The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 660 I Can Solve the Problem by Killing the Leaders of the Graham family and the Sharp Family

In the conference room of the Graham family.

Wheeler Graham, the head of the Graham family, and Beasley Sharp, the head of the Sharp family, were sitting at the table, waiting for someone to tell them that Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce had gone bankrupt. According to their plan, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce would fail to get 50 billion dollars and then went benkrupt.

Apart from them, there were six people sitting on the sofa and drinking wine in the conference room. Wheeler and Beasley would gave them a glance from time to time. They were afraid of them.

These people were exactly the experts with “fake inner force” sent by Theodore. After arriving in B City and knowing the situation in B City, they got into contact with the people of the Graham family and the people of the Sharp family, promising them that they would help them destroy the Davies family.

Then, these people defeated Kacper and two other experts sent by Guanling in the presence of Wheeler and Beasley. Wheeler and Beasley clearly knew how powerful Kacper was. So, they instantly understood that these people weren’t kidding and treated them in a respectful way.

Without the help of these people, Wheeler and Beasley wouldn’t dare to arrange that a dinner party would be held tomorrow.
These people were too powerful. Even if the people of the Davies family didn’t want to give their property to them, they would have to.

The leader of the six people was named Bradshaw Turner. When Theodore taught them the skill of fake inner force, he learned best among others. He also fought best among the six people. However, he was far from as powerful as the experts who really had inner force.

After waiting for a long time, Wheeler was bored. Therefore, he approached the six people, picked up a glass of wine and said with a smile, “Thanks to you all, we put the Davies family in such a position. I drink to you for your help.”

After saying that, he drank off the wine.

Seeing that, Beasley also hurriedly came close to them and said with a smile, “He’s right. Without you, we really can’t deal with the three experts in the Davies family, not to mention hold the dinner party on tomorrow. Now, Edith is going to give birth to her child and therefore has no time to take care of the affairs of the Davies family. Their three experts have also injured by you all.
We’ll definitely be able to destroy the Davies family at the dinner party tomorrow.”

He also picked up a glass of wine, proposed a toast to the six people and then drank off the wine.

“For us, the Davies family is very weak. If it wasn’t that we are not allowed to kill them, we would have long killed all the people of the Davies family and left this place. Those people were trash and are no match for us at all.” Bradshaw said proudly.

“Yes, yes, yes. You’re so powerful. It’s indeed very easy for you to destroy the Davies family. I promise that you’ll be richly rewarded after we succeed. You’ll leave here with a good fortune.” Wheeler said with a smile.

When Wheeler and Beasley flattered those people, a person went into the conference room.

Both Wheeler’s and Beasley’s eyes lit up. Beasley hurriedly asked, “You have got the news about Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce?”

That people was not happy, speaking, “Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce has borrowed 50 billion dollars from someone. Now, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce has returned to normal. The efforts we made these days are wasted. If we want to put Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in that situation again, we’ll have to pay a greater price.”

“What!” Both Wheeler and Beasley shouted. Unexpectedly, they had dealt with Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce in so many ways, but Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce should make it through.

“Who lent them the money?” Wheeler asked.

“I don’t know. However, it’s said that the young lady of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce had went to the Davies House today.” That person answered.

Wheeler immediately narrowed his eyes and murmured, “It seems that the money is from the Davies family. Unexpectedly, at this point, the Davies family still has lend 50 billion dollars in cash. But the Davies family should have run out of money now.”

“It’s a good news. The people of the Davies family don’t care about themselves and lend all their money to Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. It will be easier for us to force the people of the Davies family to listen to us at the dinner party tomorrow.” Beasley spoke with a smile.

Wheeler nodded and said, “It seems that the people of the Davies family have given up struggling. Compared with letting us get the money, they would rather give the money to Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. But it’s the property and the companies of the Davies family that are really valuable. We don’t have to care about the money Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce borrowed from the Davies family.”

“Lord, the people of the Davies family didn’t accept the invitation to the dinner party we sent. I’m afraid that they won’t attend the dinner party tomorrow.” That people said.

Beasley narrowed his eyes and said, “They’re important persons of tomorrow’s dinner party. We can’t hold the dinner party without them.”

At this moment, Bradshaw spoke, “It’s easy to deal with. Ryanorrow, I’ll send two of my friends to go to the Davies family. If they refuse to attend the dinner party, my friends will take some actions against Scott’s wife.”

Wheeler and Beasley looked at each other. Both of them laughed.

“Thank you.”

In the evening, in the Conference Room in the Davies House.

Scott sat on the seat of the host. Jordan, Charles, Conor, Morgan, and so on all looked excitedly at Scott, as if they were watching a rare animal.

Scott was a little embarrassed and said with a smile, “Don’t look at me like that. It isn’t the first time for you to meet me.”

“We have met you before. However, in the past six months, we all thought that you were dead. Now, you suddenly come back.
We’ll certainly find it unusual.” Conor joked.

Others all nodded. They were all anxious to know what Scott had gone through in the past six months.

“Brother Scott, tell us what you have gone through in the past six months. I’m so curious.” Morgan spoke.

Scott just briefly told them how he was saved by Annabel, concealing some important things from them. There was something he shouldn’t tell others now, including the fact that he had come to his teacher.

Scott always kept everything about his teacher a secret.

Although Scott concealed many details from them when telling them what he had gone through, people present were all interested in what he told them. They all thought that Scott was really lucky.

“As an old saying goes, one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune for ever after. It’s great for us to have Brother Scott back.” Morgan spoke.

At this moment, Jordan suddenly sighed and said, “It’s indeed a good thing that Scott is back. However, the Graham family and the Sharp family have put us in a very difficult position, and we have to do something now. We should think about how to make it through now.”

People in Conference Room were immediately in a somber mood.
Seeing that, Scott said with a smile, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll deal with it.”

“Brother Scott, you have no idea what the situation is like now. the Graham family and the Sharp family deal with us with 80% of the enterprises in B City. Even if you’re, the situation is irretrievable.” Charles sighed.

“Yeah, the Graham family and the Sharp family go too far, but we can’t do anything about it.” Conor also sighed.

People in Conference Room all began to sigh. In their opinion, now, the Davies family couldn’t deal with the Graham family and the Sharp family anymore.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. It’s mainly manipulated by the Graham family and the Sharp family, right?” Scott asked.
Everyone nodded.

“If I kill all the leaders of the Graham family and the Sharp family, the problem will be solved, right?”


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