The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 650 With an Apprentice Like You, I Couldn’t Be More Satisfied

Scott and Baron came to a clearing where they used to fight, and the rest of the people surrounded them as witnesses of the battle.

Dick walked to Annabel’s side, smiled and said, “Miss Fairy, Scott is too stubborn, what is good about such a person? How many times has he lost to Baron, and he is still unrepentant. A I think you’d better not stick to him all day. In fact, I have great potential, and I’m still so young…”

Annabel glared at him and said, “Go away, what do you kid know.”

“Isn’t it true that I said, he just bet with Baron, if he loses, he has to leave,” Dick said solemnly.

Annabel gave Scott a worried look and said, “He won’t lose.”

She didn’t know where her confidence came from. Since Scott said that he would not lose today, he would definitely win.
Dick did not have this confidence in Scott. In his opinion, today, Scott would end in failure.

Above the clearing, Scott and Baron stood opposite each other. Baron stared at Scott with disdain, and Scott looked calm.

As early as the previous few battles, Scott had already had the strength to defeat Baron, but in order to confirm some of his conjectures, he regarded Baron as a free training partner.

But now in Scott’s eyes, itis meaningless to continue fighting with Baron, so it was time for him to prove to everyone the results of his hard work for more than four months.

Without any nonsense, Scott rushed towards Baron directly, his breathing rhythm changed, and the power in Scott’s body surged, making his speed several times faster than before. In the eyes of everyone, there was already a shadow behind Scott.

Inner force could not only enhance people’s strength, but also affect every aspect of the human body, making all aspects of the physical quality greatly improved.

Seeing Scott’s extremely fast speed, Baron’s look condensed, and Scott today seemed to be a little different from before.

He didn’t dare to neglect, and immediately stared at Scott’s movements and assumed a posture of fighting.

After Scott rushed to Baron, he punched him directly. Baron raised his hand to resist. At the moment when he met Scott’s fist, Scott’s inner force suddenly exploded, and an unrivaled force attacked Baron. Baron frowned and resisted with all his strength.
After resolving the offensive of Scott’s punch, Baron had already retreated five or six meters toward the back.

“How come you have become so strong?” Baron showed a surprised expression on his face. Obviously, he didn’t expect Scott to have improved so much compared to last time.

“I have always been so strong.” Scott smiled.
Baron snorted coldly and shouted, “Bluffing, I don’t believe you can put such a strong power into every move!”

After he finished speaking, he took the initiative to strike, a few punches swiftly towards Scott, Scott resisted easily, and every move exerted no weaker power than the punch just now.

Baron didn’t realize until this time that Scott’s strength was not a flash in the pan, but because he had reached this level, that he could be so strong.

“Damn, this kid didn’t have such a strong power last time, why has he become so powerful now?” Baron muttered in his heart, focusing on every attack of Scott, not daring to neglect.

The two other seniors who had reached the level of inner force expert looked at the two of Scott and Baron who were fighting, and they were very surprised. Others might not see Scott’s current strength, but they could see clearly.

The strength that this guy had completely surpassed them. If they were to fight with Scott, they might have already given up.

“What’s the matter with this kid, why did he make such a big improvement? Could it be possible that he was defeated deliberately when fighting with us?”

“Fuck, then he is too horrible. He has only come back for more than four months, and he has reached this level. It is not an exaggeration to describe him as a prodigy?” They murmured, and were already surprised by the strength that Scott showed.

At this moment, on a small hill not far away, an old man was looking at the two fighting in the clearing, with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Sure enough, it’s a genius. I am afraid I have exhausted all my luck to meet such a good apprentice. In four months, his mastery of inner force has reached such a level. In the world, who can compare with him?”

“With an apprentice like him, I couldn’t be more satisfied!”

The battle in the clearing was still going on. Scott and Baron had already fought a hundred moves. At this time, Baron’s strength had melted. He found himself on the back foot when fighting with Scott.

And Scott had always been at ease, as if he didn’t use all his strength, no matter what tricks Baron used, he could deal with it easily.

Finally, Baron revealed a flaw when he resist Scott’s move. Scott seized the opportunity and hit Baron’s chest with a fist, knocking him to the ground.

When Baron fell down, there was a three-centimeter-deep pit, which was enough to show how powerful Scott’s fist was.

“You lost,” Scott said lightly.

Baron stared at Scott standing in front of him dully, and he did not realize what happened just now.

Did he lose to Scott like this? Lost to this self-righteous guy who had been away from master for a few years?

He had only been back for four months!

In just four months, Scott defeated him, who had already learned his inner force for three years. Baron suddenly felt collapsed.

It was not until this time that he realized that even if Scott hadn’t been with master for a few years, his powerful talent could still easily bridge this gap in time.

He originally thought that Scott would become a useless person if he stagnated for a few years, but he really underestimated the potential of a genius.

At this time, everyone around was as shocked as Baron. It only took Scott four months to defeat their current strongest senior.
Scott’s talent was enough to describe it as horror.

Dick stared at Scott blankly, something seemed to be stuck in his throat. He wanted to speak but couldn’t.

After a long time, he sighed and murmured, “The difference between him and me was still too much.”

The first person on the scene to react was Annabel. She jumped up happily and ran toward Scott with joy.

“Scott, you are so amazing! You deserve to be the man I like!”

Scott was embarrassed, looked down at Baron, and said, “From today, you will be her little follower.”

Baron moved his lips and wanted to say something, but in the end, all his words only turned into a sigh, weak and helpless.


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