The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 657 It Was Not the Reason For You to Betray the Davies family

Everyone was suffocated by Lily’s shout, and they all fixed their gazes on Scott, carefully looking at this person who seemed to have come out of primitive society.

Armand and Carroll were a bit suspicious, because Scott’s appearance was so different from the past, so the first reaction of both of them was that this person was playing a prank.

Armand stared at Scott, and then said loudly, “Who are you, dare to pretend to be Lord Davies. Are you here for trouble!”

“I think he was sent by the Graham family to disgust us. I’ll ask someone to catch him and punish him!” Carroll snorted and immediately called for someone.

Scott smiled, walked into the living room, and said, “Well, do you just want me to die?”

Lily was the closest to Scott. Although Scott’s face was hidden by the beard, his voice and eyes had not changed. Lily immediately confirmed that the person in front of her was Scott.

She cried and stretched out her hand to Scott, hugged him, choked and said, “He is Scott, there is nothing wrong with it. You bastard, do you know how we were in the past six months? You are only coming back now , I really want to beat you up.”

Scott reached out and touched Lily’s head, and said, “Sorry to make you worry. When I deal with the matter here, you blame me again, okay?”

Lily wiped her tears and nodded to Scott.

Scott walked straight towards Armand and Carroll. Scott heard what they said just now. No matter what the purpose was, these two people made Scott feel sick.

Armand and Carroll were able to see Scott clearly at this time. In addition, the voice was the same as Scott, and they finally realized that it was not a prank. The person in front of them was really Scott!

“Lord…, is it really you? God bless the Davies family. Now that you are here, the situation in the Davies family is finally hopeful!” The expression on Armand’s face became quite fast, although he couldn’t figure out why Scott was still alive, but the situation at the moment did not allow him to hesitate.

Carroll was also shocked. Scott, who had been dead for half a year, came back alive again. It was almost like a dream.

Seeing Armand expressing his surprise to Scott with excitement on his face, he hurriedly said, “Lord, it is fortunate that you can return. What we said before is really rebellious. I am willing to accept the punishment.”

“Lord, please punish me!” Armand also bowed to Scott.

Scott snorted. He wasn’t angry because these two people refused to give Lily 30 billion. This situation was natural for the people in the Davies family to think about themselves, but these two people shouldn’t slander Edith.

“Edith is the only one who knows that I am still alive. She has taken charge of the Davies family for me during this time, and has done her best. The Davies family is still standing today. It is all her credit, and you two slandered her for wanting to occupy the Davies family. Doesn’t she know that various predators in B City want to take over the Davies family now? Even if she occupies the power of the Davies family, what can she get? It’s really chilling for you to say that about her. If I don’t come back today, do you still want to kick her out of the Davies family when she is about to give birth?”

Scott asked Armand and Carroll word by word, cold sweat was already on their foreheads. Scott had an air of quiet authority, which made them both breathless.

Carroll rolled his eyes, then knelt directly in front of Scott, and said, “Lord, I was discreet and even speculated about Mrs.
Davies. I am guilty. No matter what punishment the you want to give me, won’t have any complaints.”

Armand knew that if his attitude was not sincere at this time, Scott would definitely be furious, so he also knelt down and asked Scott to punish.

Scott stared at the two of them and said indifferently, “For you are good at maintaining the Davies family. I will spare you once.
100 heavy blows with a club for each person. If I hear this again in the future, please don’t blame me for falling out.”

When Scott scolded Armand and Carroll, a figure quietly came to Jordan, handed him a portfolio, said something, then turned and left.

Armand and Carroll breathed a sigh of relief wnen they heard that they only needed to be beaten 100 times.

At this moment, Jordan stood up, walked in front of Scott, and said, “It’s too benevolent for them just to be beaten 100 times.
Scott, these they colluded with the Graham family and the Sharp family during your absence and spread rumors all over the Davies family. They have no conscience.”

Both Armand and Carroll’s expressions changed, and they didn’t expect Jordan to say so suddenly.

Armand immediately said, “Jordan, don’t slander me. I admit what I said about Mrs. Davies before, I said it without thinking about it, but you said that I was collaborating with the Graham family and the Sharp family. It was too unjust!”

Carroll also quickly defended, “Jordan, we usually contradicted you. You shouldn’t have to use such insidious means to frame us, right?”

Jordan snorted and threw the portfolio in his hand directly on the ground. Several photos fell on the ground. It was the scene where Armand, Carroll and the heads of the Graham family and the Sharp family had a drink together.

“I have found the evidence. Are you sure I am setting up you?” Jordan said coldly.

Armand and Carroll looked at the photos on the ground with horror. They didn’t expect Jordan to send someone to follow them secretly.

Jordan turned his head to look at Scott, and said, “Mrs. Davies had noticed that something was wrong with them two months ago and asked me to investigate them secretly. I didn’t expect that they actually betrayed the Davies family. No wonder they keep slandering Mrs. Davies.”

Scott’s eyes were already narrowed, and murderous intent burst from it.

Both Armand and Carroll were full of regrets. Carroll hurriedly begged for mercy, “Lord, I was just bewitched. You disappeared for half a year. We all thought you were dead. The Davies family was going to be over. I did this just to survive.”

“He was right. Now that you come back, we will change ourselves. From now on, we will not regenerate any dissent towards the Davies family,” Armand said with a trembling voice.

Scott curled his lips and said, “This should not be the reason you betrayed the Davies family.”

After speaking, Scott directly pinched the necks of the two people and lifted them from the ground. Then, with a strong click, he broke their necks.

The betrayer was unforgivable.


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