The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 628 A Promise

Hearing what the senior citizen said, both Scott and Annabel were shocked.
Annabel asked with some excitement, “Are you serious? Can you really save Scott?”

The senior citizen said with a smile, “It’s highly possible that I can save him, but it finally depends on the condition he is in now.

“Check him now, please. If you can save him, I’m willing to do anything for you.” Annabel was so excited that she nearly burst into tears.

However, Scott was staring at the senior citizen with some hesitation. He didn’t believe that there would be pennies from the heaven. What he didn’t believe more was that such a capable person would come to save him for no reason.

“If I’m not wrong, it’s conditional for you to save me, right?” Scott asked.

The senior smiled and said, “Yes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. People have to pay a corresponding price for anything they want.”

“What do you want from me?” Scott asked.
“Don’t be anxious. I’ll check you first. We can talk about the condition after I’m sure that I can save you.” As he said, he approached Scott and touched some of Scott’s bones and acupuncture points.

Scott didn’t resist. He would die soon, so he was naturally not afraid that the senior citizen would take the opportunity to do something to him.

As he touched Scott’s bones and acupuncture points, the senior citizen smiled more and more brightly and murmured to himself, “You’ve extremely good physique and smooth meridians. Genius. You’re a once-in-a-century genius. It never occurs to me that I can meet such a genius at my old age. No wonder you can survive such a serious injury.”

Scott was not too surprised to hear what he said. When he met his teacher, he had heard the same thing from his teacher.

Scott didn’t know who this senior citizen was. But he was sure that he was really afraid of this senior citizen.
Even Theodore just made him feel a little threatened. Apart from this senior citizen, only his master had made him feel afraid.

“Your injury can still be cured. Coincidentally, I have three pills that can even bring the dying back to life. They will help you heal the injury to your internal organs.” The senior citizen took out a small bottle from his pocket and showed it to Scott.

Scott was not excited at all, because he clearly knew one thing: the more valuable it was, the greater price he would have to pay.

“What should I do to make you give me those pills?” Scott asked.
“It’s very simple. I just want you to make a promise to me.” The senior citizen said slowly.

“Make a promise?” Scott was stunned. He didn’t anticipate that the senior should put forward such an easy request. However, sometimes, the simpler the condition was, the harder it was to achieve.

“Yes. I’ll give you the pills on condition that I can ask you to do one thing at anytime and anywhere after you recover from your injuries. Don’t worry. I would just ask you to do one thing for me. If you agree, I can give the pills to you now.” The senior citizen said.

Hearing that, Scott immediately asked, “Must I do that even if you ask me to kill my family members?”

The senior citizen smiled and said, “I don’t hate you. Why would I ask you to kill your family members? You should have guessed the reason why I ask you to make such a promise. You’re potential. If you survive, you’ll definitely become a great talent in the future. I’ll only ask a talent like you to do something very important for me.”

“If you believe me, take these pills. If you don’t, I won’t force you to do so.”

Scott stared at the bottle held by the senior citizen with a hint of hesitation in his eyes.

This senior citizen didn’t look like a bad person. However, he was not sure about that. Besides, he didn’t what the senior citizen wanted him to do. Under this circumstance, he might have to pay a great price in the future.

However, if he didn’t agree with the condition, he would definitely die.

He was so seriously injured now. He was afraid that even Owen couldn’t cure him.

When Scott was struggling, Annabel quickly took that small bottle and said, “I’ll do that for you. As long as these pills can cure him, you can ask me to do anything for you.”

The senior citizen laughed and said, “Girl, you’re beautiful and itll be good to have you married to my grandson. However, there’s nothing you can do for me. So let him make the decision.”

Annabel compressed her lips, feeling somewhat helpless.

After a long time, Scott took a deep breath and said, “Well, I agree.”

Anyway, he had to save his life now, otherwise he would have no future.

The senior nodded with satisfaction. After that, he took his fishing rod and bamboo basket and spoke to Scott with a smile, “Well, it’s a deal. I’ll come to you in the future. If you refuse my request, you’ll suffer more than death.”

After saying that, he left.

Scott was a little astonished, hurriedly asking, “You just need me to make a verbal promise? Shouldn’t we exchange contact information? Otherwise how can you find me?”

“If you’re an honest people, making a verbal promise is enough. I don’t need your contact information. When I need you, no matter where you are, I can certainly find you.”

The senior citizen kept walking without a pause.
Soon, he was out of their sight.

“It seems that this senior citizen is not very clever. The world is so big. If you try hard to hide from him, how is it possible for him to find you?” Annabel said with a smile.

“Think in the other way. The world is so big, but he’s confident that he can find me at any time he wants. Considering that, can you guess how powerful he is and how many resources he has?” Scott asked while staring at Annabel.

Annabel’s expression immediately changed. She was scared by what Scott said. If that’s true, the senior citizen might be more than ten times more powerful than the Thompson family.

“Could it be that it’s just a prank? Perhaps the pills from him not only can’t help you heal the injuries to you, but is also poisonous. What should we do?” Annabel was worried again.

Scott narrowed his eyes and said, “Now, I have no other choice. Take me back. Soon, we can know whether these pills are useful or not.”

The senior citizen wandered with the bamboo basket. Soon, a SUV with camouflage paint stopped in front of him. A man with a straight back got off the SUV, bowed to the senior citizen and said respectfully, “Command, you’ve been staying here for a week.
It’s time to go back to Northern Border.”

The senior citizen nodded, and handed the fishing rod and the bamboo basket to that man.

Just when he was going to get on the SUV, he suddenly raised his hand, patted his forehead and murmured, “Oh, I forgot to tell that fella that he would have strong s*xual desire after taking the pills I gave him. Forget it. Anyway, that girl is with him. It should be ok.”


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