The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 630 A Bad Man

In the bathroom.

Scott was lying in the bathtub with only one underpants. He was soaking in the water, which made his bronze skin more charming.

Annabel was standing by the bathtub. Her clothes were wet. Besides, she wore her wet hair down, making her delicate face more attractive.

There was water and toilet requisites all over the bathroom. It could be seen that someone had made some violent motions here.
At this moment, Annabel was biting her red lips with a complicated expression in her eyes, wondering something.

Before long, Scott slowly opened his eyes. Now, he was no longer burning and was surprisingly calm.

Finding that he was soaking in the cold water, he took a deep breath, sat up and looked at Annabel.

Seeing that Scott was awake, Annabel hid the complicated look in her eyes, then angrily stared at Scott and complained, “You bastard. Why not just lie down there? Why do you get up?”

Remembering what happened before he lost his mind, Scott was nervous. Then, he hurriedly checked his body, looked anxiously at Annabel and asked, “What did we do? Why are we here? Why are you all wet?”

The wet clothes clung to Annabel’s body, highlighting her curvy figure. After giving her a glance, Scott subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Fortunately, he was no longer under the side effects of those pills, otherwise he would lose his mind again.

“What did we do? You, as a man, should dare to ask me this question. I really suspect that you’re a gay. Before, when you were in that situation, I was beside you, trying my best to cooperate. But you just stopped yourself and went to the bathroom to take a cool bath to calm yourself down. Scott, you’re really not a man!” Annabel was angry, as if she had suffered a great loss.

“Are you saying that I didn’t do that kind of thing with you?” Scott asked tentatively.

Annabel somewhat angrily punched Scott in the chest and complained, “You bastard. You lied down in the bathtub for a long time. What could you do with me? I offered to sleep with you, but you should do that. I shouldn’t have saved you!”

Hearing that, Scott was immediately relieved. It seemed that he didn’t do anything with Annabel. He guessed: after losing his mind, he had strong s*xual desire. But he managed to control himself with willpower, went to the bathroom and then calmed himself down with cool water.

Scott smiled at Annabel and spoke, “You should be happy that I didn’t do anything to you. I don’t want to ruin your innocence.”

Annabel glared at him and said, “I don’t want you to do that. I’m going to marry you in the future. You can’t be said to have ruined my innocence!”

Scott approached Annabel, patted her on the shoulder with a smile and said, “Well, you’ve made the greatest contribution in saving my life. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. In the future, I’ll definitely repay you.”

“Well, I don’t want anything. I just want you to marry me.” Annabel spoke at once.

“Except for this request.” Scott hurriedly added, “Your clothes are all wet. Go to get changed now. Don’t catch a cold.” After saying that, he went out of the bathroom.

When watching his back, Annabel gritted her teeth. Then, anger gradually disappeared from her face. There was a flash of playful and sly expression on her beautiful face.

After getting changed, Scott carefully checked his body, being sure that he had indeed recovered from his major injuries. He was still suffering from a few minor injuries, but he should be able to recover in a short time.

He went to the bathroom and pulled Annabel into the room. Then, he cleaned up the messy bathroom on his own, leaving Annabel to get changed in the room.

Before long, Herman, Bonnie (Christine’s mother) and Christine came back one after another. Scott sincerely expressed his gratitude to them and thanked them for taking care of him and helping him in recent days.

After knowing that Scott had basically recovered from his injuries, Herman, Bonnie and Christine were all surprised. They considered it to be a miracle that Scott could recover from his injuries.

To celebrate it, Bonnie specially went to buy some food to cook a big meal.

Scott and Annabel helped Bonnie to cook, during which Annabel had been trying to approach Scott. Scott had been trying to keep away from her. As long as Annabel came to him, he would immediately go away.

Christine saw it. Not knowing the exact relationship between Scott and Annabel, she always considered them to be lovers.
Now, seeing Scott kept away from Annabel as if he disliked her, Christine was very unhappy.

From the very beginning, Christine had believed that Scott was good enough to be Annabel’s boyfriend. Now, seeing Scott should dare to dislike Annabel, she got the worst impression of Scott.

When Scott was injured, Annabel took care of him so carefully. Now, after he recovered from his injuries, he began to dislike Annabel. In Christine’s view, Scott, who did that, was completely a bad man.

However, considering that Scott had just become healthy, she didn’t say anything.

After dinner, Scott came to Christine and asked her if there was a mattress with which he could sleep on the floor. Now, since he had recovered from his injuries, it was all right for him not to sleep in bed. There was no spare room in Christine’s home, so he had to share a room with Annabel. It should be Annabel that slept in bed, so he should naturally sleep on the floor.

