The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 646That Was More Than 30 Years Ago

Scott was stunned. It wasn’t muscle power, what kind of power was that?

In Scott’s cognition, the power contained in the human body was released from the muscles, so after exercise, the human power would become stronger and stronger, but according to the difference of each person’s physique, there would be different limit.

In addition to this, Scott couldn’t understand what other powers exist in the human body.
“It’s not muscle power, what is that?” Scott asked.
“Have you ever heard of the news that a person lifted a can when his love was pressed under a car?” the master asked.

Scott nodded. He had indeed heard a lot of this kind of news. When a person was in a crisis, he could explode power far beyond his own level. It belonged to human instinct, and it was also human potential.

“Isn’t this kind of news talking about human potential? What does this have to do with Theodore’s power?” Scott asked.

“What I want to tell you is the potential of human beings. Regardless of their talents, everyone has endless potential. To this day, science has not studied how many mysteries are hidden in the human body. ”

“In each of us, there are hidden powers that are ten times even a hundred times greater than what we can exert. Under normal circumstances, these powers can only be released at critical moments. Therefore, an ordinary person, under certain circumstances, can lift up a car that weighs several tons.”

“And our ancestors began to try to develop the potential in the body a long time ago, so that these hidden power in the body can be tapped out through specific methods and used at any time.”

“Because these powers are hidden in the human body and are very different from muscle power, this power is called Inner force, and the opposite muscle power is Outer force.”

Hearing this, Scott stared and said, “Inner force? Isn’t this something that is only found in martial arts movies?”

The master smiled and said, “In this world, there has never been anything unfounded. The history of C Country has been passed down for five thousand years. The saying of Inner force has always existed until now. Don’t you think it’s weird? If it’s false, it has long been submerged in the dust of history.”

Scott nodded thoughtfully, feeling that what the master said made sense.

And the current situation was that he did meet someone with power beyond his imagination, Theodore almost beat him to death, it was not fake.

“You mean that the power Theodore showed was Inner force?” Scott asked.

“Yes, in today’s world, the only one who can beat you to death is the Inner force expect.” his master nodded, “Your current strength should already be regarded as the peak of Outer force and no one can surpass you. However, Outer force, after all, is only the ultimate use of muscle power, and compared with Inner force, it is still far behind.”

“It is no exaggeration to say that even if there are twenty masters at your level, they will not necessarily win against a master who can use Inner force.”

Scott was shocked and recalled the scene when he faced Theodore. At that time, Theodore just wanted to play with him, and he was repelled by him a few steps. When Theodore really attacked him, he was not able to resist at all.

If it weren’t for Theodore not wanting to let him die directly, he would have died the moment when they met.

The Inner force expect was really terrifying.

“Since Inner force expects are so terrifying, why is there no such masters in the world’s top families? Shouldn’t they try their best to recruit such masters to enhance the family’s power?” Scott asked his doubts.

After staying in Guanling for a period of time, he thought he knew a lot about the world’s top families. He had never heard of the saying that there were Inner force expect in the world’s top families. If there was, those family would definitely treat them as a deterrent to others.

The master laughed, looking at Scott as if looking at an innocent child, and said, “Do you think that if a person has become an inner force expect, would he care about things like fame and wealth?”

Scott immediately understood what the master meant, and said, “Are those tnner force expect disdain to be recruited by these world’s top families?”

“Yes, fame, money, wealth, and prosperity are the pursuits of ordinary people. The pursuit to the extreme is nothing but a string of countless numbers. In the eyes of rnner force expect, only strength is eternal,” the master explained.

“Of course, there is another reason why those so-called top-level families in the world do not have inner force expect, and that is that they simply can’t reach the level of contact with inner force expect. You must remember that the truly terrifying things in this world are not the top family or the world’s great chaebol, the real scary is Guwu Family that you are not qualified to contact.”

“Inner force expect do not seek fame and fortune because these things are within reach for them. This does not mean that they do not want to be respected. They pursue power in order to also step on everyone.”

“So Guwu Family will not spread the law of inner force. They all want this absolute power to be in their hands. This is also one of the reasons why there are no inner force expect in today’s secular society.”

Scott remembered the name ‘Guwu Family’ in his mind. He had never thought that there would be such an existence in this world before.

In the final analysis, he was too weak and he was not qualified to be exposed to these things.
“In addition to being careful of Guwu Family, you also need to be careful of the Grandmaster,” the master continued.
“Grandmaster? What is that?” Scott asked.

“Grandmaster, a person with perfect inner force, and is invincible in the current world. To compete with the Grandmaster, one is to be a Grandmaster, and the other is only the army,” the master murmured.

Scott couldn’t be more shocked. He didn’t expect that this so-called Grandmaster could only be dealt with by dispatching an army. Scott couldn’t think of what kind of strength this kind of person had.

At this moment, Scott suddenly flashed a thought, looked at his master nervously, and asked, “Master, are you…a Grandmaster?”

The master smiled, with an extraordinary smile on his face, and said, “That was more than 30 years ago.”

Scott only felt his body tremble. It turned out that his master had become a Grandmaster more than 30 years ago. Now, how unfathomable was his strength?


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