fool us. Even if you’re a live, you have to give us the companies of the Davies family. The Davies family is no longer what it used to be.” Wheeler spoke to Scott after getting rid of the fear.

Scott laughed and said, “Who do you think you are? Why should I give you the companies of the Davies family just because you ask me to do that?”

“You!” Wheeler was unhappy. Obviously, Wheeler was not as confident as Scott.

At this moment, Bradshaw approached Scott with his three companions and then looked up at Scott.
“You’re Scott? When my two of my friends went to the Davies House, did you meet them?” Bradshaw asked.
Scott gave them a glance, finding that they were powerful. He asked, “Are you sent by Theodore?”

“He, he. Unexpectedly, you’re quite clever. Yes, I’m Bradshaw. I come here to destroy the so-called the Davies family.
Unexpectedly, you were so lucky that you weren’t killed by SY. However, when you come here, you’re heading for you doom. I’ll kill you for Mr. Theodore!” Bradshaw said coldly.

“I’m afraid that you can’t. The two people you sent to the Davies House had been killed by me.” Scott spoke tonelessly.

Bradshaw’s eyes were wide open. But then he sneered and said, “Don’t f*cking fool me in this way. I know how powerful they are best. It’s impossible for you to kill them.”

Seeing that Bradshaw didn’t believe him, Scott twitched his lips and didn’t bother to explain. He turned his head, looked at the people present and spoke loudly, “Today, it’s the people of the Graham family and the people of the Sharp family that fool you into trying to rob the Davies family of its companies. So I can forgive you. However, I won’t let the Graham family and the Sharp family get away it. Therefore, I want you to serve as witnesses. Today, I’m going to destroy the Graham family and the Sharp family, and you had better think it over before dealing with the Davies family in the future.”

Hearing that, many people put on a contemptuous expression. Obviously, they thought that the Davies family was no match for the Graham family and the Sharp family now.

In the past six months, the Davies family had become much less powerful than before. Even if Scott was back, it couldn’t be changed.

Of course, they didn’t know that Scott was supported by Guanling. Scott could get the Davies family out of the current crisis by making a phone call.

“Ridiculous. Scott, could it be that you’ve been in a mental hospital in the last six months? Or did you survive at the expense of your intelligence? Do you understand what situation the Davies family is in now? You should dare to brag that you’re going to destroy the Graham family and the Sharp family. It’s ridiculous!” Wheeler taunted.

Beasley also took a step forward and spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen, the reason why Scott dares to say so might be that he is still somewhat good at fighting. When it comes to fighting, I’m not as good as him. However, these four people are top experts in fighting in the world. Some time ago, the three experts in fighting of the Davies family were injured by them. Anyone of them could defeat Scott easily!”

Hearing that, people present were even more contemptuous of Scott. In their view, Scott’s coming here was a joke.

Scott twitched his lips, took a step forward and slapped the Sharp family in the face. He used so much inner force that Beasley’s head made a 180-degree turn.

With a sound, Beasley’s mocking expression froze. Then, he fell straight to the ground.
“You’re too noisy.” Scott spoke coldly while staring at Beasley.

People present were all in a panic again. Many women began to scream. The head of the Sharp family was killed by Scott with a slap!

Wheeler was so scared that he nearly peed.

Bradshaw and his companions didn’t expect that Scott would suddenly attack someone. Seeing that Beasley fell to the ground, Bradshaw gave Scott a punch at once.

“Daring to kill him in the presence of me, you’re bringing about your own destruction!”

Scott was calm. After stopping Bradshaw from punching him, he gave the three person behind Bradshaw a glance and said coldly, “You three can join the fight now.”

Bradshaw sneered and said, “How dare you say so. You can’t even defeat me, but you should want to fight with four of us at the same time. You’re done!”

After saying that, Bradshaw continued to attack Scott. The three people behind him were anxious to kill Scott and therefore didn’t mind fighting with Scott together. Besides, Scott just asked them to join the fight.

The three people immediately joined the fight, attacking Scott with Bradshaw.

People present all retreated to somewhere away from them, leaving enough space for them to fight. Scott was able to kill someone with a slap. If they were involved in the fight, they would be definitely dead or wounded.

Bradshaw and his companions fought with Scott. They had intended to defeat Scott in a short time, but they failed to do so.
Scott alone should fight with the four of them with ease. It seemed that Scott was not at a disadvantage in any way.

“You feel puzzled as to why you four can’t defeat me, right?” Scott spoke with a smile.

“In fact, I can kill all of you by myself.”

Scott didn’t want to continue to spend time fighting with them. Therefore, after saying that, he directly used inner force and gave one of them a punch. That person was instantly dead and fell to the ground.

Bradshaw was so shocked that his expression changed. He looked at Scott in disbelief and suddenly had an idea.
“Are…Are you an expert with inner force?!” Scott smiled at him and said, “Congratulations. You’re right.”

After that, Scott gave each of the other two companions of Bradshaw a punch. Both of them were killed before they could react to it.

Bradshaw knew how powerful Theodore was and therefore understood how powerful experts with inner force were. He was not necessarily able to defeat an expert with inner force even after he learned the skills of fighting for 100 years.

Therefore, he immediately turned around and tried to run away. This was the only way to save his life.

However, Scott wouldn’t let him do so. The moment Bradshaw tried to run away, he came close to Bradshaw and spoke in his ear, “Why are you so anxious to go away? Since you’re here, don’t leave.”

The hairs on Bradshaw’s body prickled. He thought that Scott was as scary as a ghost from hell.

Before Bradshaw finished speaking, Scott grabbed him by neck. He used some strength and broke his neck. After that, Bradshaw fell to the ground and began to twitch.


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