The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 636 I Will Take Care of the Davies Family for You

In the Davies House, B City.

In the room Scott used to live in, Edith put down the phone. There were obviously tears on her pinched face. But she was smiling now and was not sad at all.

That was because she had just received a phone call from Scott. Her husband, who was believed to be dead by everyone, was still alive.

From the very beginning, Edith was sure that Scott wouldn’t die so easily.

All people were pessimistic about Scott’s chance of being alive. These days, there were dark clouds gathering over the Davies House. Even Edith would sometimes suspect if she was deceiving herself.

To get rid of that feeling, Edith chose to live a busy life. By believing firmly that Scott was alive and living a busy life, she was not that miserable.

Therefore, she left J City, came to B City and took over most affairs of the Davies family.

On the second day Edith returned to inland areas, the news of Scott’s death spread all over B City. Before, only Edith and the person who sent Edith back knew this news. Now, it spread quickly. Edith could guess one thing without even thinking: the person who attacked Scott was trying to destroy the Davies family with this issue.

When the people of the Davies family got this news, there was a panic. Jordan made countless phone calls to Scott, but Scott never answered.

Because of it, more people believed that Scott was really dead. As a result, there were some problems in the Davies family. A lot of people thought of running away from the Davies family.

At any time, losing the head was the worst disaster for a family. At this point, Jordan alone was unable to quell the panic among the people of the Davies family caused by Scott’s death. In order to protect their benefits, some people even wanted to divide up the property of the Davies family.

Fortunately, Edith came B City in time and quelled the panic among people of the Davies family.

It was certainly impossible for Edith to achieve that alone. The trusted subordinates of Scott also came to B City with her, including Conor, Charles, Morgan, and so on.

Lily also asked Natan to send members of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce to help Edith. Most importantly, Terence sent top three experts in fighting on List of the Ares to B City. One of them was Kacper.

With Kacper and two other experts in fighting and under the help of Conor, Charles and so on, Edith quelled the disturbance in the Davies family on the first day of her arrival in B City in unsparing ways.

As for those who tried to divide up the property of the Davies family in crisis, they were all killed by Kacper.

When the people of the Davies family watched Kacper and other two experts kill those people, they all gave up the idea of disloyalty. None of them dared to say anything that would threaten the steadiness of the Davies family.

With the help of Jordan, Edith soon took over the affairs of the Davies family. With the experience she accumulated when managing the company of the Patel family, Edith handled the affairs of the Davies family with ease.

The affairs of the Davies family was actually not different from that of the company of the Patel family. It was just that the affairs of the Davies family involved more property.

Edith told the people of the Davies family that Scott was still alive and that he would be back sooner or later, asking them not to worry about it.

After the people of the Davies family saw how Edith dealt with the disturbance in the Davies family, the Davies family restored the stability for the time being.

Edith could quell the disturbance in the Davies family with Kacper, but she couldn’t stop others from spreading the rumors.

People in B City had all known that Scott was dead. The families that bore grudges against the Davies family began to pay close attention to the Davies family with ill intentions. Some organizations that had never conflicted with the Davies family also began to attempt to get some benefits from the Davies family. After all, the Davies family was so rich. Anyone would want to get some benefits from it.

In just a short time, many families began to secretly nibble away at the property of the Davies family tentatively.

The situation of Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce, which had a good relationship with the Davies family, was even worse. The Davies family got some help from Terence, but Tianyuan Chamber of Commerce didn’t.

To prevent the Turner family from dealing with the Davies family, Terence dealt with the Turner family with most of the resources of Guanling. With the resources from Terence, the Davies family could do nothing but protect itself.

However, luckily, Edith received a phone call from Scott and knew for sure that he was still alive. As long as Scott was fine, no matter what difficult situation the Davies family was in now, it was no big deal for Edith.

Certainly, so far, Edith couldn’t tell anyone that Scott was alive now. Once people of the Turner family knew that that Scott was alive Scott was alive, Theodore might come to B City. If that happened, the Davies family would face a catastrophe.
Before Scott had the ability to defeat Theodore, Edith could only keep this news a secret. And the Davies family could only

become low profile for a while.

Scott told Edith what he had experienced recently and informed her of his plan. Edith understood what a danger Scott had been in and was deeply afraid. At the same time, she was deeply grateful to Annabel.

She didn’t blame Scott for being unable to come back in time. After all, to get rid of the threat they were faced with, Scott had to be powerful enough.

Edith wiped her tears, stood up and stretched herself lazily, feeling an unprecedented sense of relief.

“Scott, don’t worry about anything and just improve your fighting capacity. Before you come back, I’ll take care of the Davies family for you!”

Edith spoke to herself. After that, Edith went out of the room.

At this moment, Nicolas and Jennifer were discussing how to make Edith have more food in the yard. After all, Edith was pregnant and meanwhile working very hard. If she didn’t get enough nourishment, her health would be affected.

When Edith left J City for B City, she took them with her. Certainly, Amara was not eligible to be taken to B City. Now, Nicolas was totally unwilling to see Amara.

After the door of the room was opened, Edith came out from inside, looking in a good mood.

Seeing Jennifer and Nicolas, she immediately said with a smile, “Dad, Jennifer, I’m a little hungry. Prepare some delicious food for me. Cook more rice. I’m now pregnant. If I didn’t eat enough food, baby might be affected.”

“Before, I found that the flowers in the small garden almost withered. I’m going to water them. Cook now and ask me to have a meal when it’s ready.”

After saying that, Edith happily went to the small garden.

Jennifer and Nicolas were stunned. These days, Edith had always been wearing a sad expression. It was the first time for her to smile.

“How would she behave in that way today?” Nicolas said.

“Maybe she has got over it. After all, she’s pregnant now. Anyway, she has to be responsible for her baby. Alas, it’s a pity that Scott’s dead. What a nice person he is!” Jennifer said with a sigh.

“Well, it’s useless to about it. If Edith heard that, she would not be able to smile. It’s rare for her to smile now. Quick, go to cook some nutritious food.” Nicolas said.

Jennifer hurriedly nodded, turned around and walked towards the kitchen.

In Q City.
After making the phone call, Scott was relieved. After learning about the situation in B City from Edith, Scott was less nervous.

The Davies family was now in a dangerous situation because of the news that he was dead. However, Kacper was in B City.
Besides, Terence offered some help to the Davies family. At least, the Davies family wouldn’t be in trouble in a short time.

Moreover, Edith was under the protection of Kacper and other two experts in fighting. As long as Theodore didn’t go to B City in person, he didn’t have to be worried about the safety of Edith.

Scott had learned from Edith that Theodore had already left H Country for M Country after he attacked him.

“In the following days, I should try to recover from the injuries as soon as possible. After that, I’ll go to my teacher and find out why Theodore would be so powerful.”

“I haven’t seen him for many years. When I meet him, will he scold me? After all, I insisted on leaving in that year. If I had listened to him, I would not have been defeated easily by Theodore.”

After muttering a few words to himself, Scott stood up, patted his own butt and headed for Christine’s home.


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