The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 656 Who Told You That I Was Died

The Davies family, in the living room.

Lily was sitting on the sofa frowning at this time. Jordan and executives of the Davies family were also sitting here, and the atmosphere was a bit solemn.

Because it was almost the due date, Edith couldn’t continue to take care of the Davies family’s affairs, so she could only entrust Jordan with some affairs of the Davies family. At this time, Edith was resting in a well-prepared room in the house, and the doctor was also directly invited back home, in order to avoid accidents during the childbirth.

According to the current situation of the Davies family, if Edith went to the hospital to give birth, the Graham family and the Sharp family may secretly play some tricks, so they could only prepare the things they need in the Davies House.

“Jordan, I beg you to help Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce. During this time, the Graham family and the Sharp family have been targeting us. They used some means to create a funding gap of 5¢ billion dollars. If we can’t make up this gap, Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce will be over.” Lily looked at Jordan pleadingly.

The Graham family and the Sharp family would hold a banquet to carve up the Davies family industry tomorrow night. Before that, they must convince everyone that the Davies family was exhausted, and the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was their test stone.

If the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce went bankrupt before the banquet, it would undoubtedly win over a large number of people, and they would be able to force the Davies family to surrender all the shares of the industry more smoothly.

Jordan looked at Lily with a look of embarrassment. Although the Davies family was in better condition than the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, it was not much better. In addition, now the entire B City was is eyeing the Davies family. It was indeed a difficult choice for the Davies family to decide whether to give 50 billion to help the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce.

However, Edith had already ordered that all Lily’s requests must be satisfied as much as possible. As the saying goes, share a common lot. If the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was, it was not good for the Davies family.

“Miss Lily, you are also aware of the current situation of the Davies family. Various forces are targeting us. The Davies family’s money is also spent on maintaining the industry. Now we only have 3¢ billion. I’ll let someone transfer the money to your account later, and we can’t do anything about the rest,” Jordan said.

Lily looked at Jordan with a grateful look. Although 30 billion was not enough to fill the funding gap, at least it could relax the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce for a period of time, giving them enough time to think about other solutions.

“Jordan, you can’t give her money. You know best what the situation of our the Davies family is now. Now that we can’t protect ourselves, how can we still have the energy to help the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce!” Armand said immediately.

“That’s right, that’s 30 billion. The Davies family can’t even protect itself now. With this money, why don’t you use it to protect ourselves instead of giving it to an outsider!” Carroll also echoed.

Jordan turned his head and glanced at the two of them, and said coldly, “This is what Mrs. Davies has ordered. The Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce will is in trouble, we cannot just stand by.”

Armand and Carroll glanced at each other, and they were obviously a little unhappy.
Lily didn’t expect that someone would come out against it. The hope in her heart suddenly went out.

“Jordan, whether Mrs. Davies has ordered it or not, you have to consider for the Davies family. You should know the purpose of the banquet that the Graham family and the Sharp family will hold tomorrow night, the Davies family may not be able to survive

and will be fail. You have so much money. It is better to distribute it to the Davies family. When this disaster strikes, everyone will not go hungry,” Carroll said anxiously.

Armand snorted coldly and said, “Jordan, there is no one else here today, so I will just say it directly. Edith is Mrs. Davies, but the Davies family does not belong to her, but belongs to all of us. Now it is unreasonable that she takes the power of the Davies family and help these outsider. And she has always claimed that the head of the Davies family is still alive and will come back sooner or later, but we all know the fact. It is nothing but an excuse for her to dominate the Davies family. If we let her continue, not only will the Davies family be over, but all the members of the Davies family will be bankrupted because of this!”

“Presumptuous!” Jordan exclaimed, “You dare to talk about Mrs. Davies like this, how dare you!”

Armand curled his lips and said, “Anyway, I am also an senior of the Davies family. I just want you to see the facts clearly. In short, I don’t agree to give the 30 billion to the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce!”

“Me, neither!” Carroll also shouted.

The remaining senior executives of the Davies family were silent, and it could be seen that they were all wavered by Armand’s words.

Lily looked at the scene before her, feeling helpless. She knew that Edith was good to her, but the Davies family was not Edith said went. These people’s objections were also reasonable.

Jordan looked at Armand and Carroll, and his heart burned with anger. During this time, he had found that these two people had contacted with the Sharp family, and he knew that they should have betrayed the Davies family, but there was no hard evidence.

He knew that these two people were not thinking about the Davies family, but just to prevent the the Graham family and the Sharp family from failing their plans.

However, logically speaking, there was no flaw in Armand’s words. If he insisted on giving the 30 billion to Lily, others of the Davies family would be disgruntled.

Lily also knew the current situation. She sighed helplessly, got up from the sofa, glanced at Jordan, and said weakly, “Jordan, thank you.”

After speaking, she walked out towards the outside.

Both Armand and Carroll sneered. Armand took this opportunity to walk up to Jordan and said, “Jordan, now Lord Davies has been dead for half a year, and the Davies family is facing a crisis again. You just admitted the Davies family still has 30 billion on the account, so should we talk to us about how the 30 billion will be distributed?”

Jordan slammed the table and shouted, “What do you mean, do you think the Davies family is over now?”

Armand smiled and said, “Hasn’t it already become an established fact on the day Lord Davies died? Jordan, I think you were bewitched by Edith, the scheming woman.”

At this moment, a somewhat ethereal voice came into his ears.
“Who told you that I was dead?”

Armand’s body became stiff, he quickly turned his head and looked in the direction of the door, and saw a man with messy and long hair and half of his face covered by his beard standing at the door.

Lily had just walked to the door at this time, and after seeing the person at the door, she was also a little confused.
But when she and the person’s eyes met each other, it became clear in her heart who the man looked a bit sloppy was.

She couldn’t help but shed tears, and then cried out, “Scott!”


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