The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 637 Go Shopping

Back home, Scott immediately saw Annabel in the living room. She was sitting ina daze. Scott was a little confused. She should be shopping crazily in Qiansheng Mall now.

“Why did you come back so soon?” Scott asked.
Annabel looked up at him and said angrily, “Could it be that I should stand in the mall instead of coming back?”

“Didn’t you say that you’ve long wanted to go on a shopping spree? I’ve given you Qiansheng Mall. Shouldn’t you be going on a shopping spree there?” Scott asked, feeling puzzled.

Annabel stood up at once and punched Scott with her fist angrily.

“Why are you so silly? Have you ever seen anyone go shopping alone? In that case, I would rather shop online. Do you know what the pleasure of shopping is? You had gone away. Wouldn’t I be embarrassed if I wandered in the mall alone like a fool?” Annabel complained.

Scott finally got it. He didn’t think of it before. At that time, he was anxious to buy a mobile phone and make a phone call to Edith.

“You can ask Christine to go shopping with you. By the way, you can buy her some new clothes. We can repay her for helping us recently in this way.” Scott said.

Hearing that, Annabel punched Scott with greater strength.

Why was this guy so silly? What she wanted to do was not going shopping at all. Actually, what she wanted was to go shopping with Scott.

Considering that Scott was highly likely to be pretending to be silly, Annabel was a little helpless.

After a long time, Annabel stopped. She sat down on the sofa and said impatiently, “There’s a bowl of edible bird’s nest porridge I made on the table. It’s the first time for me to cook it, so it might not taste good. But it’s still nutritious. You’re injured. Go to eat it.”

Scott turned his head and gave a glance at the table. He saw that there was a bowl containing something black. When he just came in, he thought that it was a bowl of black sesame dessert. It never occurred to him that it was actually a bowl of bird’s nest porridge.

He went to the table with a smile, picked the bowl up, sniffed it and asked, “Are you sure that I won’t hurt even worse after eating it?”

“Scott!!!” Annabel shouted angrily and wanted to tear him.

Today, Scott didn’t go shopping with her. Instead, he hurriedly went to tell Edith that he was safe now. But Annabel was not angry. If Scott would fall in love with her so easily, she might long not like Scott.

Therefore, on the way back, she thought of how to change herself, so that Scott could notice her virtue.

What she thought of first was to become more virtuous. At least, she should be good at both working and doing housework.
Therefore, she cooked a bowl of edible bird’s nest porridge according to the cookbook on the internet.

She made great effort in cooking this bowl of edible bird’s nest porridge. She failed several times before cooking this bowl of porridge. It was the best one she had ever made. Now, Scott should say so. She was really annoyed.

Seeing that Annabel was about to lose her temper, Scott hurriedly said, “In fact, it smells good. I’ll try it now.”

He took a sip with a spoon, after which he frowned slightly. However, he forced himself to swallow it.

“It’s not bad. It’s not bad.” Scott said with a smile.

“Really?” Annabel became less angry.

Scott nodded with his eyes narrowed.

“Then, eat all of it. There’s more of it in the kitchen. It’s all yours.” Annabel said with a happy expression.

Scott was instantly froze, standing there motionless like a statue.

Right at this moment, the door was opened. Christine came in with a dark face. She even slammed the door. Seeing that Scott and Annabel were in the living room, she just greeted Annabel, after which she was going to go back to her room.

Scott took this opportunity to hurriedly put the bowl down, approached Annabel and asked, “What’s the matter with her?” Annabel shook her head and said, “It seems that she’s very unhappy. She may have some difficulties.” After saying that, she came close to Christine and asked, “Christine, what’s wrong with you?”

“Annabel, I’m fine. I’ll feel better by simply staying alone for a while.” Christine said. Then, she turned around and entered her room.

Annabel shrugged helplessly, indicating that she didn’t know what had happened to Christine.

About half an hour later, Christine came out of her room. Annabel hurriedly approached her and asked patiently what had happened.

At first, Christine was unwilling to tell Annabel. After Annabel tried hard to persuade her, Christine finally told her what had happened.

Today, when Christine hung out with her friends, she was taunted by a few classmates who she didn’t get along well with at ordinary times. The clothes she wore were bought two years ago and had faded due to frequent washing. Besides, the buttons would easily come off.

Today, Christine’s garment was caught on something. Then, the button on it fell off, because of which Christine was unable to button the garment. As a result, she was very embarrassed.

In Christine’s home, Herman and Bonnie could only make some money by going sea fishing together. In the recent years, people would be disturbed while fishing. Therefore, Herman and Bonnie could make only a small income.

