The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 633 Give the Shopping Mall to Us

Howell watched Scott and Annabel flirt in pain. When he was thrown against the wall by Scott just now, he was in so much pain that he almost lost his consciousness.

He maliciously stared at Scott and then gave a glance to the bodyguards who were lying on the ground, realizing that he couldn’t fight with Scott now. Now, he should figure out a way to run away first, after which he could try to find a way to seek revenge.

He quietly got up and then rushed to the door.

However, the next second, Scott blocked his way. Howell felt as if he had bumped into an iron wall. Then, he stumbled backward and finally fell to the ground again.

Scott looked at Howell coldly and asked, “Do you think that it’s over?”

Knowing that he couldn’t defeat Scott, Howell hurriedly begged for mercy, “Bro, I know that I’m wrong. I really didn’t know that she’s your wife. If I had known that, I would definitely not have done that. Forgive me!”

Scott sneered, turned his head to look at Annabel and asked, “What do you want to do with him?”

“This disgusting guy should want to s*xually molest me. Anyway, I can’t let him easily get away with it. I can’t vent my anger unless…he’s at least made unable to have any descendant.” Annabel glared at Howell with an angry expression.

Scott was here, so she was fearless and acted as if she were the wife of the head of a gang.

Howell felt a chill in the lower part of his body. He shivered and hurriedly spoke, “Miss, I just did that on impulse. And I didn’t really do anything to you. Live and let live. If you let me off now, I won’t make any trouble for you anymore. How about that?”

“Do you still want to make trouble for me?” Annabel stared at him at once.

“You’re not eligible to negotiate terms with us.” Scott said coldly.

Hearing that, Howell was not convinced. In Q City, no one dared not to show him some respect. Now, he kindly offered to make peace with them, but they should try to push their luck. In his opinion, it was considered to be a provocation.

He glared at Scott with a dark face and said, “You had better be smart. I’ve showed you enough respect by being willing to make peace with you. I’ve never been afraid of anyone in Q City. Go out and inquire about how powerful my father is. Everyone in Q City has been to Qiansheng Mall which is owned by my father. If you deal with me, sooner or later, you’ll regret it.”

Scott twitched his lips and said, “You’re but the son of a boss of a shopping mall. There’s nothing to show off.”

“Fuck, you talk as if you’re very rich. If you really are, why would you let your wife hock her belongings at this pawn shop? Don’t be pretentious.” Howell taunted.

Hearing that, Scott had an idea. He looked at Annabel and asked, “What about asking his father to give us that shopping mall? These days, you’ve really suffered a lot for me. It’s time for me to repay you for it. What about my buying that shopping mall and then going shopping with you?”

Annabel’s eyes lit up at once. As someone who was accustomed to spending money like water, Annabel had long wanted to buy some new clothes for herself. However, to support Scott, she had to stop herself fram doing so. Now, hearing what Scott said, she certainly wanted to agree.

However, Scott and she were now in a difficult position. They were strangers to this place. A shopping mall was nothing for them, but Howell’s father would definitely not give it to them just because of this matter.

“But they won’t give the mall to us for nothing, right? We don’t have any resources here, and his father is supposedly not a fool.” Annabel reminded.

Scott smiled and said, “If he’s unwilling to give it to us, I can buy it with money. There’s nothing that can’t be dealt with money.” “But how can we get the money?” Annabel stared at Scott.

Scott took a bank card out of his pocket with a mysterious expression. It was exactly the bank card he offered to give Darius.
Before, when he went to Moon Island, he took it with him. There was previously a hundred billion dollars in this bank card.

This card had been placed in Scott’s pocket. Perhaps because Scott was lucky, he didn’t lose this card when he fell into the sea.

Scott spent quite a lot of money on Moon Island, but there was still more than 90 billion dollars in this card. He could afford to buy a hundred shopping malls that are as big as Qiansheng Mall, not to mention just the Qiansheng Mall.

Annabel gave a curious glance at that bank card and asked, “How much money is there in this card?” “I should be able to buy half of the enterprises in Q City with the money in this card.” Scott said with a smile.
Annabel was surprised. She didn’t expect that Scott still had so much money with him.

Then she put on an aggrieved expression, compressed her lips and spoke to Scott, “You bastard. Why didn’t you tell me that you have so much money? I hocked my belongings for money before! Do you know how much I had suffered these days? You go too far!”

Feeling embarrassed, Scott looked at Annabel and said, “I didn’t know that you were hocking your belongings. I thought that you had enough money with you. Besides, you have never mentioned it to me. You’re the young lady of the Thompson family, so I thought that you wouldn’t be short of money.”

Annabel raised her fist again to show her anger to Scott.

“Humph, anyway, you have to compensate me for it. Just buying a shopping mall isn’t enough.” Annabel said proudly.

“Well, well, well. I’ll buy you whatever you want.” Scott promised.

Hearing their conversation, Howell suspected that they were mad person who were anxious for money. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore, speaking, “How dare you brag like that? Why don’t you just claim yourself to be the young master of a top family in the world? Buy my shopping mall? I’m afraid that you can’t even afford to buy a pancake!”

Scott and Annabel turned their heads and looked at Howell at the same time. For a moment, Howell thought that they were really from top families in the world.

He considered it to be just an illusion. How was it possible that such big shots would come to Q City?

“Don’t talk nonsense. Take us to your father and ask him transfer the shopping mall to us. Otherwise, I’ll kill you.” Scott spoke coldly to Howell.

“No way!” Howell cursed.
Scott took Howell by the shoulder with some strength. Then, Howell cried. He was in so much pain that he shed tears.
“Do I have to repeat it?”

“No, no. I’ll take you to my father now. Please, don’t use strength anymore. Otherwise, my arm will be broken.” Howell hurriedly begged for mercy.

He secretly sneered, considering it stupid for Scott to take the initiative to meet his father. In his opinion, when they met his father, Scott would not be able to decide what would happen. Scott and Annabel were putting themselves into a perilous position.


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