The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 649 The Inaudible and Noiseless Foot of Time

The inaudible and noiseless foot of time, the seasons of the year make a cycle that repeats itself.

In the first week after coming to the mountain, Scott had already mastered deep breathing and felt the changes brought to him by it.

According to his master, it took at least three months for even those with excellent talents to master deep breathing and to acquire inner force.

And Scott had mastered deep breathing in a week, which was one of a kind. His speed of learning shocked the master. At the same time, his master was more convinced that those who reached the peak of their outer force would get twice the result with half the effort.

In the first month of coming to the mountains, Baron couldn’t bear Annabel to be with Scott all the time, so he embarrassed Scott everywhere, and threatened that Scott was not worthy of a fairy like Annabel, which was endorsed by many people.

Annabel naturally disagreed with this statement, and argued with Baron, which made Baron and others more sure that Annabel was bewitched by Scott.

So, Baron decide to have a fight between men with Scott, and let Scott realize how unbearable he was now.
In this battle, Scott lost.

In the second month of coming to the mountain, Scott had already started the way of inner force, and through the accumulation of deep breathing, he was able to use part of the inner force.

Baron became more proud of defeating Scott. Seeing Scott’s hard work, he took the test of Scott’s level as an excuse to fight against Scott again.

This time, Scott was no longer as defenseless as he used to be. He who also had learned inner force, coupled with the strength of the peak of outer force, was already able to cope with Baron.

But in this battle, Scott was still defeated.

In the third month of coming to the mountains, Scott mastered inner force at an astonishing speed. Through previous battles with Baron, Scott had benefited a lot, and he had a deeper understanding of the use of inner force and was praised by him master.

This month Annabel tried hard to tempt Scott. Scott simply lived directly behind the mountain, leaving Annabel no chance to do sO.

Seeing Annabel becoming more intimate with Scott, Baron felt jealous and challenged Scott again. This time, Scott was faintly able to make a tie with Baron.

According to the master, Baron’s talent was considered intermediate and high, and he had learned inner force for about three years, but it only took Scott three months to catch up with him. His talent was so amazing and matchless.

Scott did not compete with Baron, but pretended that he was still lost again.
He did this in order to be able to continue fighting against Baron and to learn more experience from it.

In the fourth month, Scott took the initiative to challenge Baron and the other two senior more than ten times, and he lost again and again, becoming a joke in everyone’s eyes. Only Scott knew that his strength had surpassed the Baron and the other two inner force experts, and what he relied on was the experience he had accumulated by fighting with three inner force experts in turn.

According to Scott’s guess, in terms of inner force, he was still far behind Baron. After all, he had only mastered inner force for three months, and the degree of accumulation was far from enough, but because he had reached the peak of out force, it made up for his lack of accumulation on the inner force, the combination of the two made his strength surpass Baron.

At this time, Scott was already absolutely sure that when facing Theodore, he was no longer so vulnerable.
This afternoon, not far from the wooden house, Scott walked straight to the wooden house where Baron was.
Annabel followed Scott, anxious.

After living in the mountains for more than four months, Annabel had long lost the appearance of the delicate lady before. She was also dressed in the hemp clothes that others prepared for living in the mountains, and her hair was directly coiled up with branches.

In the past four months, Annabel not only learned how to grow vegetables and raise chickens, but even went out hunting with Dick and the others, which was in sharp contrast with her in the past.

But despite this, the fairy aura on her body had not disappeared. Facts had proved that a beautiful woman, even in linen, was

also beautiful scenery.

“Scott, stop. You have fought with Baron several times this month, and you have lost to him every time. I know you are not convinced, but you have only come back for four months. It is normal to not be able to beat him. You can wait until you become stronger and then you can go to him,” Annabel said.

Scott stopped, turned to look at Annabel with a smile, and said, “This is the last time I challenged him, and it will be him who loses today.”

After speaking, he continued to walk towards the front.

Annabel sighed helplessly, not much optimistic because of Scott’s self-confidence.

Scott stopped in front of Baron’s wooden house and shouted, “Baron, come out to fight!”

As soon as his voice sounded, a dozen people all walked out of the wooden house and ran over to watch the show.

“Scott, how many times have you lost to Baron this month? How come you still don’t know how to repent? Is it possible that you are addicted to being beaten?”

“This kid thinks he is a genius, he feels that he can compare with Baron after learning inner force for a few months. It’s really funny.

Dick gloated at Scott and said, “You’d better not fight with Baron. If you continue to fight, Miss Fairy may look down on you.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Annabel glared at Dick immediately, and shouted, “Little brat, do you want to be beaten up?” Dick hurriedly made a face at Annabel.

At this time, Baron walked out of the wooden house, looking at Scott with cold look and said, “No matter how many times you challenge me, you can’t change the fact that you have been left behind by me. Inner force is not as simple as you think. If you want to defeat me, wait another three years!”

Scott smiled and said, “I think I can beat you this time.” Baron was stunned for a moment, and then burst into laughter, as if he had heard some funny joke.
All the fellow apprentices around couldn’t help laughing.

“Is this guy insane? He actually thinks he can beat Baron. Did he forget that he was beaten by the Baron last time and was unable to resist?”

“Yes, you ask me to challenge, and I naturally have to take it. But it’s a problem that you always find me like this. I don’t have so much energy to deal with you all the time. Why don’t we put up a bet this time?” Baron asked.

“OK,” Scott agreed.

“If you lose this time, and then you should be more conscious, get out of here as soon as possible, and don’t say that you are the master’s apprentice anymore. Dare you?” Baron asked.

Everyone was shocked. They didn’t expect Baron to make such a big bet. If Scott agreed and lost, it would be equivalent to breaking off all relations with the master.

“Okay.” Scott’s tone was calm, not taking his bet seriously at all, “If I win…”

He thought for a while, but didn’t know what to bet on. At this time, he saw Annabel with a worried look, and he smiled and said, “If I win, you will be her servant and follow her instructions, OK?”

Baron curled his lips and said, “No problem.”

“Scott, take a good look around, after the battle, you should roll away from this place!”


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