The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 627 I Can Save You

In the next few days, Annabel found several different doctors to diagnose and treat Scott, and the results were exactly as the doctor said. They were all amazed that Scott was still alive after suffering such a serious injury. It came to the conclusion that Scott had little time to live. The only difference was that whether Scott could live one month more or one month less.

For this result, Scott accepted it frankly, as if a person knew that he was going to die, he didn’t think so much about life and death.

Annabel did not continue to show any sadness in front of Scott. Even the doctors were very sure that Scott would die soon, and Annabel still faced Scott with a smile every day.

Scott knew that Annabel didn’t want him to be affected by the sad atmosphere. For several nights, he could hear a slight sob when he couldn’t fall asleep and lay in the bed with his eyes closed.

Scott also admired Annabel’s persistence. Since she said those words that day, Annabel began to take care of Scott meticulously, and while taking care of him, she was able to show Scott the best of herself. It fully embodied the charm and self- restraint of a lady from a top family.

Several times, Scott was wavered, thinking that if he had a wife like her, he might really have a different life.

But it’s just a trance. If Annabel could meet Scott before Scott knew Edith, maybe Scott would be fascinated by her, but now Scott already had Edith in his heart, even if Annabel was better, he couldn’t fall in love with her.

A week passed in a flash, Herman and his family provided help to Scott as much as they could. It may be that they knew that Scott was already a dying person, so they would be more patient.

To everyone’s surprise, after a week of recuperation, Scott, who could only lie on the bed, could barely sit up.

This change was still very surprising. Annabel thought that this was a sign of Scott’s body gradually recovering. Since the doctors thought that Scott should have died from this kind of injury, and he was still alive, this was a miracle in itself, so Scott may could live longer than two months.

Seeing Scott’s improvement, Annabel’s mood improved a lot. She got a wheelchair. After Scott could sit up, she pushed him to take a walk on the pier to enjoy the sunshine every day.

This afternoon, it was warm and the breeze was gentle.

Annabel pushed Scott to the dock again.
“Scott, you are a bastard.” Annabel stopped abruptly on a small road by the sea and said to Scott.
Scott was taken aback and asked, “What do you say?”

“When I came out at that time, people praised me for my beauty and said I was you wife, why did you tell them that I was your sister,” Annabel said with a gloomy look. No

“You’re two months younger than me. It’s okay to say that you are my sister, right?” Scott said.

“No, I am not going to be your sister. During this period of time, the neighbors around Herman think that I am your wife. I have never denied it. You made embarrassed by saying so. Anyway, from now on, I am your wife, you have to admit it,” Annabel said angrily.

Scott was helpless, and said, “Hey, please let go of me. I have a wife.”

“You are already a dying person, the past is meaningless, and the one who accompanies you in the end is me. Anyway, I must have a status, if you don’t admit that I am your wife today, I will push you down from here.” Annabel pushed the wheelchair to the side of the guardrail.

“Then you push me down, so that I can relief from pain as soon as possible.” Scott smiled.

Annabel stomped her feet angrily, this damned guy just knew her softhearted.

“Then you stay here by yourself, no one will help you. What can you do?”

Annabel turned around and left. She looked like she didn’t want to care Scott, but as soon as she walked ten meters out, she turned back again.

“What’s wrong with me? As the noble lady from the Thompson family, I am bullied by you. If my parents know it, they would feel distressed,” Annabel said.

Scott didn’t respond to her. Annabel was a little strange. She glanced at Scott and found that Scott was staring at a slightly rickety man at the end of the road.

It was an old man with a hat. The old man was standing in front of a fishing rod with a bamboo basket beside him. There were many people like him by the river.

But on the side of the road, there was an endless sea with roaring waves, even if there were fish, it was impossible to catch them, so it was a little strange that such a man appeared here.

“Push me over there, the old man seems a little special,” Scott said.
Annabel nodded and pushed Scott to the old man’s side.

“Sir, the waves are surging here, and fish will be flushed away. If you are fishing here, I’m afraid you will get nothing” Scott smiled.

The old man turned his head and glanced at Scott and Annabel, and said, “What I catch is not a fish, but a state of mind, just like the girl next to you. She knows that she can’t get your love, but still stayed by your side. She knows itis futile, but she did not give up. Sometimes doing things based on the results will lose a lot of fun.”

Annabel didn’t expect the relationship between her and Scott to be seen clearly, and suddenly blushed.

Scott was thoughtful, thinking that the old man’s words were quite meaningful.
“That do you get anything?” Scott asked.
The old man smiled and said, “I didn’t have it before you came, but now…”

As he said, the old man grabbed the fishing rod, and a half-foot-long fish came out of the water. The old man put away the rod and put the fish into the bamboo basket.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Annabel exclaimed.
Scott frowned, he always felt that the old man was suggesting something to him.

After collecting the fish, the old man stood up and looked at Scott. Only then did Scott see his appearance clearly. He was a more amiable old man with no characteristics.

“Young man, I have been observing you for a few days. You and your wife should be foreigners, right?” the old man said.

Annabel immediately smiled and nodded. Just as Scott was about to explain that Annabel was not his wife, Annabel glared at him.

“Sir, you are fishing here to wait for me, right?” Scott asked with some confusion.

“The doctor who visited you is a friend of mine. He told me about your situation. I was a little curious, so I observed you for a few days,” the old man said without concealment.

“Oh? Why do you want to observe me? I am a dying person, how can I arouse the your interest?” Scott asked with some caution.

The old man smiled and said, “Dying person? Before things happen, it’s best not to rush to a conclusion.”

“I came to you because I can save your life.”


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