The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 640 I Am the Boss of This Shopping Mall

After buying new clothes for Christine, Scott and Annabel took Christine to other shops to buy new pants and shoes for her.
Then, they selected a suit of clothes and asked Christine to put them on. After that, they directly threw away the old clothes.

Annabel suddenly had an idea. She went to buy a set of cosmetics in the cosmetics area and made Christine up. Wearing a makeup and wearing new clothes she had just bought, Christine became a beautiful girl with outstanding temperament.

Looking in the mirror, Christine thought that she was completely different from what she used to be in the past. She even doubted whether the person she saw in the mirror was herself or not. Was I really so pretty? She wondered.

In Annabel’s opinion, Christine was young and was at her most beautiful time in her life. She thought that Christine should dress up. Therefore, she asked Scott to buy many cosmetics for Christine, saying that she would teach Christine how to wear makeup later.

Christine had never gone on shopping spree. Scott and Annabel spent money like waters. When they found something good, they would buy it without hesitation. Watching that, Christine even thought that she was in a dream.

The money Scott spent was beyond her imagination, so she tried to stop Scott several times. However, both Scott and Annabel considered that to be a small sum of money and therefore didn’t listen to her.

When they stopped buying things, it was almost noon. Scott took Annabel and Christine to have lunch in the best restaurant in the mall. Christine was satisfied after the big meal.

After lunch, they went to a Game Center where Scott got a lot of dolls for Annabel and Christine with great skill. Both Annabel and Christine were very happy.

Since Christine was a child, she had never been so happy. Being grateful to Scott and Annabel, she thought that she must work hard and repay them in the future.

After idling away in seeking pleasure, they were all tired. So they were going to go home and walked all the way to the door of the shopping mall.

There were many jewelry shops along the access to the door of the shopping mall. When customers came in and out of the shopping mall, they would all pass by these shop. Such an arrangement was made to make more people see those jewelry shops.

Generally speaking, people who were going to leave the shopping mall would more or less take a look at the jewelry.

Scott, Annabel and Christine walked towards the door. Annabel curiously looked at the jewelry in the shops. In her opinion, the jewelry here was too showy and didn’t match her.

And Christine just thought that these pieces of jewelry were expensive.

When they were walking slowly, a middle-aged woman in a uniform of the shopping mall pretended to approach them by accident. Then she deliberately bumped into Christine.

Christine hurriedly apologized to her. The middle-aged woman stared angrily at Christine and shouted, “You’re a thief! Give the gold necklace back to me now! You’re so bold that you should dare to steal something in my shop! I saw it!”

Christine was immediately stunned. She didn’t expect that this middle-aged woman would suddenly speak something like that.
“L…1 didn’t…”

“You did. I saw it. Give the gold necklace to me now. It’s a necklace made of gold worthy of a hundred thousand dollars. Don’t try to leave here with it.” The middle-aged woman spoke threateningly.

She was exactly Luke’s aunt. Before, Luke and Amaya had a discussion with her. They planned to force Scott, Annabel and Christine to give them a large sum of money and then divided it up.

Luke told his aunt that Christine and her relatives were poor people and had no powerful connections. He also said that Scott should have quite a lot of money in hand. In his opinion, as long as his aunt insisted that Christine had stolen a gold necklace from her shop and that she wouldn’t let them go away before they compensated her, the security guards of the shopping mall would definitely speak for her. Besides, only the boss of the shopping mall had the right to watch the surveillance video. Finally, when Christine and her relatives failed to explain well, they could only give money to her.

Scott glanced at the middle-aged woman and spoke, “Just now, it was you that ran into her. Why did you claim that she had stolen your necklace?”

“I was hold that necklace just now. After she bumped into me, the necklace was gone. She must have deliberately bumped into me and then stolen my necklace!” The middle-aged woman spoke.

At this moment, many people gathered around them. Luke and Amaya were looking happily at Scott, Annabel and Christine in the crowd.

“Christine, it never occurs to me that you would steal things from others! I was wondering how you got the money to buy so many clothes. It turns out that you got the money by stealing!” Amaya shouted.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this girl is our classmate. She’s from a poor family. However, just now, they bought clothes worthy of more than 170000 dollars in total here at a time. I was wondering why they would have so much money. Now, it seems that the money was stolen from others.” Luke tried to make the crowd angry.

The middle-aged woman acted as if she had suffered great grievance at once and shouted, “Help me, please. Just now, this girl found that I was holding a gold necklace. Then, she deliberately ran into me and then took the opportunity to steal the gold necklace from me. Now, she refuses to admit that. I just run a small shop. If I lose a hold necklace, a year’s hard work will be in vain!”

People around began to blame Scott, Annabel and Christine. Many of them also said that they should ask the security guards to catch them.

When Scott heard the voice of Luke and Amaya, he had understood what was going on.

He sneered, looked at the middle-aged woman and questioned, “You claim that she has stolen your necklace. Do you have any evidence?”

“The necklace I was holding was gone. Isn’t that the best evidence? Moreover, you must be persistent thieves. How is it possible for you to leave evidence behind?” The middle-aged woman spoke.

Scott pointed at a camera that was not far away and said, “There’s a camera. We can watch the surveillance video. Then, we’ll know if your necklace was stolen by us.”

The middle-aged woman had anticipated that they would demand to watch the surveillance video. And she had already thought of a way to deal with it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you should know that only the boss of this mall has the right to watch surveillance video. They must know that, because they would definitely be well prepared before stealing my necklace. The boss of this mall would definitely not come here in person just because of this trivial matter. Moreover, I might even be driven out of this shopping mall because of this matter.”

“You’ve heard before that they are from very poor families and that they spent more than 170000 dollars on buying clothes at one time. How did they get those money? I can’t think of any other way but stealing. Besides, aren’t they trying to run out of stolen money by spending so much money at one time?”

“Now, even if they give a gold necklace back to me, I’m not sure that it’s real. Therefore, I only want them to give me money.”

Then, the middle-aged woman looked at Scott with a pleading expression and said, “Show me some mercy, please. I have kids to support. However, now that you stole my necklace, I’m willing to let you get some benefit. My necklace is worthy of a hundred thousand dollars. You can just give me 80 thousand dollars. As for the rest 20 thousand dollars, you can keep it as the protection money I give you.”

People around all considered what she said to be reasonable. Besides, Luke and Amaya kept heckling. Under this circumstance, people around all asked Scott, Annabel and Christine to give money to the middle-aged woman.

Christine was in a panic and didn’t know how to deal with it at all.

Annabel had never met such an unreasonable person before. If there was someone who tried to blackmail her, people of the Thompson family would deal with that person. Therefore, she also didn’t know what to do.

Bath of them looked at Scott. Now, Scott was the only who could deal with this matter.

Scott wore a calm expression. He was even smiling. Having lived among people of underclass, he had seen many such things.
He could easily understand what such a person wanted to do.

Hearing that people around asked them to give the middle-aged woman money, Scott clapped his hands a few times for silence.

“Fella, please. It’s you three that stole my necklace. I know that, even if I haven’t watched the surveillance video yet. Give me the money.” The middle-aged woman spoke pitifully.

Scott smiled and said,

“We must of course watch the surveillance video. Otherwise, how can we prove that we’re innocent? Besides, you don’t have to be worried that it will be troublesome to watch the surveillance video. You also don’t have to worry that the boss of this shopping mall will drive you out. Of course, the premise is that you didn’t lie. That’s because…I’m the boss of this shopping mall!”


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