The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 659 Edith, I Am Back

In front of a full-length mirror.

Scott had changed into a suit. His beard had been shaved and his hair had been trimmed. Besides, his hair had been specially styled by the barber. After that, he looked like a young star.

After coming back, Scott first talked to the people with high status in the Davies family, asking them not to tell others that he was still alive. At the same time, he talked to Kacper and Jordan, learning about the situation of the Graham family and the Sharp family. After that, he asked Jordan to find someone to help him to primp.

The reason for doing so was that he wanted to meet Edith with a good appearance. Edith was about to give birth to their child.
Even though the child Edith carrying couldn’t see him, he didn’t want to meet them with a bad appearance.

After primping, Scott took a deep breath and walked slowly towards the room of Edith.

He gently pushed open the door and saw that Edith was lying on the bed. Her abdomen budged and her eyes were closed. She looked a little gloomy. There were two full-time nurses beside her bed, waiting for Edith’s order.

Seeing that the door was pushed open, the nurses immediately looked at Scott. Seeing him, their eyes were wide open.

They had never met Scott. However, Scott was now very famous in B City, so they had seen photos of him. Now, seeing someone who looked exactly the same as Scott coming in, they were both shocked.

Scott made a gesture to stop them from making any noise and motioned for them to go out. Neither of them dared to make any sound. Then, both of them hurriedly stood up and came out of the room.

After they went out, Scott approached the bed quietly, sat down on a chair beside the bed and stared at Edith with loving eyes.

Compared with half a year ago, Edith now looked a little more haggard. Her previously beautiful face had changed into a tired one. It made Scott’s heart ache to see that.

“Scott… When will you be back? I’m under great pressure. I’m afraid that I will suddenly be unable to hold on. If that happened, the Davies family would be destroyed…”

After a while, Edith, who was asleep, frowned and spoke vaguely.
“Bastard, I don’t know where you are now, otherwise I’ll go to teach you a good lesson.” “No, what belongs to Scott can’t be lost. They don’t know that Scott’s alive, and I will protect what belongs to Scott!”

“I want to hug you…even once…”

Hearing that, Scott had mixed feelings. If it wasn’t that he hadn’t shed tears for many years and that he had lost the ability to shed tears, he would have cried.

The pressure Edith was under these days must be a hundred times greater than what he had known, otherwise she would not talk about these matters even in her dreams.

She suffered too much stress and made too much effort for him.

Scott reached out and touched Edith’s forehead gently. Edith might have felt something. The moment Scott touched her forehead, she no longer frowned and smiled slightly.

Seeing that Edith had relaxed, Scott kept gently touching her forehead. After some time, Edith seemed to want to turn over.
However, she could only lie flat because of her bulged abdomen. So she woke up.

She opened her eyes. Then she found that there was a hand on her forehead and that the one she missed a lot was sitting by the bed. In an instant, she thought that she was dreaming.

“You bastard. I could only see you in dreams. Can you come back in reality once? Every time I wake up, I feel a sense of loss.
Don’t always disappoint me.”

Scott was thinking about the events he had experienced with Edith. After hearing Edith’s words, he immediately gathered his wits, looked at Edith with a smile and said, “I’m back.”

Edith pouted and said, “I know that I’m dreaming. You always lie to me.” Scott touched her cheek gently, put his hand beside Edith’s lips and then said, “Bite my hand.”

Edith was stunned. She thought: it was really a weird dream. Scott should make such a strange request to me. It seemed that I had to see a psychologist.

“No.” Edith refused.

Scott put his hand nearer her lips and said, “It’s sweet.”

Seeing that Scott seriously asked her to bite him and that he was annoying, Edith opened her mouth and bit him.

The moment she bit into Scott’s hand, her eyes were wide open. She felt the body temperature of Scott and that she touched Scott’s skin!

“Am…Am I not dreaming?” Edith asked in disbelief.

Scott held her into his arms at once and said with a smile, “Silly girl, from now on, you’ll never only see me in dreams.” After hearing his heartbeat, Edith pulled Scott’s hand near and bit into where she had bitten.

She bit into his hand with great strength this time. Scott didn’t resist. From the beginning to the end, he wore a loving smile.
“You lied to me. You’re not in pain.” Edith said.

“Sometimes, it’s a kind of happiness to be bitten by you. How dare I say that I’m in pain?”

“Edith, I’m back.”

Watching Scott, who was really beside her, Edith shed tears.

“Scott, never leave me again, will you?” Edith put her arms around Scott’s neck.

“I promise.”

On the island in the artificial lake in Guanling.
Terence was sitting at his desk in a daze.

Since being informed that Scott was killed by Theodore, he had been upset, as if he had lost something. And he no longer worked as hard as before.

After a while, someone knocked on the door, attracting the attention of Terence.

“Come in.” Terence spoke.

A man with a pair of glasses came in. Terence asked, “What’s the matter? Has anything happened to the Turner family?” That man shook his head and said, “We just got a message from Kacper.”

“What?” Terence became nervous. He knew what situation the Davies family was in these days. However, he had used most resources to deal with the Turner family. Therefore, so far, he could offer little help to the Davies family.

“According to Kacper, Lord is still alive. Besides, he has been back to B City.”

Terence was stunned for a moment and then asked, “What did you say?”

“Lord is still alive.” That man repeated.

Terence immediately stood up and no longer looked gloomy.

“I know that he won’t die so easily. That’s my boy. He really didn’t disappoint me.”

Terence, who had always been calm and cold, was very excited.

“Tell everyone to temporarily stop the plan to deal with the Turner family and wait for Scott’s order.” “As long as he’s alive, sooner or later, the Turner family will disappear from the world.”

Terence was confident.



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