The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 642 Leaving

On the way back, Christine’s gaze never looked away from Scott.
This man, in her mind, had become an indomitable giant.

Annabel noticed Christine’s gaze, and there was a hint of worry in her heart. Could it be that she would have another rival in love?

“Scott, Annabel, who…who are you? Qiansheng Mall has always been a landmark in our city, but you actually bought it without hesitation.” After a long time, Christine finally asked her question.

Scott smiled at Christine and said, “We’re the one who is in trouble.”

Annabel reached out and touched Christine’s head and said, “Christine, our identities are a bit special. It’s no good for you to know it. You can just treat us as your friends. When you have some achievements in the future, you will know who we are. .”

Christine nodded. She knew that she was not qualified to know the identities of Scott and Annabel.
But it was not important, she just needed to know that Scott and Annabel were very good to her.

Back home, both Herman and Bonnie greeted them with worried looks. Bonnie grabbed Christine’s hand and asked, “Christine, are you doing something illegal outside? Why do so many people come to our house today to send things to you?”

“I have seen all those things. They seem to be very expensive. Especially those clothes, they are all famous brands. Where did you get the money to buy so many things?”

While speaking, Bonnie pointed at the clothes, pants, shoes and other various things that were piled up not far away.

Annabel explained immediately, “Bonnie, we bought these things for Christine. Today, we just ran into a big sale. The store couldn’t go on anymore. Everything was sold at a discount. Goods in that store were very cheap so we bought a lot. The total is only a few thousand dollars.”

When they were in the mall, they told the shop assistants to remove the labels when they delivered the goods. They were afraid that Herman and Bonnie would be scared when they saw the price.

Bonnie was relieved when she heard that it only cost a few thousand dollars, but she was still a little embarrassed and said, “You are so generous! How could Christine need so many things? I will give you the money later.”

“No, you have helped us a lot during this period. This is our gift of thanks, “ Annabel squinted and said.

Bonnie persuaded a few more words, but seeing Annabel’s resolute attitude, she had no choice but to agree.

Only Christine knew that they could not afford the things piled up in the corner even if they had worked hard for ten years.
In the evening, while Annabel was taking a shower, Christine came to Scott with a hint of curiosity on her face.

“Scott, I misunderstood you before. I thought Annabel was so beautiful but you were still cold to her, saying that you are a scumbag. Today I know that you are so powerful. No wonder Annabel likes you so much. But I want to know why you still reject her as she has paid so much for you?”

Hearing Christine’s question, Scott laughed and said that he was married and that Annabel could only be regarded as his ordinary friend.

“I only have my wife in my heart. Naturally, itis impossible for me to have anything to do with her. She treats me well, and I will remember her kindness to me, and repay her twice in the future. As for her feelings, I can only stay away,” Scott said.

It suddenly dawned on Christine that there was such a reason.

“Your adults’ world is really complicated. But according to me, itis fine that a successful man has a few more women with him.
After all, outstanding men always attract the attention of girls.” Christine smiled.

Scott rolled at her and said, “You are too young. Hurry up and go to bed.”

Christine stuck her tongue out at Scott, then quickly got up and went back to the room.

Scott sighed helplessly and glanced in the direction of the bathroom. There was a touch of complexity in his eyes, and others didn’t know what he was thinking about.

In the rest of the time, Scott had been reassuring and healing and kept in touch with Edith during this period to ensure that there were no major problems with the Davies family.

Annabel, as always, tried all kinds of ways to attract Scott’s attention. One of the things Scott feared most was Annabel’s cooking,. If he had not recovered from his injury, he might have been poisoned by Annabel’s cook before he died from the serious injury.

After going through the mall, Luke and Amaya never dared to make trouble for Christine anymore, and Luke’s aunt went to Luke’s house to have a fight, causing Luke to take the worst beating in history. Thus, he stayed in hospital for a few days..

Christine also became more confident under Annabel’s enlightenment, and had more friends in school.

Another week passed, and Scott’s injuries had healed. He solemnly said goodbye to the Christine family and told them not to tell others about them, and then embarked on the journey to find Scott’s master.

After Christine and her family sent Scott and Annabel away, they returned home all the way.

At this time, there was already a man in a suit standing at their door, smiling. This person was Reynolds, the general manager of Qiansheng Mall.

After seeing Reynolds, both Herman and Bonnie were a little confused, but Christine was a little surprised because she knew that this person was the general manager of Qiansheng Mall.

“Excuse me, who are you?” Herman stepped forward and asked politely.

Reynolds smiled at the three people and said, “I am the general manager of Qiansheng Mall. I took the liberty to come here this time to announce a piece of good news to you.”

“What’s the good news?” They were taken aback.

Reynolds took out an agreement and a gold card from his arms and said, “Your daughter, Miss Christine, was slandered in our mall some time ago. We did not make compensation in time. We just have just set up a scholarship in our shopping mall to support those students with excellent academic performance. We investigated Miss Christine’s academic performance and found that she meets the requirements of our scholarship.”

“So I am here to give Miss Christine a scholarship this time. This is a scholarship agreement. As long as she signs it, she can get a scholarship of one million dollars. The gold card of this card is our mall’s compensation for Miss Christine. With this card, you can take things from Qiansheng Mall at will, without spending a penny.”

After hearing what Reynolds said, they were stunned. Herman and Bonnie were shocked, while Christine was excited, and tears couldn’t help streaming down.

She knew that this was especially given to their family by Scott and Annabel. Scholarships and compensation were just excuses.

“Scott, Annabel, rest assured, I will study hard and repay your kindness in the future!”

What even Christine didn’t know was that what Scott left to Christine was not one million plus one card, but the entire Qiansheng Mall.

It’s just that the agreement wouldn’t take effect until Christine graduated from university. At that time, Reynolds would help her with everything.

Scott did so because he was also worried that Christine would slack off because of the mall.

Of course, Scott didn’t know what Christine would do in the future. That was not what he needed to care about.


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