The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 644 Master

“This… how is this possible, he actually lifted that stone?” Dick looked at Scott with a look of surprise, a little unbelievable.

Annabel glanced suspiciously at Dick and asked, “Are you sure your master asked him to lift this stone. How do I feel that you are fooling him?”

Dick suddenly felt a little guilty, coughed slightly, and said, “Of course the master said so, why should I fool him.”

Annabel still felt that Dick was incredible, walked up to Scott, and said, “Scott, this stone is so heavy, you should put it down quickly, and you will be smashed to death if you can’t hold on to it later!”

Scott glanced at her and said, “Since this is my master’s request, I will hold it up to the moment he is willing to come out to see me, otherwise I will never let it go!”

Dick laughed and said, “You’re so arrogant. It’s already very difficult for you to lift this stone. In my opinion, you even can’t hold it for five minutes. You will throw this stone down soon.”

Annabel turned her head and glared at Dick, and said, “Why are you so mean? No matter what, Scott is your senior, how can you say that to him.”

Dick shrugged and said with some disdain, “He is my senior, but so what? He left master in a self righteous way. Now, I’m afraid his strength is not as good as mine. Why should I recognize him as a senior? “

“Well, you are strong, can you lift this stone?” Annabel asked.

“Of course, Miss Fairy, don’t underestimate me. Anyway, I am also master’s most proud apprentice. Regardless of my age, my strength is stronger than most senior apprentices.” Dick immediately said with his head high.

In fact, the reason why Dick was hostile to Scott was precisely because of the title of the most proud apprentice.

Dick’s talent was indeed not inferior to Scott back then. After he learned his master, others praised him as master’s most proud apprentice. Because of this, he was always compared to Scott at the time. .

Scott was also the master’s most proud apprentice back then, and it was natural for him to be compared with him.

Therefore, Dick had always wanted to prove that he was better than Scott, and he wanted to surpass Scott in all aspects.

But no matter how well he did, what he could get was only a compliment from the master, and according to what he learned from his senior apprentices, he knew that when Scott showed his talent, the master had always been very happy.

Moreover, Dick often heard the words “If only Scott hadn’t gone” from his master, which made him very upset with this senior apprentice who he had never met.

He thought he could completely replace Scott, but their master didn’t think so. His master always seemed to think Scott was unique, and although Dick was talented, he was not that special.

He was upset and regarded Scott as an imaginary enemy. In the martial training ground not far away, there was a wooden stake with Scott’s name written on it, which was what Dick did.

Now that Scott came back, Dick naturally couldn’t be kind to Scott.

Scott held the boulder in both hands and stood motionless. It was a bit difficult to hold the heavy stone on top of his head, but he had no intention of throwing the stone down. If his master did not show up, he would hold it all the time.

It may be because of this serious injury. After healed, Scott’s body strength became more resilient. With the residual effects of the three pills, Scott felt that the limit he could exert was much greater than in the past.

Annabel looked distressed, wiped Scott sweat on the side, and persuaded Scott to give up.

Dick stared at Scott jokingly, thinking that Scott would reach his limit in a short time, and it would be impossible to hold on until their master was here.

However, five minutes later, Scott still remained standing motionless, which caused Dick’s gaze on Scott to change.

“Hey, if you can’t hold it, don’t do it, don’t suffocate your internal organs by that time, and the gain is not worth the loss,” Dick shouted.

Scott ignored him, and then closed his eyes.

Annabel suddenly became anxious, turned to look at the row of wooden houses over there, and then ran over, looking for Scott’s master.

However, after looking around, Annabel didn’t see anyone, the room was empty, and she didn’t know where Scott’s master went.

“You are really bullying. He just came back and wanted to ask for help. Why are you making him suffer this kind of hardship?” Annabel looked at Dick angrily.

Dick said, “He was so self-righteous at the beginning. That’s a bit of punishment. It’s good enough that I didn’t directly interrupt his leg for master.”

Annabel didn’t know what to do, so she could only stare at the side.
Time passed by, and in a blink of an eye, it was already dusk. From the beginning, Dick’s disdain for Scott slowly turned into consternation, and then admiration, and in the end he even began to suspect that Scott was dead. .

He walked to Scott with his eyes closed, and said, “Put this stone down. Actually… Master never said that you would be punished like this. It was me on a whim…”

Scott didn’t move.
After Annabel heard his words, she jumped up angrily, picked up a branch, and whipped Dick.

“You bastard, I knew you were fooling us. He has been here for the whole afternoon, and you only admit now . If Scott gets hurt, I will definitely not spare you!”

Dick hurriedly avoided and said, “There should be nothing wrong with him. Although he has been holding it for a little longer, as the most proud apprentice of the master, he shouldn’t be so weak.”

However, Annabel did not listen to his explanation, chasing him around with a branch.
At this moment, an old voice rang, “Let it go.”

Scott’s eyes opened suddenly, and then he threw the boulder to the side. There was a soreness in his limbs, and he almost fell to the ground and fainted.

Annabel and Dick also stopped, and looked behind Scott. There was one in linen clothes with his hair clumped together. An old man that looked kind had already appeared here.

Scott turned around. After seeing the old man, he showed uncontrollable excitement. After that, he endured the pain in his body, bowed deeply to the old man, and said with a trembling voice,



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