The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 651 The Current Situation in B City

B City.

In the chamber of the Davies House, a group of executives of the Davies family were sitting inside. Edith sat in the seat with a big belly, and the atmosphere in the room seems a little depressed.

Edith had been pregnant for eight months now. According to normal circumstances, she should now be in the stage of preparing for production. However, to this day, she was still dealing with all the affairs of the Davies family.

Compared with a few months ago, the tiredness on Edith’s face became very obvious. Nicholas and Jennifer had persuaded her many times and asked her to hand over the affairs of the Davies family to Jordan. However, Edith was worried and had been working hard until now.

In the past few months, the situation in B City had changed, undercurrents were surging, and the haze over the Davies family had lasted for a few months. The forces of all parties had watched, and the struggle between the business community in B City had become particularly fierce, and the smell of gunpowder was permeated everywhere. And the cause of all this was the fact that Scott died.

A few months have passed. Even people who had doubts about Scott’s death have accepted this fact. People have received news from various places that Scott had not appeared in B City for a few months, and all the affairs of the Davies family were controlled by Edith, Scott’s pregnant wife. What it meant was self-evident.

Without Scott, the fear of all forces for the Davies family was reduced to a minimum overnight. Although the Davies family was.
still powerful, without Scott, the core figure, and the benefit of Davies family was not the goal that no one dared to take.

The Turner family secretly added fuel to the situation and devoured the basic industries of the Davies family in all walks of life. In addition, people in the Davies family were terrified, provoking dissension, coercing and luring. It was staged in all places where the Davies family’s industries were all over the world.

Although part of the power arranged by Terence secretly assisted Edith, the Davies family, which had become a target of public, was still becoming riddled with defects and precarious.

One of the most obvious manifestations was that the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, which had a good relationship with the Davies family, had declined in performance for more than three consecutive months. Half of the companies that cooperated with it had terminated the cooperation for various reasons, making the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce’s business had shrunk drastically. Today, it was too much to say Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce was dying.

Everyone regarded the Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce and the Davies family as the same piece of cake. Since they wanted to

share the cake, naturally they couldn’t leave it at all.

“Mrs. Davies, the Graham family and the Sharp family, again on the grounds of unreasonable distribution, let us give up 80% of the two industries of catering and real estate for redistribution, otherwise they will unite all small and medium-sized enterprises in these two industries to isolate the Davies family. At that time, our situation will become very dangerous.”

Jordan said to Edith with a sad face.
A dozen sighs immediately sounded in the entire chamber. This was not the first time that such a situation had happened.

“Mrs. Davies, or else we will take out some share to satisfy them. Maybe in this way, they won’t continue to trouble us,” at this time, an older old man said.

A middle-aged man in his forties who was standing next to the old man immediately echoed, “I think we should not only give out the share, but also give them a share of the industries of all walks of life in the Davies family. Now we are worried about takeovers by various predators. Is it because the Davies family has too much interest? If we take the initiative to bring the Davies family down to a level, I believe they won’t be so coveted of us.”

Edith frowned when she heard the words of these two people. She didn’t expect that the pressure on the members of the Davies family from the outside world would be so great. Some people of the Davies family already wanted to cut off most of the Davies family’s share in order to protect themselves.

If this method was effective, Edith might consider it, but the discerning people know the purpose of those who was spying on the Davies family. If a portion of the share was taken out, it was impossible to fill the stomachs of these people.

“This approach is tantamount to cutting meat to feed wolves. The hungry wolf’s stomach can never be filled. Now they dare not act rashly because the Davies family still has a certain weight in B City. If we divide up all the shares, they will not pay attention to the Davies family at that time. In the future, never mention such ideas,” Edith said seriously.

Both the old man and the middle-aged man glanced at Edith, and then stopped talking.

“Tell the Graham family and the Sharp family that the share of the Davies family is based on our hard work. They are not qualified to allocate the share of the Davies family. If they really want it, they can grab it directly. We won’t be polite to them either,” Edith continued speaking.

Jordan nodded immediately, without any objection to Edith’s order.

The meeting continued, and most of the following content was the same as the previous questions. Edith gave clear instructions one by one. By the time the meeting ended, it was already two hours later.

When everyone dispersed, Jordan walked up to Edith. Edith said, “Jordan, please pay attention to Armand Davies and Carroll Davies. I suspect that they have been bought by the Graham family and the Sharp family.”

Jordan nodded and said respectfully, “Yes.” Armand was old man, and Carroll was the middle-aged man.

After the explanation, Edith also got up from the chair, a sore feeling hit her, and she felt exhausted. After reaching out and gently stroking her belly, the feeling was relieved.

“Little guy, I’m helping you guard your property. If you are not filial in the future, I will be pissed off by you,” Edith said with a smile.

After Jordan left, Edith also walked out slowly to the outside of the chamber, and when she was approaching the door, a rumbling sounded into her ears.

“When does Mrs. Davies is going to give up? Now all the people in B City knows that Scott is dead and the Davies family is now in its death throes. She is the only one who still believes that Scott is still alive. Isn’t this self-deception?”

“That’s right, but the Davies family is now in her hands, and we can only play this self-deception game with her.”

“In my opinion, it is right to choose forbearance at this time. According to the current situation, everyone is eyeing the Davies family. The Davies family won’t care about one of them alone, but once they unite, the Davies family will not be able to resist.”

“What do you know, maybe this is just a way for her to control the Davies family. As long as she says that Scott is still alive, she can always control the Davies family. However, it has been almost half a year. If Scott is really alive, he has come back a long time ago. She treats all of us as fools.”

Listening to the comments from outsiders, Edith suddenly felt sour, and tears almost flowed out, but in the end, she forcibly endured it.

During this time, she was under more pressure than anyone in the Davies family, because only she knew that Scott was still alive and would come back sooner or later.

However, she didn’t expect that the people of the Davies family would talk about her like this behind her back, and how she would not feel wronged in her heart when she was about to be a mother.

She took a long breath and waited until the people outside left before slowly walking out.
“Scott, I just don’t want to give up the Davies family business to others, why do they say that?”

“Can I hold on until you come back?”


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