The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 652 It Split

In the Turner family, M Country.
In front of an open field, Theodore was standing in front of six strong men with a satisfied smile on his face.
Here, there were broken stones, wood broken into two pieces, and bent steel bars. It looked like a mess.

And it was the six people in front of Theodore who caused this scene. They just broke wood, gravel, and steel bars with their hands in front of Theodore, and they had a super high-level contest.

Not long after, a thin old man came to Theodore’s side. It was no one else, but the head of the Turner family, Freeman Turner.
Theodore turned his head and glanced at Freeman, and shouted, “Grandpa.” Freeman nodded, stared at the six people, and asked, “What are the results of these months’ training?”

Theodore smiled and said, “After several months of guidance, the strength of the six people is already invincible. I made some small changes to deep breathing that my teacher taught me, so that they could practice it. Although they couldn’t really develop their inner force, they were much stronger than ordinary experts.”

Freeman nodded appreciatively and said, “Yes, the king was born in the Turner family. In the future, the Turner will definitely stand on top of the world under your leadership.”

Theodore didn’t say anything. In his opinion, Freeman’s praises were nothing more than facts to him.

During this period of time, in order to enhance the overall strength of the Turner family, he took pains to make a crude copy of deep breathing passed on to him by Myles, and taught it to the thugs of the Turner family.

The reason for doing this was because Myles stipulated that deep breathing should not be passed on to others lightly. Normally, people from a family like the Turner family were not qualified to practice inner force.
In order not to be blamed by Myles, he could only retreat and come up with such a crude version, but this was enough for the

current Turner family.

These six people were carefully selected among the many masters of the Turner family. Now they had practiced Theodore’s simple deep breathing, and their strength had been greatly improved. Any one of them could beat the so-called experts of the world’s top families badly.

“The news from my men says that the Davies family is still lingering in B City. I arranged for someone to use some means on the Davies family, but I didn’t expect them to defuse all of them. So, behind the Davies family, there should be something we haven’t considered.”

“And during the recent period, my men saw Kacper from Guanling near the Davies family, the men with him were masters of Guanling ranked second and third on the List of Ares. If I’m not mistaken, the Davies family has been able to stand up to now precisely because of Guanling’s secret help.”

Freeman told Theodore what he wanted to say.

Theodore narrowed his eyes and murmured, “Guanling, a high-end entertainment resort. Dare it go against the Turner family. Is its boss stupid?”

“Don’t underestimate Guanling. According to my observations, since their boss became Percy, Guanling has been very different from the past. Before the Cunningham family was destroyed, I found the shadow of Guanling from some clues, this place is probably hiding a secret we don’t know,” Freeman said.

Theodore snorted and said, “No matter how many secrets they have, they will eventually be trampled underfoot by the Turner family.”

Then he looked at the six people in front of him, with a joking smile on his face, and then murmured, “It just so happens that I also want to see the true strength of the six people. Since the top three on the List of Ares are in B City, it’s better to just let the six men go there.”

“This time, I will teach those people from Guanling a lesson and kill the Davies family like a fly by the way.”

Behind the mountain.

Time passed by, and in a blink of an eye, Scott had been here for six months.

Behind the mountain, Scott was standing in front of a small waterfall. The clattering sound of running water and the sound of birds show the vitality of nature incisively and vividly.

In front of Scott, there was an extremely smooth stone washed by water. On the stone, there were three palm prints of different shades. The deepest one was about three centimeters thick, which was amazing.

These three palm prints were made on the stone by Baron and the other two seniors who had cultivated their inner force. This was a standard for them to test their own strength.

Because it had been scouring under the small waterfall for many years, the density of this stone had been very different from that of ordinary stones. Under normal circumstances, only machines could leave marks on this stone.

And the master promised Scott that when Scott could use his inner force to leave a palm print of about five centimeters deep on this stone, it was the time to let him leave.

At this time, Baron, Dick and Annabel were all standing not far from Scott, staring at Scott in front of the stone.

“Baron, how deep a handprint can he leave on this stone?” Dick asked.

Baron looked at Scott with disdain, and said, “At best, it’s the same as me, maybe it’s not as good as me.”

Although he had already lost to Scott, in order to balance his feeling, he always thought that Scott could beat him by talent, which he couldn’t envy.

But at any rate, he developed his inner force three years earlier than Scott. In terms of his inner force, Scott definitely couldn’t compare to him, and the depth of the palm prints depended on the strength of the inner force, so he didn’t think Scott could break the record he made.

Annabel glared at Baron and said, “Dare you look down on Scott. Well, are you gaing to rebel against me?” Baron suddenly looked embarrassed, and said quickly, “I… I was wrong, I’m sorry.”

After losing to Scott that time, according to the bet, Baron became Annabels follower. He was not someone who could not afford to lose, so he fulfilled the stakes earnestly. Now in front of Annabel, he dared not be presumptuous.

Dick watched this scene, wanting to laugh but not daring, so he could only hold back forcibly.

After a long time, Scott, who was standing in front of the stone, finally moved. The power of his whole body was concentrated on the palm of his hand, and then he slammed his palm toward the stone, bringing strong wind around him.

With a bang, Scott retracted his palm and looked at the stone.

The stone was intact, except for the three palm prints, there was no fourth palm print.

Baron, Annabel and Dick hurriedly surrounded Scott, and they were all surprised when they saw the situation on the stone.
“It shouldn’t be. There is no trace. How did he defeat Baron?” Dick was puzzled.

Baron laughed loudly and mocked, “Scott, you are really strong in fighting, but after all, you are too young. There is not even a trace on this stone. Compared with me, you are still inferior…”

Before he finished speaking, the smile on his face stopped abruptly.

Because the stone in front of Scott made a clear clicking sound, and then it split into two petals directly.


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