The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 635 You Are the Owner of This Shopping Mall

“Manager Lau, don’t joke with me. Didn’t you hear that he needs to hock something in the pawnshop for money? How is it possible that he could afford to pay three times of the price for your goods? Don’t be fooled by him.”

It wasn’t that Mitchell was unwilling to believe what the bald man said. If one paid three times of the price for goods, one would definitely lose money. No one would do that. Moreover, Scott seemed to be a common people. It was impossible for him to pay so much money.

The bald man sneered, took out his mobile phone, showed it to Mitchell and said, “Have a good look. He had transferred the money to me. How can it be not true? Boss Huang, I have to say that your effort is ruined by your son.”

Mitchell looked carefully at the transfer record on the mobile phone of the bald man, and then he was stunned.
His blood ran cold. He even couldn’t move quickly.

“How…How is it possible? He should spend so much money to buy your goods just because of the misunderstanding between my son and him?” Mitchell muttered to himself.

“In your opinion, it’s just a misunderstanding. However, in his opinion, your son has done something that can’t be done. Boss Huang, you’re a member of the upper class now. Could it be that you still don’t understand that there are someone you can’t offend?” The bald man said with disdain.

Mitchell turned his head, looked at Scott and began to regret. He begged, “Fella, I’m so stupid that I didn’t realize it until just now. Spare me, please. My family live on the money earned from this mall. If you want it, I’m willing to sell it to you at normal price. I’m even willing to sell it to you at a much lower price. Why do you buy those goods at three times the price instead of letting me off?”

Scott twitched his lip and said, “Because you’re self-righteous. Besides, it’s just a very small sum of money for me. I don’t care about who gets it. I just want you and your son to receive punishment.”

“Now, he has sold the goods to me. Without goods, you can’t make money from this mall. I guess that you owe the bank a lot of money. If you can’t earn money back and therefore fail to pay back the loan in time, this mall will close down. And you’ll owe huge debt. I’m afraid that you’ll have to keep running away in the future.”

“Transferring the mall to me is your only option now. I’m going to give you five minutes. Think about it.”

Hearing that, Mitchell was dizzy. Just now, he was talking and laughing with the bald man, imagining the future of the mall. Now, in less than half an hour, he was faced with bankruptcy. Such change was really too sudden.

After regaining his footing, Mitchell turned around and looked at Howell. Howell was trembling. Without saying a word, Mitchell gave Howell a kick.

Howell dared not to resist at all. Now, he finally understood that his family all suffered because of his lust.
“Stupid! I achieve all these by working hard for so many years. Now, we’re in trouble just because you’re obscene! I really regret having given birth to you! You’re useless!”

After saying that, he slapped Howell in the face without any mercy three times. After that, he was still angry. So he gave Howell a few kicks.

“Dad, I’ve done that before and you’ve never stopped me. Now, when we’re in trouble, you blame me. You should also be responsible for it.” Howell said with a sad face.

“Fuck, you should complain me. As your father, I must beat you up!”

After a long time, Howell was seriously injured by Mitchell. He lay on the ground and didn’t move. It was only then that Mitchell stopped.

He turned his head, looked at Scott and said with regret, “Fella, this time, I lose. Transfer one million dollars to me, and I’ll sign transfer contract with you now.”

Scott smiled and said, “I’m afraid that you’ve got me wrong. Before, I offered to give you a million dollars, but you refused me.
Now, I won’t give a penny to you.”

Mitchell asked with his eyes wide open, “Could it be that I should give you the shopping mall for nothing?” “Maybe you can just declare insolvent.” Scott laughed.
Mitchell helplessly sighed. He knew that he had no other choice.

The bald man got a lawyer to draw up the transfer contract for them. Mitchell reluctantly signed the contract. Then, Scott became the owner of Qiansheng Mall.

Then, Scott asked all the executives of Qiansheng Mall to come here and announced that their boss changed in the presence of Mitchell.

The No. 2 executive of Qiansheng Mall was the general manager Mitchell specially employed. His name was Reynolds. In the past years, he had been operating Qiansheng Mall. Mitchell was only in charge of something related to capital and goods.

After getting to know with these executives, Scott found that Reynolds was honest. Besides, having operated Qiansheng Mall for so many years, Reynolds could be said to be experienced. Therefore, he asked Reynolds to manage most of the affairs of Qiansheng Mall, including the supply of goods.

After all, Scott just treated this shopping mall as a compensation to Annabel. He was not really going to do operate this shopping mall. After he fully recovered from his injuries, he would leave this place.

Being in charge of goods supply, Reynolds was very surprised. Immediately, he admired Scott, the new boss, very much and swore that he would operate Qiansheng Mall well.

Later, Reynolds gave a golden card to Scott, telling him that it was specially made to send others as gift. People with this card could take whatever they want in Qiansheng Mall. Generally speaking, only boss and the family of boss could have this kind of card.

Scott didn’t make ritual noises. He took the card and asked Reynolds to manage the affairs of the shopping mall. After that, he left the office area and headed towards the gate of Qiansheng Mall.

At this moment, there were many people coming in and out at the gate of the shopping mall. As the most famous shopping mall in Q City, it was very popular.

Annabel was sitting on a public seat at the door. It seemed that she was a little bored. Looking at people coming and going, she sighed.

Since she was a child, she had been taken good care of and loved by everyone. Now, she was living a life that ordinary lived.
She found that it was quite good.

Before long, Scott approached Annabel. Seeing that she sat there in a daze, he smiled.
“Don’t just sit there. Let’s go in.” Scott said with a smile.

Seeing Scott, Annabel immediately stood up and asked, “Have you settled the matter?”

Scott nodded and said, “From today on, you’re the owner of this mall.” Annabel was so happy that she jumped.

Scott handed the golden card to Annabel and said, “With this card, you can take anything you want in the mall. Go to get what you want now.”

Annabel took it. Feeling puzzled, she asked, “Are you not going in with me?”

“Now, I’ve recovered from my injuries, so I could tell Edith my situation now. I’m going to buy a cell phone and make a phone call to her. You can go shopping.”

After saying that, Scott turned around and headed towards nearby mobile phone shop.

Previously, Annabel was very happy. As she watched Scott go away, she gradually felt a sense of loss. After a long time, she sighed helplessly, came close to a garbage can and threw the golden card into it.

“I made so much effort, but it seems that I can’t change your mind even a little bit. You’re so silly. Without you, I don’t want anything.”

Annabel spoke to herself. After that, Annabel turned around, went to the side of the road and went home by taxi.

After buying a mobile phone, Scott got a phone card. He went to the park and found a place with no one else around. He sat down on the bench, took a deep breath and then entered the phone number of Edith.

After staring at the familiar numbers for a long time, Scott finally tapped the screen to make the phone call.
Before long, Edith answered the phone and asked in a somewhat hoarse and weary voice.

“Hello, who’s that?”

Scott was very excited. After trying hard to calm himself down, he slowly said,

“Edith, it’s me.”


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