The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 634 He Tripled the Price

At Qiansheng Mall.
At the office area, in the Chairman’s office.

Mitchell Huang, the boss of Qiansheng Mall, was sitting in the office with a bald middle-aged man. He was listening to the bald man with a smile. This bald man was the general agent of all the suppliers of Qiansheng Mall. All the merchandise Qiansheng Mall sold was got through this bald man. Therefore, Mitchell certainly treated him in a respectful way.

“Boss Huang, don’t worry. Having been cooperating with you for so many years, I would definitely guarantee the supply of goods to you. But as for the price, I’m afraid that you’ll have to purchase them at a higher price.” The bald man said with a smile.

Mitchell hurriedly spoke, “Don’t worry about that. I know the situation in Q City now. Things are not easy for your suppliers, and I should pay more.”

So far, all the shopping malls in Q City had to buy goods from this bald man. It could be said that he could determine the future of Qiansheng Mall. Therefore, even if Mitchell was dissatisfied with this bald man, he dared not to mention it.

Now, he owed the bank a lot of money. The interest of the loan was about hundreds of thousands dollars. Therefore, he had to ensure the supply of goods. If there was no goods in his shopping mall, however popular his shopping mall was, he would still be unable to pay back the loan.

When they were chatting happily, the door of the office was suddenly kicked open, making a loud sound. Mitchell and the bald man were both startled.

Scott entered the office with Howell. Then, he looked around with cold eyes and asked coldly, “Who’s his father?”

Seeing that Scott took his son as if he were taking a chicken, Mitchell stood up at once and asked, “Who are you? Why are you holding my son?”

Scott looked at Mitchell up and down, speaking, “He has done a wrong thing, and I’m coming to get compensation.” Mitchell narrowed his eyes, looked at his son and asked, “What wrong thing did he do?”

“Dad, I didn’t do anything wrong. Quick, ask someone to catch him. He’s just a fool who deliberately come to make trouble for us!” Howell hurriedly shouted.

Scott immediately tightened his grip on Howell’s arm. Howell cried in pain and hurriedly begged for mercy, “Stop, stop, stop. I’m wrong.”

Seeing that his son was being bullied, Mitchell was somewhat angry. He asked, “Who on earth are you? What do you want to do?” Scott narrated what Howell had done in the pawnbroker’s shop in an unhurried manner.

Hearing that, Mitchell secretly sneered at once. He knew something that his son had done. However, in his view, his son was eligible to do that kind of thing. If those people couldn’t do anything with his son, it meant that they were weak.

Besides, considering that people who hocked their belongings in the pawnbroker’s shop must be someone without much power, Mitchell directly said, “It’s lucky for her that my son takes a fancy to her. Why? Could it be that you want me to apologize for that? Quick, let go of my son and get out of here. Otherwise, I’ll take some action!”

Hearing such a response, Scott was unhappy and said, “Like father, like son. In my previous plan, if you deal with it in a somewhat reasonable way, I might show you some mercy. It seems to be unnecessary now.”

“What do you want to do?” Mitchell stared at Scott while putting one of his hands under the table and pressing down a red button.

“You can’t compensate me for what your son has done by just apologizing. Give me Qiansheng Mall. Otherwise, you’ll lose your son.” Scott said in a determined voice with a murderous look.

Hearing that, Mitchell immediately widened his eyes and then sneered.

“Fella, is there anything wrong with your mind? You ask me to give you Qiansheng Mall? Who do you think you are? How dare you say 80?” Mitchell taunted.

Considering this young man to be a little ridiculous, the bald man also laughed.
Scott shook his head. It seemed that he had to take some action now. Otherwise, they wouldn’t know who they had offended.

However, before Scott did anything, he heard many footsteps coming from outside. Then, a group of people in security uniforms rushed in.

Seeing those people, Mitchell immediately shouted, “This guy is holding my son. Quick, hit him!”

After giving Scott a glance, those security guards didn’t say a word and were going to attack Scott.

Scott let go of Howell. Before the security guards could approach him, he gave a punch to one of them.

These security guards just fought a little better than ordinary people. Scott could knock one down with just one punch. Soon, he knocked all of them down. In just a while, the security guards were lying on the floor.

