The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 647 It Was Horrible

Seeing Scott’s stunned look, the master smiled and said, “My strength has nothing to do with you now. I have many apprentices, and I am only responsible for teaching them. As for your own grievances, I will not intervene. So, you need to take avenge on Theodore by yourself.”

“I understand!” Scott immediately replied. Now that the master told him this, he was very grateful, and he had never thought of asking others to avenge him.

“Theodore was also lucky and become an inner force expect after learning from Myles. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Theodore to become an inner force expect, and I need to remind you that Myles is a Grandmaster. If you take revenge on Theodore, you will face more than an inner force expect. You must understand this,” the master slowly said.

Scott’s heart was tense. He didn’t expect Theodore’s master to be a Grandmaster. This was indeed a very tricky thing, but Scott didn’t have any fear.

If Theodore’s master intervened in this matter, then Scott only needed to put the Grandmaster on his own blacklist.

It was also at this time that Scott understood why Terence would have been in was in Guanling and didn’t begin to plan revenge against the Turner family until he appeared. It turned out that there was already a Grandmaster behind the Turner family. Even Terence did not dare to act rashly.

Even if Myles wouldn’t intervene in the affairs of the Turner’s family, Theodore would be enough for Terence to take it seriously.
As for whether there was an inner force expect in Guanling, Scott was not sure.

“But you don’t have to worry. Since you are my apprentice, I will not be stingy. I am different from those Guwu Family. They are not willing to spread the law of inner force easily. I am willing to. Since you are here, just learn from me.” Master continued.

Scott was full of excitement and hurriedly thanked the master, but he also faintly noticed that the master seemed to be hostile to the Guwu Family.
“Back then, I didn’t want you to leave back then was because your outer force had reached the peak. I have never seen a person

who has reached the peak of outer force to learn inner force. It is anticipation.”

“It’s a pity that you insisted on leaving for revenge. The idea of teaching your inner force was hidden in my heart. Although itis a few years late, it has little effect.”

“The strength of inner force has a lot to do with talent and physique. You are at the peak of outer force now, and you are an unparalleled existence in the world. After practicing inner force, you will reach a new height that shocks everyone. ”

“Take a good rest tonight. Starting tomorrow, I will teach you the method of inner force.” After listening to his master’s words, Scott immediately clasped his fists and bowed, and said, “Yes, Master!” “By the way, that girl doll outside, is she your wife?” After talking about the business, the master asked.

Scott was a little embarrassed at once, and immediately revealed Annabe”s identity, and said that he already had a wife. He allowed Annabel to follow him because she saved his life.

The master just smiled, and didn’t make any comments. The young man’s feelings were entangled, so naturally he, an old guy, couldn’t give any advice.

“Itis good that there is a girl, life in the mountains is boring. With her, you won’t be so bored.” the master said slowly.
Scott wanted to say that he would rather be bored than to let Annabel follow him. After all, what the girl was thinking was all

plotting against him, but after thinking about it, he felt that it was inappropriate to say so, o she didn’t speak.

“Among my apprentices, there are still many who stay with me to study. They went to the mountain for training today, and they will come back tomorrow. They are just like you, they are all red-blooded male. insisted. You insisted on leaving, and they didn’t have a good impression on you. Now you bring back a beautiful girl. They may give you some trouble. I don’t care about the grudges between you guys. Deal with them by yourself.”

“Remember, three of my apprentices who stay here have already learned inner force. Your strength is no longer the strongest among my apprentices.”

After listening to his master’s words, Scott nodded solemnly. He understood what the master meant, and some people and things from that year also appeared in his mind.

Since he was no longer the strongest among the master’s apprentices, he should devote himself to practicing and grab the title of the strongest!

Outside the wooden house, after helping Annabel arrange a place to live, Dick came to the front of the stone.

Annabel came out, gloating at Dick, and said, “Compared with Scott, you are much worse. He can hold this rock all afternoon, and you may have difficulty even lifting it.”

“Fart! Although I haven’t learned inner force yet, I am still master’s most apprentice. As Scott can hold it all the afternoon, so can I!”

Dick spoke unconvincingly, then stretched out his hand to hug the stone and gritted his teeth. What he didn’t expect was that the stone moved only slightly, and he didn’t even lift it up.

Annabel laughed immediately and said, “I’ll say you are inferior to Scott. You can’t even lift it up. It’s funny.”

Dick was a little embarrassed at once. He didn’t expect this stone to be so heavy. At that time, seeing Scott lifted it easily, he thought the stone was not as heavy as he thought.

In order not to lose face in front of Annabel, he took a deep breath, used his whole body strength again, and after a loud shout, he lifted the stone above his head.

With a stone weighted a thousand pounds, Dick only felt that his arm was about to be crushed, but fortunately, master would give him some magical medicine from time to time in the past two years to strengthen his bones and muscles, otherwise he could not insist.

It was also after lifting this stone that Dick’s view of Scott changed dramatically. It was reasonable that this guy was able to become master’s most proud apprentice, and it was not unreasonable.

“Well, I’m only twenty years old, and I’m the youngest apprentice under master’s name. When I get to Scott’s age, I won’t be inferior to him,” Dick murmured.

After about half an hour.

Dick threw the stone on his head to the ground. There was a deep pain in his limbs. The expression on his face was extremely complex.

“It’s so abnormal. It’s really abnormal. How did that guy hold it all afternoon? I feel that if I held it for so long, my arms would be useless.”

After really feeling the weight of this stone, Dick realized how far away he was from Scott.


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