The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 638 Get One Piece of Clothing of Every Style

Scott, Annabel and Christine all turned their heads to look at the person who spoke just now. A boy and a girl dressed in fashionable clothes were standing there. They were about the same age as Christine.

Previously, Christine was itching to try this garment on. Seeing them, she was immediately a little gloomy. Then, she put that garment back and spoke to Scott and Annabel, “Let’s go.”

“He, he. Unexpectedly, you have a temper. Being just rebuked by me, you dare not try it on. Living in poverty is really too bad.” That girl surly while she said so.

Bath this boy and this girl were Christine’s classmates. Yesterday, it was them that took the lead in mocking Christine, because of which Christine lost face and angrily went home.

The boy was called Luke. His parents were senior executives of a company in Q City. Among his peers, he could be said to be from a well-off family. The girl was named Amaya. She was also from a well-to-do family.

Christine studied well in school and always finished top in exams. Amaya tried her best, but she was still an average student even in the class. She was very unhappy because of it.

Therefore, at ordinary times, Amaya liked to talk about Christine’s family in the presence of their classmates in an attempt to feel better by belittling Christine.

Luke was Amaya’s boyfriend. He would certainly not be nice to someone his girlfriend disliked, so he often taunted Christine with Amaya.

The relation between Christine and them was strained. However, they were both from rich families. If she conflicted with them, the staff of school would definitely help them. Considering all that, Christine endured their offense.

Today, she just came here to have fun with Scott and Annabel. Unexpectedly, they should meet Luke and Amaya here. She felt that she was indeed too unlucky.

Scott and Annabel gave each other a glance. Both of them were not going to leave.
Annabel pulled Christine back and said, “You haven’t tried on the garment yet. Don’t leave here. If you like it, we’ll buy it for you.” Amaya immediately sneered and taunted, “If I’m not wrong, you two should be her relatives. We know something about

Christine’s family. And I have never heard that she has any rich relatives. Do you know how much the garment you take fancy to costs? It costs more than 4000 dollars! Can you afford to buy it?”

At this time, Luke was also looking at Annabel. However, he was attracted by her beauty and forgot to laugh at Christine with Amaya.

Hearing the price of the garment, Christine’s expression changed. Her parents could only earn 4000 dollars a month.
Unexpectedly, such a garment should be so expensive. Because of it, she became more afraid of trying it on and just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

“Annabel, let’s go. It’s too expensive. I don’t want to try it on anymore.” Christine said with some panic.

Seeing that Christine was so embarrassed, Amaya became proud and said, “I know it. How is it possible for you, a poor girl, can afford to buy a garment that costs more than 4000 dollars? Don’t come to such a place often in the future. After all, you can’t afford to buy the goods here.”

Scott gave Amaya a glance and then spoke to Christine, “It just costs more than 4000 dollars. It’s just a little more expensive than common clothes and can’t be said to be a very fine garment. Try it on, and I’ll pay for it later.”

Both Luke and Amaya looked at Scott. Scott looked really too common, so they just ignored him just now.

Luke felt that Scott was very close to Annabel and was a little unhappy because of it. This guy looked so common, but he could be with such a beauty. It was unreasonable!

He immediately spoke, “Oh, oh, oh. Listen. It just costs more than 4000 dollars. Look at the clothes you’re wearing. I can tell at one glance that you clothes are bought in a stand at the roadside and are worth only dozens of dollars. You can’t be pretentious without money. You’re so poor, but you pretend to be rich. It’s the first time for me to see someone like you.”

Hearing that, Amaya also said, “Christine, look at your relative. He wears cheap clothes, but he should try to pretend to be rich.
Birds of a feather flock together. In my opinion, your family members are all poor, but like to pretend to be rich.”

Christine’s face burned. She gave Scott a glance with some blame in her eyes and said, “Well, don’t muddy the waters now. I know that you want to win my dignity back. However, the money belongs to both you and Annabel. I don’t want you and Annabel to waste money because of it.”

Scott was helpless. He didn’t know how to explain to Christine, so he looked at Annabel, indicating her to help him.
Annabel immediately spoke to Christine with a smile, “Christine, believe him. Scott’s very rich. He could even afford to buy this shop, not to mention a garment.”

Christine widened her eyes in disbelief. It wasn’t that she was unwilling to believe it. In fact, it was beyond her imagination, so she dared not to believe it.

Luke and Amaya twitched their lips. In their opinion, it was ridiculous for Scott and Annabel to echo and support each other.
“You had better go away now. If you continue to stand here and brag, the staff would soon drive you out.” Luke taunted.
Scott ignored them, asking the shop assistant to come over. He pointed at Christine and asked, “Is it her size?”

“Yes, it seems to be her size.” The shop assistant replied.

“Well, get one piece of clothing of every style in your shop in this size and pack them up for me.” Scott said.

The shop assistant thought that she had misheard and widened her eyes in surprise, “Get one piece of clothing of every style.
Did I mishear?”

“No.” Scott replied.

The shop assistant was immediately happy. Today, she hadn’t sold one piece of clothes yet. Unexpectedly, she now had a big customer.

“Yes. Please wait a moment. I’ll go to pack them up for you now.” The shop assistant turned excitedly.

At this moment, Luke, who was watching, spoke at once, “Don’t listen to him. He’s bragging. He’s a relative of this poor girl. He has no money at all. He’s just pretending to be rich in the presence of us. Later, if he has no money to pay after you pack the clothes up, your effort will be wasted.”

Hearing that, the shop assistant hesitated at once. She looked at Scott up and down. Finding that the clothes he was wearing were really not expensive, she asked tentatively, “Sir, what about paying me now? It’ll make packing clothes up easier.”

Scott didn’t mind. He turned his head, gave Annabel a glance and said, “Take out that gold card.”

Annabel was immediately a little embarrassed and said, “Yesterday… Yesterday, you didn’t go shopping with me. So I threw that card away in a fit of temper.”

Scott didn’t know how to react. He had thought that they could take anything they wanted in the shopping mall with Annabel’s gold card.

There was an awkward atmosphere at once. Christine was so embarrassed that she wanted to disappear from this place.
Both Luke and Amaya laughed. They thought that it was very ridiculous.

“See? They’ve begun to act. Throw away some gold card? I’m afraid that they don’t have it at all. Are they going to say that they will come to buy clothes on another day because they lost their card?” Luke taunted.

The shop assistant began to look at Scott in an impatient way and asked, “Will you on earth buy it or not?” Scott turned his head and handed his bank card to her.

“I’m going to pay by credit card.”


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