Only then did Mitchell realize how serious this matter was. He didn’t anticipate that Scott would be so good at fighting that he could defeat the security guards he carefully trained so easily.

The smile gradually faded from the bald man’s face. Then he stood up to leave here, so that he wouldn’t be in trouble.

“Fella, I’m not with them. I’m just the general agent of the suppliers of the mall, and I come here to talk business. Since you’re busy, I’m not going to hinder you. Take your time to deal with the matter. I’m leaving.”

Scott immediately stretched out his arm to stop him and asked, “You’re the general agent of the suppliers of Qiansheng Mall?” That man immediately nodded.

Scott had an idea at once. Before, he had already figured out a way to make Mitchell transfer the mall to him. However, knowing that this man was the general agent of the suppliers of Qiansheng Mall, he got a simpler way.

Scott gave Mitchell a glance and asked with a smile, “I’ll say it just once. If you transfer the mall to me, I’ll forgive you for what happened today. Besides, I can pay you a million dollars. If you don’t, you’ll suffer consequence that you can’t imagine.”

Mitchell somewhat feared Scott. However, in any case, Qiansheng Mall was worth more than 50 million dollars. Scott offered to buy it with a million dollars. It was no different from robbery.

He sneered and said, “Impossible. Buying this mall with a million dollars? Why don’t you just rob me of it? Even if my son have done a wrong thing, you’re not eligible to make such a requirement. I’ll give you a million dollars. Then, it’s over. If you don’t agree, I’ll take other action. Fella, you must understand that it’s useless to be just good at fighting in the society!”

Scott smiled and didn’t say anything more. Then he pointed at the bald man and said, “Follow me.”

The bald man was immediately afraid. However, worrying that Scott would hit him, he just followed Scott out of the office.

Scott even closed the door of the office.
Howell approached Mitchell, looked at him with uneasiness and asked, “Dad, in your opinion, what does that guy want to do?”

Mitchell looked somewhat angrily at him and said, “No matter what he wants to do, it’s impossible for him to get Qiansheng Mall.
He’s but a stupid young man. How is it possible that he knows how to do business? Presumably, that guy wants to turn to him for help just because that guy heard that he’s the general agent of the suppliers if Qiansheng Mall.”

“If that’s the case, he’s really stupid. In any case, the general agent will help us, instead of him. He’s really an idiot that knows nothing.” Howell said with disdain.

“Well, how dare you say that? If it wasn’t for you, we won’t be in this kind of trouble now.” Mitchell stared at Howell.
Howell hurriedly said, “Dad, I know that I’m wrong. I won’t do that in the future anymore.”

About fifteen minutes later, the door of the office was opened. Scott went in with the bald man.

At this moment, the middle-aged man was smiling happily and was not afraid of Scott at all.

“Manager Lau, no matter what he has said to you, don’t believe him. I’m willing to give you 10% more profit. How about that?” Mitchell hurriedly spoke. When he saw the smile the bald man wore, he had realized that there was something wrong.

The bald man sneered and said, “Seriously, Boss Huang, you don’t know how powerful he is at all. I won’t help you.”

“Now, I announce that I officially terminate the cooperation between my company and your mall. You can ask others to supply goods for you.”

Mitchell’s expression changed a lot. He didn’t anticipate that the general agent would terminate the cooperation because of Scott just after talking to Scott for more than ten minutes. He really couldn’t guess what Scott had said to him.

“Manager Lau, don’t say so. You’ve cooperated with me for so many years. How can you say so just because of a stupid young man? Well, I’ll give 20% more profit to you. I can’t give you more. You know that I have showed my best sincerity, right?”

Once the goods were out of stock, Qiansheng Mall would run out of cash. At that time, Mitchell would be broke. He might have to commit suicide.

The bald man looked at Mitchell with playful expression and said with a smile, “You want to get my help with only 20% of the profit? Boss Huang, you’re so generous.”

“Listen, he offered to pay three times of the price for my goods. I won’t continue to cooperate with you, unless you give me 300% of the profit!”

Mitchell’s eyes were immediately wide open. He stared at Scott with shock.


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