The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 648 Deep Breathing

Scott woke up in a tree the next morning.

Although there was a row of wooden houses by the river, most of them had been occupied by Scott’s fellow apprentices, and only one was left, which was also given to Annabel.

Annabel was very happy to live in a room with Scott, but the current situation was different from that in Christine’s family.
Naturally, Scott could not agree to continue living in the same room with Annabel, so he found a tree as a place to sleep.

When he was kicked out of the Davies family, Scott had been in any harsh place, so sleeping in a tree was nothing to him.

Coming down from the tree, Scott heard a whispering sound not far away, turned his head and saw that there were more than a dozen figures staring in the direction of the river.

Annabel was washing her hair there at this time, and the fairy-like face made Scott’s fellow apprentices salivate.

In the mountains, the only heteros*xual creatures they could see were probably hens and foxes. Naturally, they had great desire and fantasy for girls.

Nowadays, a woman suddenly appeared here, and she was so beauty. Naturally, these single men couldn’t look away.

Annabel was very embarrassed to be stared at by these a dozen people. After washing her hair in embarrassment, she tossed her head gently, which caused the dozen single men to exclaim in exclamation.

Scott walked over here. After Annabel saw him, as if she had found a savior, she hurried to Scott’s side.

“Scott, these people are so weird. They kept staring at me when I washed their hair, making me embarrassed,” Annabel complained.

Scott glanced at those people. They should all be his master’s apprentices. Some of them knew Scott, and some looked very strange. They came to learn from the master after Scott left.
It stood to reason that a person of master’s level would choose its apprentices carefully, and it was almost enough to have one or

two apprentices. After all, no matter how many apprentices one had, it was better to pass on the skill to one apprentice.

However, Scott’s master likes to travel around the world and accept apprentices everywhere. Although he would also check their qualifications when he accepted his apprentices, compared with other masters, Scott’s master had too many apprentices, and now only a small part of them stayed in the mountains.

Scott didn’t understand why his master did this. Maybe he just liked teaching apprentices.

And Scott still didn’t know his master’s name. After he became one of his apprentices, the master was only responsible for teaching him skills. He didn’t care about everything else, and he never talked about his past. And he did the same to other apprentices

Therefore, in Scott’s mind, his master was still somewhat mysterious.
Scott’s fellow apprentices turned their heads and looked towards Scott. After seeing Scott, they showed disdain on their face.

They had heard the news of Scott’s return from Dick, and after knowing that this fairy was brought back by Scott, they immediately became hostile to Scott.

Now seeing Annabel looking like timid and lovable little wornan in front of Scott, they felt a little upset.

The head of these people was a man with sharp edges and a trace of cold light in his eyes. This man was named Baron and was one of the early apprentices of the master.

At that time, Scott was young and frivolous, and had some problems with Baron, who performed well at the time. However, at that time Scott was strong and Baron couldn’t beat him, so he could only endure it.

Now Baron had cultivated inner force, and he was the strongest among the three apprentices who had learned inner force.
“Scott, how dare you come back. Didn’t you think you were invincible in the world, what do you want to do with master now?” Baron looked at Scott with a sneer.

Scott glanced at him and said, “Baron, you have overstated, when did I say that I was invincible in the world?”

Baron snorted coldly, and said, “Don’t pretend here. I remembered your pretentious look back then.”

“You may have misunderstood me,” Scott said lightly, then turned and walked in the direction of the back mountain.

His main task now was to learn inner force from his master, so naturally he had no intention of arguing with these people.

“Scott, I advise you to put away your self-righteousness. You are no longer the most potential apprentice of the master, and I have learned the inner strength. Even if you come back, you still have no right to compare with me. If you are as arrogant as you were back then, I will definitely teach you on behalf of the master!” Baron shouted at Scott.

The people behind him also echoed, Dick was the most excited one. He felt that Scott was a little bit more brute, and compared with Baron, he was far worse.

Scott ignored them and walked ahead.
When Annabel saw this, she quickly followed, she didn’t want to be stared at by these men all the time.

“It seems that the specially privileged person is desolate now. If it was in the past, he would have come to Baron to single out.”

“It’s because he knows that he couldn’t beat Baron. Look at his back, it looks like a loser.”

“People should recognize his current situation. No matter how good he was at the beginning, after so many years, he is probably not as good as most of us.”

Dick murmured a little when he heard this. He admitted that Scott was no longer the strongest one. After all, he was the master’s most proud apprentice. But he did not thought Scott was not as good as most of them.

In terms of holding a huge stone for a whole afternoon, except for the three inner force experts, none of the others could do it, but Dick didn’t bother to praise Scott.

Behind the mountain.

Scott sat up cross-legged on the ground according to his master’s guidance, and his breathing pattern began to slowly change, which was very different from normal breathing.

Annabel was a little bored on the side, because she had nothing to do, so she learned with Scott. The master just smiled and didn’t say anything.

The so-called inner force method was actually a more special deep breathing, which achieved the purpose of developing the inner force in the body by changing the law of breathing.

In the “Health Preservation” compiled more than two thousand years ago, there was already an introduction about the abdominal breathing method, teaching people to change their breathing to make them healthier.

The method of breathing of inner force was more complicated, and it needed to be practiced with the dredging of the acupoints of the meridians of the whole body. At the same time, learners needed to meditate, to carefully tap their own potential, so that the inner force in the human body could be used at will

And just knowing the law of inner force was not enough to cultivate inner force. At the same time, the learners needed to have an extraordinary physique, talent, and years of exercise.

Inner force experts were certainly strong, and it took an effort that ordinary people couldn’t imagine to get success. This was not a matter of overnight. Deep breathing depended on accumulation.

Scott also officially began to rely on this bit of accumulation, trying to make himself stronger.


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