The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 655 Do I Look Like A Pushover

The middle-aged woman was pretending not to see the little boy making trouble for Scott. She stared out the window. After hearing the little boy crying, she quickly looked down and found that there was only one handle of the little hammer in the little boy’s hand. She also stared at Scott.

She hurriedly guarded the little boy in front of her, glared at Scott with anger, and cursed, “Do you have any education! You bullied a child, why did you break his toy!”

Everyone in the car looked towards them. At that time, the little boy clinked with a hammer, and the people in the car were a little dissatisfied. Now, watching Scott destroy the little boy’s toy, they all felt a little gloating.

Scott stared at the middle-aged woman and said coldly, “I have no education? He is here to hammer me with this thing. You treat it as if nothing has happened. Are you cultured?”

“What do you mean, are you saying that my grandson, Hayes, is impolite?” the middle-aged woman said aggressively.

“Yes, he is indeed impolite, and it is your fault.” Scott did not intend to continue to bear it. If he bore today, the child would only get worse in the future. This was not a good thing for a child.

The middle-aged woman immediately pointed at Scott, she was hysterical, and she shouted, “You, a damn guy, dare you criticize Hayes. Who are you? A beggar? How dare you say Hayes is uncultured? He is still a child. It is normal to be ignorant.
He is ignorant. Is it possible that you are also ignorant?”

When Scott saw the middle-aged woman smashed him, he was a little bit dumbfounded. At the same time, he also learned the power of this kind of people to argue. If this kind of quarrel was lethal, this middle-aged woman could definitely kill ther all.

“Sorry, your child did the wrong thing, I have no obligation to spoil him” Scott said.

The middle-aged woman glared at Scott, gritted her teeth and said, “Smelly beggar, I order you to apologize to Hayes immediately, and then pay us 1,000 dollars for a new toy, otherwise I will let you know how great I am!”

At this time, someone in the car couldn’t stand it anymore, and said, “Why are you like this? He is sitting there and doing nothing.
Obviously, it is that your grandson is causing trouble. Now you are still asking him to apologize to you. Why is there someone as unreasonable as you?”

The middle-aged woman immediately turned her head and glanced at the man, and shouted, “Mind your own business. Tell you, my last name is Sharp, do you know the Sharp family that is powerful in B City? I am a relative of the Sharp family, if any of you dare to be nosy, you will be in trouble!”

Several people who also wanted to defend Scott changed their expressions after hearing what the middle-aged woman said.
They didn’t expect this person to be a relative of the Sharp family. No wonder she dared to be so arrogant.

They were afraid of getting into trouble, so they bit back what they wanted to say.

Seeing that everyone was afraid to continue defending Scott, the middle-aged woman also showed a triumphant expression on her face. She turned to look at Scott, “Did you hear what I said just now? Hurry up and apologize to my grandson, otherwise it is as easy as killing an ant for the Sharp family to beat you, a beggar!”

Scott didn’t intend to continue to make this matter worse. He just wanted to deter the middle-aged woman.
But after hearing the middle-aged woman say that she was a relative of the Sharp family, Scott’s look darkened instantly.

At that time, people in the car talked about the status of the Davies family. Scott already knew that it was the Graham family and the Sharp family that pushed the Davies family to this point. Edith is now under such great pressure and it is was caused by the Graham family and the Sharp family, and he had already put the Graham family and the Sharp family on the blacklist in his heart.

Now that this rude and aggressive middle-aged woman was a relative of the Sharp family, how could Scott let her go easily.

The middle-aged woman watched Scott staring at her with both eyes, and immediately curled her lips and said, “What are you looking at. Are you deaf? Or are you scared by my identity?”

“Grandma, teach this man for me and let him know how good we are,” the little boy said, pulling the middle-aged woman’s.

The middle-aged woman saw Scott not speaking, and was still staring at her with a weird look, and was a little impatient, so she directly raised her hand to slap Scott.

Just as the middle-aged woman’s slap was about to fall on Scott’s face, Scott instantly raised his hand, pinched the woman’s wrist, and got up from the seat.

The middle-aged woman was a bit shorter than Scott, and the moment Scott stood up, she instantly wilted.

“You…what do you want to do?” the middle-aged woman said nervously.

“What am I doing? If I sit still, you will slap me in the face. Do you think I am stupid?” Scott said coldly.

“Hurry up and let me go. Let me tell you, I am a relative of the Sharp family. If you irritate me, I will let you suffer!” the middle- aged woman shouted.

Scott raised his other hand and slapped the middle-aged woman without hesitation. With a snap, a red handprint appeared on the middle-aged woman’s face.

“A relative of the Sharp family? Can the relatives of the Sharp family do beat others for no reason?”

The middle-aged woman was exploded at once, staring at Scott with both eyes, and shouting, “You dare guy, you dare to hit me, I…”

Before she finished speaking, Scott slapped her again.

“You can beat me, why can’t I beat you? You indulge your grandson to make trouble for me, I don’t care. But you become more undue. He is a kid who is ignorant. You are an adult. Are you ignorant?”

Scott directly scolded the middle-aged woman with what she had just said.

“You…” The middle-aged woman almost exploded.

Scott slapped her again, “What’s wrong with me? Am I looking bullied?”

The middle-aged woman wanted to say something more, Scott’s hand moved again, scared her to shut her mouth immediately.

The little boy was so scared that his body began to tremble, and seeing his patron be beaten like this, of course he did not dare to make any more troubles.

“Driver, stop quickly, I won’t take this bus! That’s how you treated the passengers. I was beaten like this. No one of you stop him!” the middle-aged woman yelled at the front.

The driver stopped the car without saying anything. He had already been unsatisfied with this middle-aged woman.

When the middle-aged woman saw that no one cared about her, she could only take the little boy out of the bus with resentment on her face. When she got down, she shouted at Scott, “Wait and see, I will definitely not let you go!”

The driver closed the door directly and continued to walk towards the front.
The people in the car stared at Scott quietly for a while, then one person raised his hand and clapped.

Immediately afterwards, warm applause erupted from the entire carriage.


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