The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 632 It Is All My Fault

Howell looked at Annabel with greedy eyes. He had never seen such a beautiful woman before. Now, he was anxious to make Annabel his girlfriend.

He took two steps forward, stared obscenely at Annabel and said, “He’s right. If you become my girlfriend, I promise that you’ll live a wealthy life.”

Annabel gave Howell a glance with dislike and said, “Who are you? How dare you talk to me like that?”

As the young lady of the Thompson family, she was only gentle, lovely and naughty when Scott was present. She hadn’t taken other men seriously at all.

Being reproached by Annabel, Howell was stunned at first and then became even greedier.

The pawnbroker looked at Annabel with some irritation and said, “How dare you talk to Young Master Huang like that! Qiansheng Mall is the largest shopping mall in Q City. Young Master Huang’s family has at least a billion dollars! You should say that he is no match for you!”

Annabel twitched her lips. With only a billion dollars, they should boast! She could receive gifts worthy of no less than a billion dollars in total for one birthday.

Howell waved at the pawnbroker and said with a smile, “I like this kind of women. If she loves money very much, I won’t take a fancy to her. It’ll be more fulfilling for me to conquer this kind of women.”

Annabel felt a little sick. She stared at the pawnbroker and said, “Give me back my watch now. I’m leaving.”

Howell laughed obscenely, approached Annabel and said, “Since you’re here, why are you anxious to leave? Go inside and have a chat with me. I’ll let you know how capable I am.”

As he spoke, he stretched out a hand to touch Annabel’s chin.

Annabel hit his hand, so that he couldn’t touch her. Her face became a little darker.

“If you don’t give the watch back to me, I’ll definitely make you regret it.”

Annabel knew that she couldn’t deal with Howell. Now, she was not under the protection of the Thompson family and was just a common girl. If she went on talking to them, something might go wrong. So she had better leave this place now.

When she just turned around and was about to leave, Howell looked at his bodyguards and them those bodyguards immediately blocked Annabel’s way.

Annabel was worried and asked coldly, “What do you mean? Could it be that you’te going to limit my freedom after robbing me of my watch?”

Howell laughed and said, “Hey, you can inquire about if I have failed to get the women I take a fancy to. I’m not sure of other things. However, in Q City, as long as I want to sleep with you, no one dares to stop me!”

As the son of the boss of Qiansheng Mall, Howell could be said to unruly in Q City. Besides, he always forced the pretty girls, who came to hock their belongings in pawnshops, to sleep with him. Since they had gone to hock their belongings in pawnshops, it meant that these girls were in trouble and generally had no powerful connections. It would be easier for him to get what he wanted.

This pawnbroker was responsible for selecting beauties for Howell. When he met a pretty girl, he would inform Howell of it.

Over the years, many girls had been harmed by Howell. However, they dared not to do anything about it because of the connections Howell had.

Annabel became a little scared. She didn’t want Scott to know that she was hocking her belongings for money, so she didn’t inform Scott of it before going out. If Howell really took her away, she would suffer misfortune.

She gave one side a glance and then tried to run away from somewhere between two people. However, those bodyguards immediately caught her.

Annabel struggled and shouted, “Let go of me! Listen, my husband is very powerful. If you dare to do anything to me, he won’t let you get away with it!” “You have a husband? He, he. It’s interesting. It would be funnier. Take her to the inside. I’ll teach her a good lesson and see if

she can still be so stubborn!” Howell said with a sneer.

The bodyguards immediately pulled Annabel to the inside. The pawnbroker also went to close the door, so that no one could disturb Howell.

The moment he closed the door, he heard a loud sound. Then, the door fell off the wall, pinning the pawnbroker against the ground.

Everyone was startled by it, turning their heads and looking at the direction of the door.
A tall man was standing there. It was Scott who had secretly followed Annabel to this place.
“Let go of her! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!” Scott said with a murderous look.

Seeing Scott, Annabel shed tears at once. Meanwhile, she was relieved. She knew that Scott wouldn’t let her be harmed by others.

“Who the hell are you? Could it be that you’re her husband? Listen, I’m the son of the boss of Qiansheng Mall. You had better don’t offend me, otherwise I’ll make you pay a price!” Howell shouted while glaring at Scott.

Scott didn’t reply. He directly approached him, grabbed him by the neck and threw him against the wall.

Then, Scott moved quickly, approaching those bodyguards and knocking them down.

Although Scott didn’t fully recover from his injuries, he was already able to use most of his strength. It was very easy for him to knock these useless bodyguards down.

Moreover, after recovering from the injuries, he became stronger. Besides, the pills from the senior citizen had some effect.
Scott had a hunch that he would be more powerful after he fully recovered from the injuries.

Seeing that Scott had knocked all the bodyguards down, Annabel hugged Scott and cried.
This time, Scott didn’t resist.

“I was so scared just now. I thought that I would really be bullied by these disgusting guys. Why didn’t you come earlier?” Annabel complained between sobs.

Scott felt that Annabel was holding him tightly. It seemed that she was really scared. As a girl, she stayed calm when she was.
faced with Howell. She had been brave enough. She would only show her weakness in the presence of Scott.

“You’re so silly. When we have no money, you should tell me about that, instead of hocking your belongings in such a place.
Fortunately, I followed to here this time. If I didn’t, the consequences would really be too ghastly to contemplate.”

Hearing that, Annabel immediately widened her eyes and punched Scott in the chest with her fist.

“Are you saying that it’s my fault? You bastard. If it wasn’t that I need to buy tonics and cell phones for you, how would I, the young lady of the Thompson family, hock my belongings? Now, you should blame me for it. Why am I so poor?”

Annabel spoke in an aggrieved way. Hearing that, Scott immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing. Feeling guilty, he looked somewhat anxiously at Annabel and said, “I…’m sorry. I shouldn’t have blamed you like that. It’s all my fault. You can hit me to vent your anger.”

Annabel stopped, looking at Scott in a daze. Soon, she put on a silly smile. Just now, the way Scott apologized to her was very much similar to the way a man apologized to his girlfriend.

Annabel felt instantly as if she was in love.


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