The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 653 I Like You

In front of their master’s wooden house.

Scott stood here with a solemn expression, and now he smashed the stone in a palm, which was considered to have met the master’s request and he was ready to leave.

The six months of training in the mountains was not too short, and the child in Edith’s belly was about to be born. He didn’t know what the situation of the Davies family was now, so he must go back as soon as possible.

Baron was standing on the side with a pale look. At that time, his mockery of Scott once again became a slap and hit himself in the face. This time, he really felt the horror of genius, from now on he would never dare to laugh at Scott casually.

Dick stood by the side of Baron, patted him on the shoulder, and comforted, “Baron, I can actually understand your feelings. I feel the same as you now. Don’t be upset, ordinary people like us should not compare with geniuses like him. One conclusion I have come to is that comparisons are odious, so let’s accept reality.”

Hearing Dick’s words, Baron felt even more upset in his heart. He really didn’t know whether Dick was comforting him or ridicule him.

Annabel looked happy, but on the way back at that moment, Scott mentioned that it was time for him to leave, and Annabel couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

She stared at Scott, her eyes complicated, as if she was catching up in something.
The other apprentices also stood aside, not knowing what happened.
“Dick, what’s the matter? Why does Baron look so gloomy?” A senior asked.

Dick immediately told others about the fact that Scott broke the stone that tested the strength of the inner force. Baron immediately glared at him, and Dick had to bite back the words she would like to have said.

“Well, Baron is in a bad mood now, let’s talk about it later.” Dick coughed slightly.
Everyone became more curious and kept looking at Baron, which made Baron even more embarrassed.

After a while, seeing that his master had not come out of the wooden house, Scott shouted, “Master, I have fulfilled the request you made, and the stone has been cracked by me!”

When everyone heard Scott’s words, they were a little confused.

“Stone? What stone? Didn’t he just crack a stone? Is it worth talking to master?”

“My God, isn’t it the stone for Baron and the others to test? The density and hardness of the stone is quite high, isn’t it. Even an axe cannot leave a mark on it. Scott cracked it with his palm?”

“Oh…deserving to be Master’s most proud apprentice. His terrifying talent is really not what we can imagine.”

After a while, the master’s voice came from the wooden house, “Go, remember what you promised me.” Scott knew the character of his master, knowing that his master had allowed him to leave.
And some time ago, the master had already said everything.

The reasons for the master taught Scott’s inner force, one was the affection of the master and the apprentice, and the other was to hope that Scott would be able to respond when the master needed him in the future.

According to Scott’s guess, his master seemed to be planning something. The reason why he accepted so many apprentices should not be a pure hobby. Master would definitely need him in the future.

Although he didn’t know what his master would let him do, but only with the kindness that his master taught him, Scott could do anything without hesitation.

The grace of dripping water would be repaid by the spring.

After standing outside the door of the wooden house and waiting for a while, Scott knelt down and kowtowed three times in the direction of the door, then got up and turned to look at Annabel.

Today, it was time for him to leave.

“I’m leaving, you can choose to stay here or leave with me,” Scott said.

Annabel said immediately, “What am I doing here? Wait for me, I’ll pack up my things.” After speaking, she ran to her wooden house.
It was only then that everyone realized that Scott was leaving, and there were some changes in the eyes that looked at him.

Although Scott insisted on leaving that year and left a bad impression on these apprentices, the talents that Scott showed during this period once again impressed them. Even if there were some small contradictions in normal times, they were still mate in the final analysis. Therefore, when everyone heard that Scott was about to leave, they also felt a little emotional.

Dick stared at Scott, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Although I have some misunderstandings on you during this period, you have proved yourself with your strength. Both of us are master’s most proud apprentices. Before you leave, I wish you have a smooth journey.”

Scott smiled at Dick. He knew that this kid was just a bit competitive, but he was not hostile to him.

Baron hesitated for a moment, and stepped forward, saying, “You are indeed very strong, I am ashamed. But in the future, I will still consider you as the object of the contest. I hope that when I see you next time, you will not let me down.”

“Definitely,” Scott replied.

After that, the remaining people all stepped forward and began to say goodbye to Scott. Scott responded one by one. After Annabel packed up, she said goodbye to the fellow apprentice with a bit of reluctance, and then left with Scott.

When they came out of the mountain, it was already evening. They came to the small town at the foot of the mountain. Scott wanted to find a place to rest for the night. At this time, Annabel stopped and looked at Scott hesitantly.

“What’s the matter?” Scott asked.

After a long time, Annabel asked, “After tonight, are you going back to B City?” Scott nodded, wondering what Annabel meant.
“Then have you ever thought about taking me back with you?” Annabel asked.

Scott was taken aback. He really didn’t think about this issue. Annabel had been by his side all this time, and with Annabel’s life-saving grace for him, he had never thought of driving Annabel away.

Seeing Scott hesitating, Annabel already had an answer in her heart. She smiled and said, “Okay, okay, let’s find a place to get accommodation first.”

Scott noticed Annabel’s abnormality, but he didn’t know how to tell her about it, so he nodded, thinking that he would think about Annabel’s question tomorrow.

They came to a shabby hotel. At Annabel’s insistence, they asked for a standard room with two beds in one room. Scott felt that he could barely accept it, so he didn’t say anything.

At night, Annabel surprisingly didn’t come to trouble Scott. She just lay on the bed and looked at Scott quietly. Scott didn’t know what she was thinking.

When she woke up the next morning, Scott looked over to Annabel. The bed was empty and the quilt was neatly folded.

Scott thought she went to wash. When he got up, he saw a piece of paper at the head of the bed. The beautiful handwriting on the paper was very comfortable.

He picked up the paper and sighed helplessly after reading it.

“Fool, I’ve went home. I know you won’t have my place in your heart any more. Even if I chase after you foolishly, I’ll get nothing.
However, living in the mountains is the happiest time in my life. I hope this time belongs to me and you will be our exclusive memory. Whether you agree or not, I announced that this time belongs to me. Of course, I still want to see you again this time.
Don’t forget that you still owe me a life, so when you have time, you should remember to come and see me. I don’t mind if you take Edith and your children with you. I will prepare gifts for them. Finally, whether you accept it or not, I’ll say it.”

“I like you.” Love was a thing without solution, and Scott didn’t know how to treat Annabel’s love for him.

He shook his head slightly. Since he couldn’t figure it out, he would like to repay Annabel with thousands of times of kindness in the future.

He couldn’t accept Annabel’s feelings, but he could protect this girl in this life, making no one dare to cheat her!


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