The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 645 He Didn’t Use Muscle Power

Dick stared at the old man, and a nasty feeling arose in him, so he hurriedly said, “Master, I suddenly remember that I still have training to complete, so I will leave.”

After speaking, he turned and left.
“Come back,” Scott’s master said lightly.
This voice seemed to have magical power. After Dick heard it, his body froze immediately, and then he walked back honestly.

“You apprentice faked your order and asked Scott to hold such a big stone here all afternoon. He is really damn, you can’t just let him go so easily,” Annabel said angrily.

“Master, I’m testing Scott’s sincerity for you. He insisted on leaving in the past, and he didn’t listen to your dissuasion. Now he ran back when he needed help. He simply doesn’t take you seriously. Master, we must punish him?” Dick quickly found an excuse.

Dick and Scott’s master stared at Dick and said lightly, “Arrange a place to rest for this girl.” “Yes!” Dick agreed quickly.
“Then come here to lift this stone for half an hour.”

Dick suddenly looked sad, and after all he could not escape master’s punishment. But he thought that it was okay for Scott to hold the stone all afternoon, and the master asked him to hold it for only a half hour, which was not too difficult, so he agreed.

“Come with me.” Scott’s master turned to look at Scott again, and walked slowly towards a wooden house not far away.
Scott glanced at Annabel and motioned to her to follow Dick’s arrangement, and then walked towards the wooden house with his master.

Annabel also knew that she could not follow Scott anymore at this time, turned her head and glanced at Dick, and shouted, “Smelly boy, let’s go ahead, you dare to fool Scott. I won’t let you go!”

In the wooden house, the master poured Scott a cup of tea, and said, “How are you?”

Scott took a deep breath and said, “The family vengeance is over, and the Davies family has been taken back by me. That woman has also gotten what she deserves.”

The master nodded and said, “That’s good.”

“The kid outside is named Dick. He is the apprentice I took two years ago. His aptitude is not worse than that of you, but his character is incomparable to you. This kid always treats you as an opponent. That’s why he made fun of you. I hope you don’t take it seriously.”

Scott immediately arched his hand and said, “I know that he is joking, so naturally I won’t mind.” “Oh? You know he was joking? Then why did you hold that stone all afternoon?” Scott’s master asked.
“I didn’t listen to your persuasion, and insisted on leaving. I was wrong first, and should indeed be punished.”

Scott’s master laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that in the past few years, your personality will remain the same. I didn’t see the wrong person at the beginning. There was nothing wrong with you in those years. You have your own choice, and I never blame you. Never mention it again.”

Scott was a little moved. It was because of his master that he had such a strong strength, otherwise it would be impossible to take the Davies family back from Sasha.

But when he had just learned something and his master put all his expectations on him, he chose to leave. In his opinion, it was a bit unkind to do so.

However, his master didn’t even take this matter to heart. He still recognized him as his apprentice, which made Scott extremely grateful to the master.

“Tell me, what trouble did you run into when you came back this time,” the master said, staring at Scott.

Scott didn’t talk nonsense. He immediately told his master about his experience on Moon Island and the things he experienced afterwards, and raised his own question, why Theodore was so strong, and what the powerful force that he broke out was.

After listening to Scott, the master frowned slightly and asked, “Theodore? Is that the eldest young master of the Turner family?” Scott nodded, unexpectedly his master still had some understanding of these family forces.

But thinking about his master’s travels around the world, his strength was too strong to make people think about it. It was not surprising that he knew it. Maybe he even knew the current situation of Guanling.

When Scott mentioned Guanling just now, his master didn’t show any doubts. Obviously, he knew the existence of Guanling and knew a lot about it.

“It’s no wonder that you will almost be killed with your strength. It turns out that you met Myles’ apprentice. When you left, I thought you had some negotiations with the top domestic powers at most, but I didn’t expect that you could come into contact with people of this level so soon. It seems that you are really lucky to survive this time,” the master murmured, “Do you know who gave you three pills?”

Scott shook his head and said, “I don’t know. It’s just an old man who doesn’t seem to be too special. I met him while walking on the dock.”

He chanted the name Myles several times in his heart, and the name that could be mentioned by his master was definitely not simple.

His master nodded, thoughtfully, as if to guess the identity of the person who saved Scott’s life.

After a long time, the master said, “Although there are not many medicines in this world that can bring people back to life, there are some. It is indeed a kind of fate that you get one. The identity of the person who can take out this medicine is definitely not simple. In the future, if the old man will come to you to fulfill his promise, you must not be ignorant, but don’t be unguarded. It’s always right to be careful.”

Scott nodded and said, “I will remember it.” “Do you really want to know what happened when Theodore fought with you?” the master asked with a smile.

Seeing that master finally came to the point, Scott straightened his body a bit, and said, “You said that my physical strength has reached the limit of human beings. Those strange mushrooms are not everywhere. Logically speaking, in the terms of strength, there should be no one who can surpass me in the world. However, when I faced Theodore, he can easily take my attack even if I try my best. Could it be that he has encountered something similar to that kind of mushroom, or is there a more powerful way to enhance his strength than your prescription?”

The master laughed and said, “If only physical strength is considered, I can say that you are the only one in the world. There is no second person in this world who can rely on muscle strength to contend with you. That kind of mushroom is not leeks. I have traveled all over the world and I have only seen it in that one place.”

“Why can Theodore almost kill me? When I was fighting him, there was a powerful explosive force on his fist, which made me unpredictable and even more unbearable,” Scott asked with a puzzled look.

The master took a sip of tea and said calmly,

“Because he didn’t use muscle power.”


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