The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 621 The Power of Theodore

“I’m afraid you don’t have the ability!” Scott snorted coldly, and the aura on his body suddenly exploded, releasing the power of his whole body to the apex.

He could feel the danger on Theodore. When he came up just now, he also observed the surroundings and determined that there were only three of them on the cliff, which also showed the other party’s confidence in his own strength.

So Scott planned to do his best this time. He wanted to directly defeat the two people on the cliff, so he could go to meet Edith quickly.

Theodore felt the aura erupting from Scott, and raised his eyebrows. It seemed that he didn’t expect Scott to have sucha strong aura.

“It seems that you are not as simple as I thought. It is interesting. I thought you were another boring guy who would be killed by me with one movement. Maybe you will give me some surprises.”

Theodore said with a smile, and then rushed towards Scott.
The other person just stood on the side and watched quietly, and had no intention of making a move.
Scott didn’t neglect at all. After seeing Theadore’s movements, he directly punched out and hit Theodore in the face.

Theodore narrowed his eyes and immediately raised his hand to grasp Scott’s fist. A huge power burst out suddenly.
Theodore’s body had to retreat backwards, unloading all the power from Scott’s fist.

There was obvious surprise in the eyes of both people. Scott was surprised that Theodore was able to resist his full punch without any damage. Theodore was surprised that Scott’s punch could explode with such a powerful force, which was completely beyond his expectation.

“Unexpectedly, you can play such a powerful force with only your physical strength. Among those people I have seen in my life, you are the only one who can exert such a powerful physical strength,” Theodore said with some excitement.

Scott was naturally aware of the strength of his body. The medicine his master used that special mushroom to make for him back then made his physical strength surpass the limits of normal humans.

It was with such a tyrannical physical strength that Scott had the opportunity to succeed in climbing.

However, seeing that Theodore was just a little surprised, Scott very puzzled. He didn’t think that there were people in this world whose physical power could surpass him.

“You are the first one who can resist my punch with all my strength, but I don’t know if you can resist a few more punches!” Scott didn’t waste any time, and rushed toward Theodore again.

A faint sneer hung on Theodore’s lips, and his figure moved with the wind, instantly fighting with Scott.

Scott broke out with all his strength. This strength was not something ordinary people could bear. If he were Kacper, he would have been seriously injured by Scott.

Theodore blocked Scott’s attacks with effortless artistry. Although Scott could feel that Theodore had been struggling, his strength still shocked Scott.

Scott relied on his master’s prescription and the magic mushroom to get his current power, so how did Theodore achieve such a terrifying strength?

After dozens of moves, Scott seized the opportunity, gritted his teeth, and smashed Theodore with a heavy fist.

This time, Theodore failed to hold the huge strength of Scott’s fist, retreated seven or eight meters behind, barely stopped, and then vomited blood.

“You are not my opponent,” Scott said coldly while watching Theodore vomit blood.

Theodore wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, but an excited smile appeared on his face, “Unexpectedly, a person who only relies on physical strength can achieve this level of strength. Even if my teacher will definitely be quite shocked.”

“I used my inner strength to protect my body and used my physical strength to fight against this guy And I was even beaten to vomit blood. His strength is probably the strongest among the outer strengths.” “Fine, I’m here to kill him today. Even if I am curious about how his physical power was trained, I can’t keep him in the world.”

Scott didn’t know what Theodore was muttering. He frowned and looked at him, and said, “You can let your man help you. Even if you two get together, I will beat you up.”

“It’s not necessary yet. No matter how strong your physical strength is, there is an upper limit. Next, I will kill you.”

Theodore said, and then his breathing method immediately changed, and his aura suddenly changed, and Scott felt a crisis in an instant.

Immediately afterwards, Scott saw Theodore’s figure transform into an afterimage. Almost in the blink of an eye, he had rushed to him.

Scott’s pupils shrank sharply, and he quickly raised his hand to block Theodore’s fist, but at this time Theodore’s fist had already hit Scott’s chest.

A force that made Scott unimaginable exploded, and went straight to Scott’s chest. The next second, Scott’s body flew upside down and rolled on the ground several times before stopping.

Scott gritted his teeth and got up from the ground, looking at Theodore in disbelief. At that moment, Scott felt the threat of death. If it weren’t for his strong physique, Theodore’s punch just now might have killed him.

“Why is your strength completely different from just now? There was a strange force in your fist, extremely tough. What kind of power is that?” Scott asked with pain.

Theodore smiled and shook his fist, and said, “Before that I was just playing around with you. Now, what I show is my real strength.”

“As for the power I just used, you are a dying person, what use is it to know?”

After speaking, Theodore walked towards Scott.

Scott gave birth to a sense of powerlessness for the first time. The strength that Theodore showed just now was completely beyond his imagination. The strength he has always been proud of is so vulnerable in front of Theodore, which made him feel a strong sense of frustration.

“It’s not that easy to kill me!”

Scott roared and rushed towards Theodore again, trying to get a chance.

A playful smile appeared on the corner of Theodore’s mouth, and the moment Scott rushed over, he had already moved.
With a bang.

Theodore’s fist hit Scott’s stomach, and Scott spurted out a mouthful of blood, softened directly in front of Theodore, and was about to fall to the ground.

Theodore grabbed Scott’s collar like a dead fish, his eyes full of contempt.

“Trash is always just a trash. Your grandfather is a trash. You, as his a grandson, are the same as him. It’s no wonder that your grandfather would be kicked out of the Turner family. If you are still in the Turner family, I’m afraid the whole Turner family will be dragged down by you.” Theodore sneered.

“Fuck your mother!” Scott gritted his teeth, feeling weak.

Theodore snorted and said, “Now I give you a chance. Kneel down and admit that your grandfather is a trash and you are an incompetent person who is not as good as a dog. I will kill you directly. Otherwise, I will let you die in pain.”

Scott’s eyes flushed. He stared at Theodore, and then used his last strength, shouting every word,

“No way!”


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