The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 641 Truly Elegant People Were Naturally Graceful

Hearing that, people around were all shocked. To their surprise, this young man, who seemed to be a common people, should claim that he was the boss of Qiansheng Mall.

The middle-aged woman was stunned for a while. She had never anticipated that Scott would say something like that. In her opinion, Scott should just try his best to explain and then she could force them three to give her money with the help from people around.

BothLukeand Amaya looked at Scott as if they were looking at an idiot. In their opinion, it was very stupid of Scott to say something like that.

“He claimed himself to be the boss of Qiansheng Mall? Then, I can also claim myself to be the supplier of all the shopping malls in Q City. Now people dare to casually brag. He must have considered us to be fools.” Luke shouted.

People around nodded. It was known to most people in Q City that the boss of Qiansheng Mall was Mitchell. There weren’t many people who had seen Mitchell, but everyone knew that Mitchell was a middle-aged man. The son of Mitchell was more than twenty years old now. How was it possible that this young man, who seemed to be only twenty-five or twenty-six years old, was Mitchell?

Christine was also astonished. She really didn’t expect that Scott would try to deal with this matter by claiming himself to be the boss of Qiansheng Mall.

“Fella, don’t try to fool us. Do you think it possible that I don’t know who the boss of this mall is? Besides, I’ve seen him before. I work here. How dare you say something like that in the presence of me? Could it be that you really consider us to be fools?” The middle-aged woman spoke while staring at Scott.

“Mitchell transferred this shopping mall to me yesterday. It’s normal that you don’t know that.” Scott said.

The middle-aged woman laughed and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, now, not only do I suspect that he steals things, but I suspect that he has just fled the mental hospital. Listen to what he said. It seems that he had just made it up.”

“Stop pretending to be innocent. Hurriedly give her the money. If you continue to waste time, the security guards will take some action.” Luke shouted.

“Yes. Unexpectedly, this fella should have mental illness. He should brag that he’s the boss of Qiansheng Mall. You two are but poor relatives of Christine, a poor girl. Don’t brag in this place.” Amaya also spoke.

Seeing that no one believed him, Scott shook his head and made a phone call to Reynolds, asking him to come here in five minutes.
“It doesn’t matter that you don’t know me. You should know Reynolds, right?” Being afraid that the middle-aged woman even

didn’t know who Reynolds was and that there would be other problem, Scott asked.

The middle-aged woman twitched her lips and said, “I certainly know Reynolds. Why, do you want to frighten me in the name of Manager Reynolds? Listen. There are many people who know Manager Reynolds’s name. It’s useless for you to mention his name.”

Scott smiled and said, “I’m glad that you know who he is.”

About five minutes later, they were still in a stalemate. The middle-aged woman asked Scott to give her the money as soon as possible. Before, she acted as if she had suffered great grievance. Now, she just acted as a shrew.

Christine was very worried. She was very afraid that Scott was just bragging just now and that he would be unable to explain the matter clearly in the end. It would be very embarrassing.

Right at this moment, someone rushed to this place hurriedly. It was exactly Reynolds who had received a phone call from Scott.

He cut through the crowd. When he saw that the middle-aged woman was swearing at Scott, his face became immediately extremely dark.

He approached the middle-aged woman, glared at her and shouted, “Shut up, now! Aren’t you ashamed?”

Seeing Reynolds, the middle-aged woman was shocked. After some thought, she said with an aggrieved expression, “Manager Reynolds, you’ve come just at the right moment. They three shameless guys stole one of my necklace worthy of a hundred thousand dollars. They refused to give it back to me. Besides, this guy should claim himself to be the boss of this shopping mall.
How dares he! Help me, please!”

Reynolds was furious. In his opinion, the middle-aged woman was riding the tiger.

“How dare you! He’s indeed the boss of Qiansheng Mall. How is it possible that he would steal your necklace? You’ve designed it, right?” Reynolds thundered.

The middle-aged woman was stunned at once. She didn’t anticipate that the general manager of Qiansheng Mall would admit that Scott was the boss of this shopping mall.

She was not the only one who didn’t foresee that things would turn out this way. Lookers-on were also dumbfounded.

Reynolds hurriedly turned his head, looked at Scott and bowed to him, “Mr. Davies, I’m sorry for not coming in time. Letting you get into such a trouble, I fail in my duty.”

The middle-aged woman was immediately afraid and asked in a trembling voice, “Does…Does Qiansheng Mall has a new boss? Why am I not informed?”

Reynolds turned his head, glanced at her and spoke, “Who are you? Do I have to specially inform you of such a big event?” The middle-aged woman trembled all over violently. She couldn’t believe that there would be such a dramatic turnaround.

It was even more difficult for Luke and Amaya to believe that the people who went shopping with Christine was really the boss of this shopping mall!

Scott told Reynolds what had just happened and asked Reynolds to watch the surveillance video. Reynolds turned his head, looked at the middle-aged woman and spoke coldly, “Are you going to admit that you have lied? If not, I’ll go to watch the surveillance video. If I found that you had lied after I watched the surveillance video, I would have the right to call the police to arrest you! You’re blackmailing!”

The middle-aged woman was so scared that she sat on the ground and begged for mercy tearfully, “Manager Reynolds, I know that I’m wrong. It’s my nephew that incited me to do it. He told me that these three people have no powerful connections and that it’s easy to get money from them. I only do such a wrong thing because I listen to him!”

After saying that, she turned her head and looked at Luke who was in the crowd.

Luke was so frightened that he immediately turned around and ran away. Amaya dared not to stay here any longer and also ran away.

“You bastard! You’ve really got me into great trouble! Stop!” The middle-aged woman chased Luke soon after she got up. Soon, the shopping mall was in a chaos.

After knowing that Scott, Annabel and Christine were wronged, people around all felt guilty. Meanwhile, they began to blame the middle-aged woman, Luke and Amaya.

“Mr. Davies, shall I ask the security guards to catch them?” Reynolds looked at Scott.

Scott shook his head and spoke, “You don’t have to. After all, we have made things clear. By the way, that middle-aged woman is not a good person. Don’t let her stay here.”

Reynolds understood what Scott was saying, and said at once, “I know what to do.”

Seeing that Scott determined the future of a person so easily, Christine was shocked.

At this point, she finally understood why Annabel would make so much effort to approach Scott who seemed to be so common.
At the same time, she remembered a few words she saw in a book:

Only great heroes could maintain their good qualities; truly elegant people were naturally graceful.


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