The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 658 There Are More Than Ninety billion Dollars in This Card

In the living room. Watching Scott deal with Armand and Carroll without any hesitation, people with high status in the Davies family were all frightened and instantly gave up the ideas they had after being incited by Armand and Carroll.

They all realized that Scott wouldn’t show any mercy to those who betrayed him. At this moment, they were all thinking that they would be loyal to the Davies family for the rest of their lives.

Jordan approached Scott tearfully. His hands were slightly trembling. In the past six months, when Edith insisted that Scott was not dead, he believed her. However, people would finally be disappointed wnen someone disappeared for half a year.

Therefore, Jordan thought that something must have happened to Scott, but he was unwilling to talk to others about it. He firmly carried out every order Edith gave him and just considered Scott’s coming back to be a good wish.

Now, seeing Scott who was alive, he had the feeling that his forlorn wish had suddenly come true.
He had mixed feelings, but he finally just spoke a few words, “I’m glad that you’re back. I’m glad that you’re back.”

Scott smiled at Jordan and said, “Thank you for your hard work in these days. Since I’m back, I’ll get the Davies family out of this difficult situation. Don’t worry. I won’t let the people who covet the property of the Davies family get away with it.”

Jordan nodded with satisfaction. He deeply trusted Scott. So he believed that Scott would get the Davies family out of trouble after he had said so.

“I’m going to deal with those two traitors now. Talk to Lily first. Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce is now in crisis. Since you’re back, I’m not going to interfere with it. I, as an old man, finally have a chance to relax.” Jordan spoke.

Scott agreed. Then he turned his head and looked at Lily who kept wiping tears, no longer looking terrifying. His expression immediately changed into a gentle one.

Lily looked at Scott with a bitter expression. However, there was a joyful expression in her eyes.
Scott came close to her, touched her nose and said with a smile, “If others knew that I’m still alive, you all would be in danger.
Therefore, I can only conceal it from all of you. I’m sorry to have worried you.”

Lily punched Scott once with her fist and said, “Well, I’ve punished you for that. If you worry me like that again, I’ll be angry with you.”

“I promise that I won’t do that again!” Scott saluted to Lily seriously.

Seeing that, people with high status in the Davies family all sighed. They all clearly knew how ruthless Scott was. He looked especially terrifying when he dealt with Armand and Carroll just now. There were few people in the world who Scott would treat in a gentle way. And Lily could be said to be one of them.

Lily laughed. It was the happiest moment she had in the past six months.

However, she soon became gloomy again. It was indeed great that Scott was back. However, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was in crisis. Although Scott was back now, he couldn’t turn the tables.

Scott read her thoughts. With a slight smile, he took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to Lily.
Lily gave that bank card a glance and asked with a puzzled expression, “Why… Why do you give it to me?” “Isn’t Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce out of fund? Give this bank card to your father.” Scott said.

Lily shook her head and said with a sigh, “We need 50 billion dollars. And the Davies family could at most lend 30 million dollars to us. A bank card can’t be of much help.”

Scott laughed and said, “What’s wrong with giving you a bank card? Could it be that you dislike it for there isn’t too much money in it?” Lily gave Scott a glance with blame in her eyes and said, “Alas, it’s serious. Don’t joke with me.”

“I’m not kidding. There should be more than 90 billion dollars in this bank card. Could it be that it’s still not enough?” Scott put on a playful look.

“More than 90…” At the beginning, Lily misheard and thought that there was more than 90 million dollars in that card. However, the next second, she was frozen with shock as if she had been struck by lightning.

“More than 96…billion dollars?” Lily looked at Scott in disbelief.
Scott nodded.

Lily gasped. If someone told Lily that Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was worth 70 or 80 billion dollars when its size was taken into consideration, Lily would not be surprised. However, when she heard that there were more than 90 billion dollars in a bank card, she was so shocked that she couldn’t think of anything.

Scott was able to buy Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce with the money in a bank card. How was it possible that people were not shocked by this fact.

Apart from Lily, people with high status in the Davies family were also shocked. There were more than 90 billion dollars in a bank card Scott casually took out! They even suspected that Scott had secretly opened a bank. After all, however rich the Davies family was, it was very difficult for the Davies family to get 90 billion dollars in cash at one time.

However, seeing this bank card, the people with high status in the Davies family were all relieved. If Scott could send a bank card with more than 90 billion dollars in it without hesitation, he must be able to get the Davies family out of the crisis it was in now.

Scott was really the mainstay of the Davies family. As long as he was fine, no matter how difficult the situation was, the Davies family would finally come through.

Lily didn’t refuse. Now, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was at a critical moment, so she had to receive the help from Scott.
She took the bank card. After saying a few words to Scott, she hurriedly left the Davies House.

In a room in the Davies House, Scott stood face to face with Kacper. There were three beds in this room. Two people were lying respectively on two of the beds. They were exactly the experts in fighting that ranked second and third on List of the Ares. They were seriously injured and their respirations were faint.

“You’re still alive.” Kacper said while staring at Scott.
Hearing that, Scott immediately laughed. That should be the most decent words Kacper could speak to express his happiness.
“What’s the matter with them?” Scott asked.

“They were injured by the people sent by the Graham family and the Sharp family. Those people were very good at fighting. To not be defeated by one of them, I had to try my best. There were six of them. We three were not match for them.” Kacper explained to him.

Scott frowned. He didn’t expect that the Graham family and the Sharp family could find someone who were better at fighting than the three experts in fighting on List of the Ares. He was astonished to hear that and naturally suspected that the Turner family had something to do with it.

Besides, considering that there were six people who were better at fighting than Kacper, Scott doubted that those people all had great inner force.

“I’ll take care of this matter. However powerful they are, I’ll make them pay the price.” Scott said.

Kacper hesitated for a moment. It seemed that he wanted to warn Scott that he should be careful. But he finally didn’t say anything and just nodded lightly.


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