The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 661 Do You Feel Easy About Letting Me Attend the Banquet Alone

On the afternoon of the next day, Scott stayed in the room with Edith. From time to time, he would put his ear near Edith’s abdomen and listened to the sound made by the baby Edith carrying.

“Darling, she’s calling me dad.” Scott spoke to Edith with a smile.

Edith looked at Scott with blame in her eyes. She was still carrying the baby. How was it possible that she would speak? Several months ago, when Edith had pregnancy check-up, she had known that she was carrying a girl.

“Then, ask her why she always kicks me at night. Because of that, I can’t sleep well.” Edith said.

Scott immediately put his ear near Edith’s abdomen again and then spoke, “She says that she’s anxious to meet me. She just knocks on the door by kicking you.”

Edith burst into laughter. She thought: Scott should sometimes be childish. Is every father-to-be like that?

Soon, the smile gradually disappeared from Edith’s face. She became worried and said, “Tonight, the Graham family and the Sharp family will hold the dinner party. Can we make it through?”

Scott gently touched Edith’s face and said with a smile, “I fell into the sea before, but I’m still alive. That trouble is no big deal to me. Moreover, I studied with my teacher in the past six months and has become more powerful. I’ve mentioned it to you right? Now, in my opinion, those people are very weak. I can easily deal with them.”

Scott had many secrets. He couldn’t talk to anyone about that. Only Edith was the exception. She was an indispensable part of Scott’s life, so she had the right to know those things.

Hearing that, Edith was relieved and then spoke, “You must be careful. There are experts in fighting among them. Those experts are very good at fighting. Even Kacper can’t defeat them.”

“I got it. You’re about to give birth to our child. Don’t worry about that and just have some rest. After tonight, the Davies family will get out of the crisis.” Scott touched Edith’s abdomen, “Your mom’s really nagging. In the future, you’ll suffer a lot.”

Edith was angry. If it wasn’t that she was pregnant, she would definitely jump and beat Scott up.

In the courtyard, Jordan, Conor, Charles and other people were all anxiously walking back and forth. Kacper was also there. He wore a cold expression, but there was a hint of worry on his face.

At this moment, Scott came out of Edith’s room. Seeing that, people in the courtyard all approached him.

“Scott, if you go to attend the dinner party tonight, you’ll be under great danger. You can’t go there alone. At least, you should go there with us.” Conor spoke.

“He’s right, Brother Scott. At least, you should go with us. If anything happens, we can help you. It’s too dangerous for you to go there alone.” Charles also said.

Seeing that they were so worried about him, Scott said with a smile, “It’s really unnecessary for you to go there with me.
Moreover, what matters now is the safety of Edith, instead of me. Only when you stay here can I go there without worries.”

Hearing that, everyone was helpless and had the feeling that Scott was going to his death.

“Scott, I believe you, but the six experts in fighting they found are too good at fighting. Even Kacper finds it difficult to defeat them. We’re afraid that you’ll be in danger when you go to attend the dinner party alone.” Morgan spoke.

“Yeah, those people are good at fighting. Don’t underestimate them.” Kacper added.
Scott was helpless. He didn’t how he could persuade them to stay at home and wait for him.

At this moment, a person rushed to them with an anxious expression and spoke breathlessly, “A bad news. The people of the Graham family and the people of the Sharp family come and ask us to send someone to attend the dinner party. If we refuse, they will ruin the Davies House!”

Hearing that, people were all shocked. Scott raised his eyebrows and immediately spoke, “Show us the way.” That person hurriedly nodded and left the courtyard with them.

In the main courtyard of the Davies House, a lot of men of the Davies family were lying on the ground. There were only two people standing there. They were two of the experts in fighting sent by Theodore.

At this moment, they were contemptuously looking at the people lying on the ground as if they were looking at some ants. They shouted, “Hurriedly ask your leaders to come out and come with us. Otherwise, we’ll ruin your house!”

“How dare you say those words! Do you really believe that people of the Davies family are afraid of you?” At this moment, Jordan shouted. Scott, Jordan and other people arrived here.

The two people looked at Jordan. One of them sneered, “Old man, that woman is going to give birth to her child. Now, you’re the leader of the Davies family, right? Then come with us.”

After saying that, that people approached Jordan and wanted to take Jordan away by force.

At this moment, Scott stood in front of Jordan and spoke coldly, “You, as someone kept by the Turner family, should dare to make trouble for us. Are you afraid that you will be killed?”

That man looked at Scott up and down. He didn’t know Scott, so he asked, “Who are you? How dare you stop me?” “I’m Scott.” Scott answered.

The two people were all stunned. One of them asked, “Are you the head of the Davies family?”


“Aren’t you dead?” The two were a little astonished.

“No. I can’t die. Otherwise, how can I deal with you?” Scott said with a smile.

“Ridiculous. Even if you’re not dead, the Davies family will also be destroyed today. Come with us. After you give the Graham family and the Sharp family the property and companies, we’ll kill you!”

Jordan gave Scott a worried glance and said, “You shouldn’t have told them who you are so soon. If they tell others this news after going back, the Davies family will be in an even more difficult position.”

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t worry about that. It’s impossible for them to leave here alive.”

The two people laughed and looked at Scott with more contempt.

“Who do you think you are? You want to kill us? Think about your safety first!”

One of them said. After that, he rushed towards Scott.

Jordan, Kacper and other people were nervous and were about to protect Scott.

Right at this moment, Scott suddenly moved. He moved so fast that they didn’t realize what had happened.

The people who attacked Scott widened his eyes and smelt danger. However, it was too late for him to retreat.

That people tried to punch Scott while Scott took hold of his fist.

“Are you so weak?” Scott smiled slightly. He had anticipated that the people sent by Theodore had had inner force. After fighting with this people, he found that these people didn’t have inner force.

He felt that these people were just a little more powerful than ordinary experts in fighting. Their strength was a little like inner force, but it was at a level that was much lower than inner force.

That person was in shock and said, “It…It’s impossible!”

“I’ll show you the real power.” As Scott spoke, he stretched out his other hand. After he put his hand on the belly of that person, he used the inner force. That person’s mind got blank. After that, he fell to a place away from Scott and was motionless.

People around all watched it dumbfounded, especially Kacper. He clearly knew how powerful those two people were. Now, Scott knocked him down with one move. He was so powerful!

After dealing with that person, Scott looked at another person. At this moment, another person was also astonished. He didn’t expect that Scott would knock down his companion with one move.

He smelt the danger. Then he turned around and tried to escape. Scott rushed towards him and punched that person on his back. That person vomited blood, fell to the ground and no longer moved.

After that, Scott turned around, looked at Jordan and other people, and asked with a smile, “Now, do you feel easy about letting me attend the dinner party alone?”


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