The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 654 Go Back to B City

In a bus bound for B City, Scott was sitting by the window, looking out of the window, a little surprised.

Because of living in the mountains for half a year, Scott could not shave and cut his hair, so his hair and beard were very long at this time, and his clothes were often shaved during training, so he looked very sloppy. Basically, it couldn’t see his original appearance.

It was precisely because of his current image that everyone in the car stared at him with a strange look. There was no one beside his seat, because everyone was scared.

It just so happened that Scott could also stay alone.

Now it had been two days since Scott left the town. Scott moved around for two days and finally returned to the area of B City again. Breathing the air here, he felt a long-lost sense of familiarity.

“Have you heard that, tomorrow night, the Graham family and the Sharp family will jointly hold a grand banquet at the Jingyun Hotel. Then all the tycoons of the business community in B City will attend. I heard that they are gathering this time for discussion on how to deal with the Davies family. I heard from my relatives that the Graham family and the Sharp family plan to directly force the Davies family to hand over all the property through this banquet for everyone to share.”

Hearing the people in the car talking about the Davies family, Scott immediately raised his attention.

“Really, are the Graham family and the Sharp family finally planning to take action against the Davies family? Tut-tut, I heard that some time ago, the Graham family went to the Davies House to make trouble. They took a few masters to the Davies and beaten the Davies family up. The Davies family had no way to resist.”

“I heard about it. It is said that there is a master named Kacpter in the Davies family. Someone asked for trouble before, and they were all solved by his. However, this time Kacpter was like a weak child in front of the few people brought by the Graham family, and was beaten up by them quickly.”

“Unexpectedly, the Davies family, which was glorious back then, has fallen to this point, which is really surprising.”

“It’s because of the death of Scott of the Davies family, plus someone secretly provoking, the Graham family and the Sharp family who had been under the Davies family back then have the courage to challenge the Davies family. Without the leader, a big family is just a mess. I heard that the Davies family is now handled by Scott’s wife. This is also a powerful woman. She is

pregnant but still deals with the affairs of the Davies family. For so long, she didn’t t let the Davies family fall down. If it weren’t for her, the Graham family and the Sharp family would not hold this banquet.”

“I know about it. I heard that Scott’s wife is about to give birth. the Graham family and the Sharp family want to take advantage of her lack of energy to deal with the Davies family’s affairs, and reach an agreement with those in the business community of B City to force the Davies family give up.”

Listening to these people’s comments, Scott was moved. He didn’t expect that in the past six months, Edith would have taken the burden that should have belonged to him, so that the Davies family had not fallen down until today.

Fortunately, he rushed back in time. If the Graham family and the Sharp family’s plan succeeded, the consequences would be disastrous.

“the Graham family and the Sharp family? Since you are dicing with death, then I will fulfill you. Today, I, Scott, return and will kill all those who have bullied my wife!” Scott murmured.

Not long after, the bus stopped midway to pick up passengers, and a middle-aged woman in her fifties took a six or seven-year- old boy into the bus.

The middle-aged woman glanced around and found that there was only a seat next to Scott, and immediately led the little boy towards him.

Seeing Scott, the little boy immediately pointed his finger at him and said, “Look, grandma, this man’s hair is so long.”

The middle-aged woman immediately pulled the little boy’s hand back, and said, “Stay away from this kind of person. A savage comes from forest. There are many germs on him.”

When Scott heard what the middle-aged woman said, he didn’t take it seriously, and continued to stare out the window, all thinking about Edith.

Although she said so, the middle-aged woman didn’t want to stand, and even wanted to grab Scott’s seat. After ralling her eyes, she shouted at Scott, “Hey, are you blind? Ah, didn’t you see me with the child? Get up quickly, give me your seat. How sloppy you are. How dare you, a beggar, sit on the seat!”

If this middle-aged woman talked to Scott politely, he might give up this seat, but after hearing her so rude, Scott didn’t pay attention to her at all.

When the middle-aged woman saw Scott ignore her, she had no way. She could only curse a few words at Scott, saying that Scott was immoral and didn’t know to give up his seat to the old people and he had no sense of ethics.

Finally, she let the little boy sit next to Scott, and she stood next to the little boy.

The little boy was holding a small wooden hammer in his hand, which looked like a toy he had just bought. After he sat down, he began to beat with the small hammer everywhere, making the entire bus a lot of noise.

Someone told the middle-aged woman that he wanted to take a break, could she let the child be quiet for a while, the middle- aged woman immediately stared and said, “He is a child, what’s wrong with playing? How could a kid keep quiet all the time? You are also an adult, so why don’t humour a child? You look gentle, but you are so mean”

Seeing that the middle-aged woman was so rude and b*tchy, the man closed his mouth gloomily.
The little boy continued to beat and make noise. At this time, his gazes turned to Scott. It may be that Scott didn’t give up his seat to his grandma, the little boy looked at Scott with some hostility.

Seeing Scott looking out the window, he quickly took a small hammer and hit Scott’s leg hard, then withdrew his hand, pretending that nothing happened. His acting was quite superb.

Scott turned his head and glanced at the little boy, thinking that he was a child, so he didn’t take it seriously, and continued to look out the window.

There was a smirk on the little boy’s face, and he thought Scott was a fool in his heart. He took the small hammer and hit Scott’s lap again.

Scott turned his head again and looked at the little boy. When the little boy saw Scott, he didn’t speak. He thought Scott was afraid of him, and began to hammer Scott with an unscrupulous expression.

The middle-aged woman just watched the little boy “assault” with a look as if nothing had happened, and seemed to think that he did a great job.

A trace of anger grew in Scott’s heart, and when the little boy hammered him again, he grabbed the little hammer.
“Do you know it’s impolite to do this?” Scott said coldly.
“Well, I like to do so. I can hit whoever I want, let me go,” the little boy said with a smug look.

Scott smiled and let go of his hand holding the small hammer, and the part of the hammer that Scott grabbed had turned into sawdust and fell to the ground.

The little boy watched this scene dumbfounded, and then cried.


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