The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 622 What Can I Do If You Die

Theodore looked at Scott with a sneer, an evil arc formed at the corner of his mouth, and he said, “This is what you asked for, so don’t blame me for being impolite!”

After speaking, Theodore punched Scott’s chest again, and a huge burst of power broke out, and Scott vomited another mouthful of blood, his face turned pale a little.

“What?” Theodore looked at Scott a little strangely, and gave an exclamation of surprise.

“Ordinary people would have broken their bones a long time ago with such a punch from me. Now you’ve taken two punches from me, and there’s nothing wrong with your bones. It seems that your body is quite unusual,” Theodore murmured.

Scott looked at Theodore with erratic look, and didn’t care what he said. He was already dizzy and unconscious.

“If you are favored by my teacher, and get a little guidance from him, it won’t take many years before you become a Grandmaster in C Country. Even I envy your potential.”

“Unfortunately, you won’t survive today, no matter how good your potential is, it’s meaningless.” After speaking, Theodore raised his hand again, intending to break Scott’s arm first to make him feel the pain.
At this moment, several men quickly rushed behind Theodore, still holding a dagger in their hands, piercing Theodore’s vitals.

Theodore narrowed his eyes, and his raised hand instantly changed its direction, slapped the face of the man who was in front of him, and made him seven or eight meters away.

The person from the Turner family who had been standing by the side also noticed the changes on the cliff, and immediately said, “Mr. Theodore, there seem to be dozens of men rushing towards us, the origin of which is unknown.” Theodore held Scott’s collar in one hand, and quickly solved the few people who rushed in front of him, and snorted coldly, “A

bunch of mobs. Now that they come here for death, then I will satisfy their hunger for death.”

With that said, he threw Scott directly on the ground, intending to deal with the people who appeared suddenly, and then torture Scott.

In the blink of an eye, dozens of men surrounded Theodore, and the person from the Turner family also fought a few men.

Theodore deal with the dozens of people who suddenly appeared without difficulty. Basically, he could beat one person with one movement. After a while, nearly half of them fell.

At this moment, there was a roar of the motorcycle engine, and a beautiful woman riding on the motorcycle appeared here. It was Annabel.

The dozens of men that suddenly appeared were the masters of the Thompson family that she brought when she came to Moon Island.

At that time, Annabel wanted to follow Scott’s request to find Edith and take Edith away, but she worried about Scott. Out of selfishness, Annabel ordered a member of her family to find Edith, and she stayed and arranged the family by her side gathered together.

Although Scott might blame her for doing so, she couldn’t watch Scott take the risk alone, and she didn’t want to see Scott have an accident compared to Scott blaming her.

Seeing Theodore fighting with dozens of men and the masters who fell on the ground, Annabel was shocked. The people arranged by the family for her were all first-class masters. These people looked so weak in front of Theodore. He made them fall to the ground with a punch. How strong was this man from the Turner family?

Soon, Annabel found Scott who was dying on the ground, frowned slightly, and quickly rushed over on a motorcycle.

There was a hint of luck in her heart. Fortunately, she didn’t leave directly, otherwise Scott would really die today.

Riding a motorcycle to the side of Scott, Annabel quickly pulled Scott up, let him sit behind her, and then left here quickly.
“You… why are you back?” Scott asked Annabel, holding on to his last trace of consciousness.

“You are stupid, if I don’t come, you will die today. If you die, what should I do?” Annabel seemed to be wronged, and tears flashed in her eyes.

Scott’s chest was suffocated at this time. He felt extremely uncomfortable, but after hearing Annabel’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Shouldn’t it be Edith’s line? Why could she say it so naturally, as if the two of them have been together for a long time.

Annabel didn’t talk nonsense with Scott anymore, and was about to leave here on a motorcycle. At this time, Theodore had already noticed the situation here. After seeing Annabel trying to save Scott, he snorted. Then he moved quickly and rushed to them.

Theodore’s speed was very fast. Before Annabel’s motorcycle sped up, Theodore was already in front of them.

“I only wanted to kill him today. Mind your own frigging business! Otherwise, I will kill you as well.” Theodore snorted coldly.

“Hurry up and get out of the way, or I will run into you and you life will die,” Annabel frowned and said.
Theodore laughed, glanced at the motorcycle Annabel was riding, and said, “With it? You can try.”

Annabel was anxious. This guy could almost kill Scott who had succeeded in climb the ladder, which was enough to show his strength. As a lady of the Thompson family, Annabel knew that there were some people in the world who were so powerful that even science couldn’t tell the reason. Theodore was probably one of them.

She hesitated for a moment, then gritted her teeth, squeezed the accelerator, and a roar sounded. Then, the motorcycle turned its head and ran to the other side.

Seeing Annabel run away, Theodore curled his lips and quickly chased her.

“Why is this person so perverted, he can catch up with me on a motorcycle.” Annabel glanced back, frowning her eyebrows.
Seeing that there was no road ahead, and the steep cliff on the other side, Annabel felt desperate.

At this time Theodore increased his speed, then he jumped up, and a flying kick came towards Scott’s back.

Upon seeing this, Annabel turned quickly, trying to hide.

Theodore kicked on the rear of the motorcycle. The tremendous force made the motorcycle lose its balance and rushed out to the side.

Annabel suddenly screamed because Theodore’s kick just made the motorcycle rush toward the cliff.

It was too late, and the whole process just took a second or two. When Annabel reacted, the motorcycle had already jumped out of the cliff and fell into the rough sea below.


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