Many students knew something about Christine’s family. Most of them were thoughtful and therefore wouldn’t deliberately mention it. However, there would always be someone who were from rich families and meanwhile looked down upon others.
Today, Christine was laughed at by them, so she was so angry.

Hearing that, Scott immediately said, “Annabel happens to want to go shopping. What about going shopping with us tomorrow? We can buy you some clothes. Your classmates are not thoughtful. Don’t take their words seriously.”

Christine gave Scott a glance and said, “It’s easy for you to say. The money my parents make a month is only enough for our living expenses and my tuition. They have no money to buy new clothes for me. Besides, the clothes are all expensive.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll pay for it.” Scott said with a smile, “These days, you’ve helped me a lot. I should buy you some new clothes.”

Christine immediately looked at Scott with suspicion, then glared at him with blame in her eyes, and said, “Hey, can you not bring trouble on Annabel? Do you know that Annabel gets the living expenses by selling her jewelry? You’re not wealthier than us. How can you casually say those words? When you pay for my new clothes, you’re using Annabel’s money. In this case, I don’t want new clothes at all.”

Scott didn’t know what to say. It seemed that Christine had a deep prejudice against him.

Seeing that Christine spoke for her, Annabel couldn’t help smiling and said, “Christine, even if we’re not going to buy clothes, we can go for a walk. I happen to want to go to the shopping mall. Just have fun. How about that?”

Christine immediately smiled at Annabel and said, “Great. If we just have a walk there, it’s ok. Annabel, you are so nice and are different from a bad man who can only tell lies.”

Scott was a little speechless. He had never told lies. Besides, he was so faithful to his wife. Why was he called a bad man?

“By the way, today, I just learned to cook edible bird’s nest porridge. I cooked some. I feel that it’s not bad. Would you like to have a try?” Annabel said with a smile.

“Yes, of course. I heard that it takes a lot of money to buy bird’s nest. Annabel, save some money in the future. After all, you have to support a bad man.” Christine spoke.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. What matters most is that I cook well. Come and have a try.” Annabel took the bowl of edible bird’s nest porridge over with an excited expression.

Seeing that, Scott coughed lightly and hurriedly came back to the room. He was afraid that he would be forced to eat the pot of bird’s nest porridge in the kitchen.

About ten minutes later, Christine helplessly looked at the pot of bird’s nest porridge with a somewhat pale face. Just now, she had forced herself to eat that bowl of bird’s nest porridge.
She didn’t want to disappoint Annabel, so she said that it tasted good.

“Christine, since you find it delicious, eat this pot of nest’s porridge. I’m nat going to allow Scott eat it anymore. Quick.
Otherwise, it’ll get cold.” Being praised by Christine, Annabel had been very confident.

Christine wore a bitter smile. She thought that she shouldn’t agree to try the bird’s nest porridge Annabel made.
On the next morning.
Scott, Edith and Christine were standing at the gate of Qiansheng Mall.

Christine looked at this large building with curiosity in her eyes, feeling a little excited. She passed by this place several times when she was a child, but she had never gone in.

At that time, her parents told her that the goods there were very expensive and that they couldn’t afford to buy them. Therefore, Christine never dared to enter this place.

In her opinion, if Scott and Annabel didn’t offer to take her to have fun here, she wouldn’t enter this mall before she worked and had some money.

“Come one, let’s go shopping. If you want anything, tell me. You can take anything you want in this mall. I’m absolutely serious.” Scott said with a smile.

Christine rolled her eyes and spoke, “You talk as if you were the boss of this mall. You’ve got some nerve.” “In fact, I’m really the boss of this shopping mall.” Scott said.

“Who would believe you? Annabel, let’s go. Just let him stay here and dream.”

Christine took Annabel’s hand and went towards the mall.

Scott helplessly smiled and hurriedly caught up with them.

They wandered on the first floor of the shopping mall. Christine looked here and there with an excited expression. Her curiosity was greatly gratified.

Then, they went to the second floor. Looking at all kinds of beautiful clothes, Christine was suddenly a little sad.

When they came to a shop selling designer clothes, Christine saw a garment and thought that it looked very pretty. She liked it very much.

“If you like it, go to try it on.” Annabel said with a smile.
“Can 1?” Christine hesitated.
“Yes, of course. You don’t need to pay for trying it on.” Annabel pulled Christine into the shop and took that garment.

Right at this moment, someone said in a mocking voice, “Oh, isn’t that Christine, the ugly duckling? Unexpectedly, you should dare to come to this place. Why? Do you even want to try on clothes? You had better put it down. It’s a shop selling designer clothes. If you smudge it, you can’t afford to pay for it!”


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