The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 662 Who Dares to Harm My Wife and My Child

At Jingyun Hotel.

At this time, the hall on the first floor had been splendidly decorated. There were all kinds of delicious food and snacks in the hall.
In the center of the hall, there was an empty place on which people could stand and talk.

At 8:00 p.m., there were many luxury cars parked in front of the door of Jingyun Hotel. Nearly representatives of 80% of the large enterprises in B City would come here to attend the dinner party jointly held by the Graham family and the Sharp family tonight.

Many people entered the hall of the restaurant. There were all dressed in expensive clothes and looked good. Although they all looked like decent people, they clearly knew that they came here to get some benefits from the Davies family this evening.

At this moment, the hall of the restaurant was already packed. People were talk to each other casually in huddles. However, they were all talking about the Davies family and Scott.

“In the past, my restaurant was the leader catering industry. I was negligent in management, and therefore the kitchen was not very clean. As a result, the people of the Davies family used it as an excuse to squash my restaurant. How is it possible that there is not any mouse in the kitchen? Unfortunately, people can’t accept that. As a result, the Davies family squashed my restaurant. They took this opportunity to promote open-style kitchen, gaining a large share of the catering industry and cutting off my source of wealth. Unluckily, however powerful the Davies family is, the Davies family can’t always be powerful. Now, it’s being punished.”

“Yeah. In the past, the Davies family claimed that I sold fake goods and used it as an excuse to deal with me. I admit that I had sold some fake goods. However, the means the Davies family used were too low. In the past, the Davies family was powerful, so I dared not say anything. Now, every dog has its day. I’m no longer afraid of the Davies family.”

“He, he. It turns out that the people the Davies family has offended so many people over the years. No wonder that they would be in such a situation now. Now, Scott is dead, and it’s a pregnant woman who is in charge of the Davies family. There is no need to be afraid of the Davies family now.”

Before long, Wheeler and Beasley arrived at the hall with Bradshaw and Bradshaw’a three companions. Seeing that there were so many people in the hall, they smiled.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to attend today’s dinner party.” Wheeler spoke loudly.

People present stopped talking at once, turned their heads and looked at the front of the hall.

“You all know why we hold this dinner party, so I’m not going to talk about it anymore. Now, we all understand the situation in B City. When Scott was still alive, we were bullied by the Davies family and dared not to resist. But now, Scott is dead, and it’s but a woman that is leading the Davies family. There is no need for us to bear being bullied by the Davies family anymore.” Wheeler spoke excitedly, trying to make all the people excited.

Hearing that, many people spoke their agreement at once. In their opinion, in the past years, the Davies family had been bullying them. They also thought that it was the Davies family that caused their companies to have poor competitiveness.

“These years, the Davies family has been acting arbitrarily in B City. After Scott became the head of the Davies family, he cooperated with Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, squashing all of us. They made their achievements by doing damage to our interest. The wealth they have now is stolen from us. We worked hard to develop those industries, but now they occupy most share of them!”

People present were very excited.

“The misdeeds of the Davies family are too evil. Now, even the God couldn’t bear it anymore. As a result, Scott died somewhere outside B City. It’s a chance given to us by God. Therefore, today, we hold this dinner party get back what we’ve lost from the Davies family!”

“Great!” The crowd began to applaud at once. They all thought that Wheeler was very right.

“Now, Scott’s dead. It’s a pregnant woman that is leading the Davies family. As far as I know, that woman firmly believes that Scott is alive, so she won’t let others lead the Davies family. In my opinion, it’s just an excuse. She just wants to get the work of all of us. That woman could be said to be wicked, cruel and wily! Therefore, today, we must make her give us all companies of the Davies family. Otherwise, even if she is pregnant, we won’t show any mercy to her!”

“Yes! She, a woman from a small place, should want to own all the companies of the Davies family. She must be too anxious for money for therefore goes crazy. If she refuses to delegate the power of leading the Davies family to others, I don’t mind making it unable for her to give birth to her child.” At this time, a strong man shouted savagely.

When he just finished speaking, people present heard the sound made when something moved quickly in the air. Soon after that, people present saw a flash of white light. Then, a dagger was thrust at somewhere between that people’s eyebrows. Soon, that people fell to the ground.

There was immediately a disturbance in the hall. It never occurred to anyone that that man would be killed by a dagger the second after he spoke. It was too scary.

“Is there anyone else who wants to harm my wife and my child?” Someone said in a deep voice. Hearing that, the crowd in the hall immediately quieted down.

They all looked at the door, seeing a straight person standing at the door. Right at this moment, the lights of a car outside the restaurant were turned on and shone on that person, making him look like a god of war in the light.

“Who’s that? Why is his voice so familiar?”

“Oh, my God. Could it be that it was him that threw the dagger? How powerful is he? He should kill someone in that way!”

“It’s horrible. Have you heard what he just said? What did he mean?”

At this moment, the driver of that car drove the car away. The people present clearly saw Scott.
“Scott!” Soon, someone recognized Scott and shouted in shock.

“Fuck, it’s really him. Isn’t he dead? Why is he here?”

“Could it be that it’s his ghost? Human beings won’t have the strength he used to throw the dagger!” People in the hall were all in a panic.

Scott went in the hall step by step. The crowd made way for Scott in fear. At the same time, they kept looking at Scott. They couldn’t understand why a person, who had been dead for half a year, would appear again.

Neither Wheeler nor Beasley had anticipated such an accident. Scott, who had already been dead, should be alive now and even come to this dinner party.

Scott stopped in front of them and then looked at Wheeler.
“I seem to have heard that you won’t show any mercy to my wife even if she is pregnant. Is that true?”

Wheeler’s heart did a flip. He was instinctively afraid. Sweat on his forehead streamed down.


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