The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 623 Down the Cliff

On the cliff, dozens of men fell to the ground, and there was no movement.
Theodore stood in front of the last person who could still breathe, looking cold.

“You killed our young lady, the Thompson family will definitely not let you go!” The man gritted his teeth and shouted at Theodore.

“The Thompson family, the one in the R Country?” Theadore said lightly.

“Since you know it, then take the initiative to go to the Thompson family to confess your guilt, otherwise you will not end well,” the man continued speaking.

Theodore laughed and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

The man was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly felt that Theodore was hitting the point. He really didn’t know who the man in front of him was, and he was far from R Country. As long as Theodore used some methods, on one could find out what happened here.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter to tell you. I’m Theodore from the Turner family,” Theodore spoke slowly.
The man’s eyes widened. As the world’s top family, he naturally heard the name of the Turner family.
“It’s just that you may not be able to send the news back.”

After speaking, Theodore raised his foot and stepped on the man’s neck. With force, the man struggled twice, and then there was no movement.

After killing the last person, Theodore walked to the edge of the cliff and glanced under the pitch-black cliff, where there was the sound of waves hitting the rocks.

Even he himself did not expect that such a change would happen, and the young lady from the Thompson family rushed down the cliff with Scott.

The person from the Turner family walked behind Theodore and said, “Mr. Theodore, the strength of the Thompson family should not be underestimated. Although the people here have been killed, it is not certain whether there are some people that have slipped away. If this thing spreads out, the Turner may become the Thompson family’s enemy.”

“It’s okay. It’s is Moon Island. It’s not easy to find out. What’s more, it’s just the Thompson family. In the past, the Turner family might scruple their existence, but it won’t happen in the future. I, Theodore, will let the Turner family step on a new level!” Theodore was domineering, and there was an unrivaled aura all over his body.

The man from the Turner family was also shocked by Theodore’s momentum, and he immediately said, “You are right!”

“Is it possible for the two of them to survive if they fall from here?” Theodore asked.

The man glanced under the cliff and said, “It’s a hundred meters high from here to the bottom, and there is endless sea water below. The place where they can climb to the shore is also a few kilometers away. Scott was hurt badly by you, and the other one was a weak woman. If they really survived, it would be a miracle. I don’t think that wimp is so favored by God.”

Theodore laughed, then turned and walked under the cliff.

“Just deal with it here. Scott is dead. Let the news go. Even if we don’t do anything, the enemies of the Davies family will definitely not let them go.”


At Gardner’s house.

Fisher and Anika were busy working in the kitchen. Gardner was also on the sidelines. Edith stood aside and wanted to go up and help, but was stopped by Fisher and Anika.

“Fisher, Anika, let me help you, or else I will be idle and have nothing to do,” Edith said.

“No need, you are delicate, just let Gardner do this kind of thing. You go sit and wait, we’ll be done soon,” Anika said with a smile.

Edith could only walk to the table and sat down, and took a look at the time by the way, thinking that Scott had been out for so long, and logically he should have dealt with the trouble. Why hadn’t he returned yet?

Thinking about asking where Scott was now, Edith took out her phone and called Scott.

“The phone you dialed is turned off.” A cold voice came from the phone.

Edith frowned immediately, and muttered, “Why does this guy turn off the phone? Is it possible that he is afraid that I will disturb him?”

But she didn’t think too much, put her phone aside, and continued to wait.

After a short while, Fisher and Anika cooked all the dishes and brought them to the table. A large table was full of delicious food.
All of them were Fisher and Anika’s best dishes. Just a glance could arouse people’s infinite appetite.

“Edith, it is because you and Scott are here that my parents are willing to cook so many dishes. If I were at home, I would only have to eat pickles.” Gardner put down the last dish and joked.

Fisher and Anika glared at him immediately. Anika said, “Are we starving you? If you have an opinion, don’t eat this meal today.” Gardner hurriedly begged for mercy and sat down at the dining table.
“What did Scott do, why hasn’t he come back?” Anika glanced at Edith and asked.

“He has something to deal with. I called him just now, but his phone is turned off. It may be dead. He should be back in a while,” Edith said.

Anika nodded and said with a smile, “It’s okay, don’t worry, just wait for Scott.”

Edith snorted, but there was a sense of uneasiness in her heart. It was the first time that Scott’s phone was turned off in such a long time. Scott didn’t play with his phone very much. Normally, there was no problem in standby for one day. It was reasonable to say that it would not run out of power. And Scott also told Edith that in order for her to contact him at any time, he would keep his phone turned on for 24 hours.

Could it be that those in the Chan family were too difficult to deal with, even Scott couldn’t handle it?

Edith groaned for a while, then picked up her phone and called Scott.

It was still off.

Edith thought for a while, then dialed Annabel’s number.

Her phone was also turned off..

Edith suddenly became a little anxious, and several thoughts appeared in her mind.

“Fisher, Anika, maybe you guys eat first, I will look for Scott outside and ask him to come back quickly.” Edith stood up and walked outside.

At this moment, a man appeared in the house. After seeing Edith, he asked, “Are you Edith?”

Edith looked at the strange man in front of her with some confusion, then nodded, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“Please pack your things right now and leave here with me. I have already found the boat. Except for your valuables, don’t take the rest. The most important thing is to leave here first,” the man said.

Edith immediately felt a sense of alertness, and Fisher and his family of three were also a little puzzled, not knowing what the person who appeared suddenly wanted to do.

“I don’t know you at all, why should I go with you?”

The man sighed helplessly, then took out a necklace and said, “I came to pick you up at Miss Annabel’s order. She said that you will understand if you see this.”

Edith stared at the necklace and her pupils shrank. It was Annabel’s necklace.
“What the hell is going on, you make it clear first,” Edith asked.

“After our lady and Mr. Scott finished dealing with the Chan family’s affairs, they ran into two people who claimed to be from the Turner family on the way back. One of the two people was superb. Our companions were killed by him. Miss Annabel and Mr.
Scott rushed down the cliff on their motorcycles, hovering between life and death,” the man explained with some pain.

When Edith heard what he said, she only felt pain, her body softened, and she fainted.


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