The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 629 Side Effects

At Christine’s home. In Scott and Annabel’s room.

There were only three rooms in Christine’s home. So Scott and Annabel had to live in one room. At night, Annabel slept on the sofa in the room; sometimes she would secretly slept beside Scott for a while.

Annabel wasn’t trying to touch Scott. In fact, the sofa was very hard and it was very uncomfortable to sleep on it. Since she was a child, she had never slept on this kind of sofa. When she could still bear it, she wouldn’t secretly sleep on the bed for a while.

Now, Annabel was looking solemnly at Scott with a glass of water in one hand and the small bottle containing three pills in the other hand.

“Are you really going to take these pills?” Annabel asked with a solemn expression, Scott smiled and said, “Give it to me. Aren’t you very afraid that I’ll die? Why are you hesitating now?”

“I’m worried that there would be something wrong with these pills. If anything goes wrong after you take them, I’ll regret it.” Annabel said.

“Anyway, my situation has been at the worst. It can’t be even worse. Give it to me.” Scott spoke.

Annabel helplessly sighed, handing the water and pills to Scott.

Scott put the pill into his mouth without any hesitation, drank some water and then swallowed them.

Before long, Scott found that he began to burn all over. The sweat burst through the skin of his forehead. His face became red.
What surprised Scott was that the pain on his chest began to slowly ease.

“These pills should be useful, but I fell a little dizzy. It might be the side effect of the pills. Besides, I’m very sleepy. I might sleep for a long time.” While speaking, Scott was nearly unable to open his eyes.

Annabel hurriedly helped Scott to the bed. At this moment, Scott had already fallen asleep.

She touched Scott’s forehead, finding that he had a very high body temperature. She was a little worried, so she hurriedly asked Christine to ask the doctor they asked last time to come here.

The doctor checked Scott again after coming here, surprisingly finding that Scott began to recover from his injuries.

Annabel told the doctor that Scott had taken those pills. The doctor couldn’t make sure what that was, but the doctor was sure that those pills greatly helped Scott recover from his injuries.

Having a fever and falling asleep were just the side effects of those pills. Of course, the doctor was not sure if there were other side effects.

After making sure that Scott would be fine, Annabel was relieved. Meanwhile, she was somewhat excited. If Scott could really survive, she would be happier than Scott.

The doctor told Annabel to take good care of Scott and that she should turn to him in time when anything went wrong.
Scott slept for seven days, during which Annabel kept staying by Scott’s side and dared not to go away for a while.
In these days, Scott looked better and better. Annabel was sure that those pills could help Scott recover from his injuries.

At the same time, she was somewhat puzzled. Who on earth was the senior citizen that gave Scott those pills? As the young lady of the Thompson family, Annabel had never heard that there was a medicine that could bring the dying back to life.
Presumably, the senior citizen must be more powerful than anyone could imagine.

In one afternoon, the doctor came to check Scott. After that, the doctor smiled and spoke to Annabel, “He is basically doing well and has recovered from the injuries to his internal organs. So far, he just need some time to recover from some minor injuries.
His life is no longer under serious threat.”

Annabel was excited at once. Surprisingly, Scott had really recovered from major injuries.

“It’s really a miracle! The pills he took are definitely great. It’s a pity that I don’t have a chance to get such a pill to study.” The doctor stood up, “From tomorrow on, I’ll not come here. Just wait for him to wake up and take good care of him, helping him to recover from his minor injuries.”

After seeing the doctor off, Annabel returned to the room and couldn’t help shedding tears excitedly.
“You baster are finally fine. I know that you won’t die so easily.” Annabel said.

At this moment, Scott slowly opened his eyes. He felt that he was burning. These days, he had been asleep, so he didn’t feel anything. Now, as he became conscious, it was getting more and more difficult for him to control himself.

“Scott, are you awake?” Annabel wiped her eyes and looked at Scott with a smile.
Scott sat up at once. Now, he had nearly recovered from his injuries, so he could move easily.
“I’m…very hot.” Scott’s eyes were red. He looked at Annabel with a hint of greed in his eyes.

Seeing his eyes, Annabel was startled and subconsciously took a step back.

“Is…Is it also the side effect of those pills?” Annabel asked with great care.

Scott kept tearing at his clothes, saying, “It should be. Go out now. I’m losing control of myself.” When he just finished speaking, he tore his clothes.

Hearing that, Annabel didn’t go out. Wasn’t it something that she had always been thinking about?

She smiled at Scott and said, “If it’s really a side effect, I believe that you should do what you want to. Otherwise, if it affects the effectiveness of the medicine, previous efforts will be wasted. To save your life, I can only sacrifice myself.”

As she spoke, she approached Scott.

Scott tried hard to control himself. He had already cursed that senior citizen a hundred times for not informing him of such a side effect of the medicine.

“Go out now and let me calm myself down. If others hear what you say, we can’t explain it clearly.” Scott spoke while gritting his teeth.

“Herman and Bonnie have gone sea fishing while Christine has hung out with friends. Only we’re here.” Annabel’s face became red, looking a little shy.

Seeing that, Scott found it more difficult to control himself. His instinct was pushing him to hold Annabel into his arms right now.
“Go out now! I’m losing control of myself. I can’t do that with youl!” Scott shouted himself hoarse.
Looking at him, Annabel spoke gently, “But I don’t want you to be so miserable. If can’t do that, you’ll suffer a lot.”

Scott took a deep breath and finally lost control of himself. At this moment, Annabel is to him what a big meal to a hungry person.

He couldn’t stop himself, directly pouncing on Annabel.


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