The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 625 Surviving A Great Disaster

Q City.
In a house close to the dock.

Scott was lying on a bed. His face was pale, there was no bloody color, and his lips had been cracked and trembling from time to time. If it hadn’t been for this slight change, no matter who looked at it, he would think that there was a dead person lying here.

At this time, a girl of about eighteen years old in the room was staring at Scott curiously, her gazes swept over Scott’s face, looking a little bored.

After a while, Scott’s lips moved, and there were dry noises in his throat.

When the girl heard this sound, her eyes widened, then she quickly got up and shouted to the outside, “Annabel, he seems to be awake, he is talking!”

Annabel, dressed in plain clothes, quickly rushed into the room. She leaned close to Scott and lowered her heads. After hearing what Scott said, she quickly said to the girl, “Water, he wants to drink water, get water.”

The girl nodded quickly, ran outside to pick up a glass of water, and handed it to Annabel.

Annabel held the water to Scott’s mouth, and feed him a little. Scott immediately coughed violently, making Annabel a little at a loss.

“Annabel, if you feed water like this, you will choke him to death. The doctor said that his five internal organs have been severely damaged, and this violent cough will aggravate his injury,” the girl said.

Annabel suddenly became anxious and asked, “Christine, how should I do? I have never done anything like this before.”

The girl named Christine blinked her eyes and a smirk appeared on her face. She said, “He is lying down now. It must be impossible to feed him water directly. He is also badly injured. He has to drink slowly. I know a way which is gentle and effective, that is…”

“Tell me quickly, I am so anxious,” Annabel said anxiously.

“Hey, it’s actually very simple, you can just feed him mouth-to-mouth, but it may be a little unsuitable for children,” Christine said with a smile.

Annabel’s face immediately showed a blush, but this was indeed a good way.

She stared at Scott and saw that Scott was full of pain and still shouting to drink water, she took a deep breath, and said to herself, “I’m here to feed you water, I don’t want to take advantage of you at all. Well, that’s it.”

After speaking, she looked at Christine and said, “What are you still watching here? Get out.” Christine stuck out her tongue at Annabel, and then walked out of the room wittily.

Annabel took a sip of water, stared at Scott’s lips, then leaned down and started to feed Scott.
Probably because he was too thirsty, Scott sucked greedily as soon as he touched the water.
Annabel’s eyes widened, her cheeks flushed a little bit.

In this way, Annabel fed a glass of water into Scott’s mouth bit by bit. When the cup was finally put down, Annabel could hear her pounding heartbeat.

After feeding the water for a while, Scott’s eyes moved. After struggling hard for a while, Scott’s eyelids finally lifted.

Scott squinted and looked around. The first picture that caught his eyes was Annabel, who was blushing and patted her chest to calm herself down.

Then Scott found himself lying in a fairly clean, but somewhat crude room.

The memory in his mind emerged. He remembered that before he lost consciousness, he was beaten to death by Theodore.
Then Annabel brought someone to rescue him. Theodore chased them. Annabel directly let the motorcycle rush out of the cliff and fell into the sea.

He didn’t remember what happened after that.
“What’s the matter with you? Why are you blushing? Where are we?” Scott stared at Annabel and asked.
Annabel directly ignored Scott’s first two questions and said, “We are at Herman’s house. He rescued us. They said here is Q

City. I don’t know exactly where it is.”

Scott searched for the memory of Q City in his mind. He found that he didn’t have any impression of this city. He only vaguely remembered that it is a relatively remote and small coastal city in the south. Because the city was not large, it was not well- known.

He wanted to sit up on the bed, and after using a bit of force, a heart-like pain came from his chest, making him unable to use the upper half of his strength.

“Don’t move, your internal organs have been seriously injured, and you can only lie down now,” Annabel said with some concern.
“How long have I been in a coma?” Scott asked.
“Five days,” Annabel replied.

Expression on Scott’s face suddenly changed. According to the situation at the time, he fell into the sea for five days without being found, so others might think that he was dead.

He knew that Edith must be desperate now, so he wanted to call Edith immediately and report his safety, but he couldn’t move at all.

Soon, he calmed down. Five days had passed anyway, and it didn’t matter to call her later.

Annabel saw the thoughts in Scott’s heart and said jealously, “Are you trying to contact Edith? Your phone has been scrapped.
If you still remember her number, I can go to Herman to borrow his phone.”

She originally thought that Scott would be grateful for being saved by her when he woke up, but she didn’t expect that the first thing Scott thought of was still Edith, and she was naturally a little bit disappointed in her heart.

“No, it’s okay to call her later. How did we get here? The cliff is so high, and the chances of survival should be very low after

falling from there.” Scott saw that Annabel was jealous, so he changed the subject.

“Thanks to the motorcycle I was riding at that time. I borrowed that motorcycle from a nearby person at the time. That person was going to the dock to deliver life jackets. Those life jackets were tied to the back of the motorcycle. After we fell into the sea, I took a lot of effort to help you put on a life jacket. At that time, I almost sank into the sea. Later, thinking that if I died, you would definitely not be able to live. God knows where I got the strength, I put on my life jacket too.”

“There was an undercurrent in the water, and we were flushed away. I was afraid of being separated from you, so I held on to you. Later, I fainted because I was too tired. When I woke up, I found that we were on a fishing boat, Herman’s fishing boat. He said that the two of us were next to each other, my hand was holding you, no matter what, he couldn’t get it off. It was the first time he saw someone in a coma and still had so much strength. ”

“We are so lucky. The undercurrent did not rush us to the stretch of the sea, but into a piece of water between Moon Island and the inland. At that time, Herman went out to sea to fish, and found us.”

“Thinking about it is indeed a bit magical. It looks like a certain death situation, but we were lucky to survive. It may be that God

was moved by me, that’s why there was such a miracle. “.
Annabel said, also full of emotion.

Scott listened quietly to Annabel. Although her voice was calm, the danger at the time was definitely unimaginable. She, a girl, could actually catch him in that situation. It really needed extraordinary willpower.

Could it be that this girl really liked him to such an extent? Scott was extremely grateful for Annabel for saving his life, but the girl’s feelings for him made Scott a little at a loss.

The more Annabel paid for him, the more guilt in Scott’s heart, because he knew what Annabel wanted, but he couldn’t give it to her.

For a long time, Scott said affectionately to Annabel, “Thank you.” Annabel lowered her head, a contented smile appeared on her face.

She didn’t know why. She had always been spoiled and could get anything she wanted, but she was so easily to be satisfied in front of Scott.

Obviously she was still jealous at that time, but now because of Scott’s simple thank you, she felt happy at bottom of her heart.

When they were immersed in a somewhat ambiguous atmosphere, Christine’s voice rang, “Annabel, have you finished feeding the water? I have invited the doctor here.”

Scott was suddenly puzzled. He glanced at Annabel, remembering that he was very thirsty at the time, and then felt a touch of softness to relieve his thirst.

“How did you feed me water at that time?”

Scott licked his tongue and felt a sweet smell.


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