The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 639 Held Her Head High

“Humph, didn’t you say that you have a gold card? Why did you take out an ordinary bank card? Just now, you asked her to pack one piece of clothing of every style in the shop. I’m afraid that you’ll have to pay more than 100000 dollars. I don’t believe that there is so much money in your card.” Amaya said with disdain.

Seeing everything, Christine was afraid that they would be driven out after it was found that there was not so much money in Scott’s card. She had strong self-esteem and naturally couldn’t stand it.

Therefore, she spoke to Annabel, “Annabel, let it go. Don’t make it worse. It’ll be difficult to end it later.”

Annabel comforted Christine, “Don’t worry, Christine. The gold card Scott mentioned was indeed thrown away by me. But there’s much more money in this card. You won’t lose face.”

Not knowing what to say, Christine sighed helplessly.

The shop assistant gave the bank card held by Scott a glance and asked, “Are you sure that there is enough money in this bank card?”

“You’ll know after you swipe it.” Scott spoke with a smile.
The shop assistant didn’t say anything. She just took the bank card and went to the counter to reckon up the cost.
“I’ll see what excuse you can find after it’s found that there is not enough money in your bank card.” Luke sneered.

Scott didn’t say anything to him. Instead, he looked at Annabel and said, “Why did you throw that card? Even if you don’t want it, you can give it to Christine.”

Annabel was immediately somewhat ashamed and said in a low voice, “I was angry at that time. Besides, I didn’t attach any importance to that card.”

Scott smiled helplessly and didn’t say anything more. Considering Annabel’s habit, it was normal for her not to attach any importance to a gold cards of a shopping mall.

Soon, the shop assistant had added up all the money and asked Scott to enter the password.
Scott went to the counter and then entered the password. Seeing that Scott paid successfully, the shop assistant’s eyes lit up in an instant.

“Sir…Sir, the payment has been made and I’ll go to pack up clothes for you now. I’m sorry for having been rude to you before.” The shop assistant spoke in a gentle, submissive and respectful manner, totally different from that of before.

“What? Did you say that he successfully paid? How is that possible?” Luke’s and Amaya’s eyes were wide open.

The shop assistant glanced at them and said coldly, “Please be respectful to our distinguished guests. Otherwise, I’ll have to drive you out.”

Luke and Amaya were immediately shocked. It seemed that Scott had really made the payment successfully.

Christine was dumbfounded. In her anticipation, this shop assistant would be angry with them after finding that there was no money in Scott’s card and then asked the security guards to drive them out. What happened just now was totally different from what she had anticipated.

Annabel winked at Christine and said with a smile, “I didn’t lie to you, right?” Christine nodded like a robot and asked, “Then…Then how much money does he pay?”

“This gentleman spends 178300 dollars in our shop. We’ll offer free home delivery service. May I ask if you need this service?” The shop assistant spoke.

Scott certainly didn’t want to go shopping with many bags, so he told the shop assistant the address of Christine’s home.

“Are you kidding me? He spends more than 170000 dollars on buying clothes alone? Christine, are you sure that your relative didn’t steal the bank card from someone else?” Amaya said. She couldn’t accept it.

“Amaya, don’t go too far. If it was a bank card stolen from others, how can he know the password?” Christine finally had some

confidence and shouted at Amaya.

Seeing that, that shop assistant immediately approached Amaya and Luke and spoke in a stern voice, “You’ve stayed in our shop for a long time. You not only didn’t buy any clothes, but also slandered our distinguished guests. Go out now, please.
Otherwise I’ll ask the security guards to come here!”

Luke’s and Amaya’s faces were immediately dark. It never occurred to them that it would finally be them that were driven out.
“You!” Amaya was angry and was going to quarrel with the shop assistant.

Luke hurriedly pulled her clothes. They were in Qiansheng Mall now. If they made trouble here, they would finally be the one who suffered losses.

“Well, let’s go. Who knows how he got the money? Don’t stoop to their level.” After that, Luke pulled Amaya out of the shop ignominiously.

For the first time, Christine felt that she had vented the anger. Watching Luke and Amaya leave ignominiously, she was much relieved.

Then, she turned her head, looked at Annabel and Scott and couldn’t help shedding her tears.
“Annabel, Scott, thank you.” Since she was in school, she had been looked down upon by Amaya. Whenever Amaya found a chance, Amaya would laugh at

her in the presence of all the classmates, making her lose face.

She was from a poor family. Worrying that she would be in trouble, she had to endure it. It lasted for a long time. Now, she could finally hold her head high in front of Amaya. After venting her grievance, she could no longer stop herself from shedding her tears.

Annabel patted Christine on the back with a smile and said, “Well, don’t cry. Having bought new clothes, you should be happy.”

Christine took a deep breath and tried hard not to cry. Then, she looked at Scott and said apologetically, “Scott, I…I unjustly blamed you. Will you be angry with me?”

“No, I won’t. Quick, wipe you tears. We’ll go on shopping.” Scott said with a smile.

Christine seriously nodded and wiped her tears with her hands.

After coming out of the shop, both Luke and Amaya wore a dark look on their faces. Today, they had intended to embarrass Christine. Unexpectedly, it were them that lost face.

Spending more than 170000 dollars on buying clothes was something beyond their imagination.
However, Christine, who they considered to be an ugly duckling, was the heroine of such an event.

“It pisses me off! How triumphant Christine is! Does she really believe that she becomes a person just after she buys a few clothes? How did that man get so much money? He wears clothes that are so cheap, but he should have hundreds of thousands dollars!” Amaya said angrily.

“Maybe he spends all his savings to pretend to be rich. Anyway, I don’t believe that he is rich.” Luke said.

“No, I can’t let it go. I must find a way to take revenge on them. I’m angry when I saw Christine being triumphant.” Amaya gritted her teeth.

Luke rolled his eyes, put on an evil smile and spoke, “As a matter of fact, I’ve got a plan to take revenge on them. That’s why I asked you to come out. My aunt runs a jewelry shop here. When they leave here, they’ll certainly pass by my aunt’s shop. Let’s go to my aunt’s shop now. When they leave this mall, we’ll teach them a lesson!”

Amaya’’s eyes lit up and then also put on an evil smile. They walked towards the jewelry shop.


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