Hearing that, Christine was immediately unable to contain her anger and shouted at Scott, “Scott, what do you mean? Annabel took care of you for such a long time, and you begin to dislike her just after you become healthy. Now, you’re even unwilling to sleep in the same bed with her. You’re too ruthless!”

Hearing that, Scott was stunned and then tried to explain, “You’ve misunderstood…”

“I didn’t misunderstand anything. Obviously, you’re kicking down the ladder. Humph, a man like you is the most disgusting. It’s really unlucky for Annabel to meet you.” Christine didn’t give Scott the chance to explain at all.

At this moment, Annabel came close to them and said pitifully, “Christine, don’t blame him. It’s just my wishful thinking.” “Annabel, it’s too unfair for him to treat you like that.” ASs Christine spoke, she glared at Scott and said, “You either share a bed with Annabel or sleep somewhere outside my home. Bad man!”

After saying that, she turned around and went back to her room.

Scott sighed helplessly. He understood that he couldn’t explain this matter clearly anymore.

Annabel made faces to Scott, and said with a smile, “Bad man.” She stuck out her tongue.

Scott glared at her and stretched out his hand to catch her. Annabel hurriedly turned around and ran back to the room.

Scott went back to the room after her. Even he didn’t realize that he could get along with Annabel so well. If it were in the past, he definitely wouldn’t have fun with any other woman but Edith.

In the room.

Scott was sitting on the sofa. Annabel asked while staring at Scott, “According to the doctor, you’ll recover from the minor injuries soon. What’re you going to do next?”

Scott narrowed his eyes. Before, he believed that he could only live for two months and therefore was not in the mood to think about the future.

Now, he had recovered from his injuries. He immediately thought of taking revenge on Theodore.

However, he clearly knew that Theodore was more powerful than he had imagined. Scott didn’t even know how Theodore could have such a great strength.

If he recklessly came to Theodore to seek revenge now, he would only lose to Theodore again and he would definitely be killed.
Therefore, what he should do now was to find out why Theodore was so powerful. In addition, he should manage to become more powerful. At the very least, he must be well prepared before coming to Theodore to seek revenge.

Now, everyone believed that he had been dead. It was a good news for him in that it gave him enough time to become more powerful.

Coming to his teacher was the only way for him to figure out why Theodore was so powerful and to become more powerful.
“After I fully recover from my injuries, I’ll go to my teacher and get prepared for killing Theodore.” Scott said solemnly.

Annabel nodded and asked, “Are you not going to inform Edith of your current situation?”

Scott hesitated for a while. In his opinion, he couldn’t let anyone know that he was still alive. Once Theodore knew that, Theodore would definitely do something to Edith to force him to appear.

Now, at most, he could let Edith know that he was still alive. As for other people, he couldn’t even inform someone like Conor of that.

“Ryanorrow, I’ll go to buy a mobile phone and inform Edith of my current situation, so that she won’t be worried about me all the time.” Scott said.

“Oh.” Annabel said. After that, she lay down in bed.
“What about you? Are you not going to contact the people of the Thompson family?” Scott asked.

“I can’t contact them now. Theodore is so powerful. I believe that even the people of the Thompson family can’t defeat him. If my family know that I’m still alive, the Turner family will notice it. It’ll not do any good. Moreover, you haven’t fallen in love with me yet. So I can’t go home.” Annabel spoke.

“Besides, I’m going to go to your teacher with you. You can’t refuse me. If you disagree, I’ll tell Christine that you’re going to run away without me and ask her to condemn you.” After some thought, Annabel added.

Scott didn’t know what to do. Now, he simply couldn’t do anything with Annabel. Moreover, just now, he…was not seemingly going to refuse her.

“Why didn’t you wear your jewelry these days? Is it because I look too common while you want others to consider us to be better matched?” Scott moved to another topic and asked with a smile.

“It’s none of your business.” Annabel glared at Scott. Then she turned and no longer spoke to Scott.

At night, Scott lay on the sofa and found that it was so cold and hard. He turned his head and gave Annabel a glance.
It was so uncomfortable for her to sleep on the sofa these days, but she had never complained about it.

After a long time, he got up, quietly approached the bed and looked at Annabel under the moonlight.

She was sleeping soundly. She wore a contented expression, as if she had never had such a sound sleep.
“Scott…you’re a bastard.” Annabel murmured in her sleep.

Scott couldn’t help smiling. Then, he spoke to the beauty sincerely, “Thank you.”


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