The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 619 I Had Given Him a Chance

The atmosphere in the living room of the Chan’s house was a bit solemn.
Scott and Annabel sat on the sofa and looked at Arlo and Mylo standing in front of them.

“Lord Davies, I’m really sorry. If I knew that this bastard was going to trouble you and your wife, I would have broken his leg.
Please do not be angry. I will definitely give you an explanation. ”

Arlo said to Scott with a guilty expression on his face, then turned to look at Mylo, kicked him and cursed, “Dozy bastard. How dare you make trouble for Lord Davies. Do you want to put the Chan family into the abyss of suffering?”

Mylo was already a lot more quiet at this time, a little afraid to look at Arlo. How could he know the guy who made him embarrassed last night turned out to be the head of the Davies in B City.

“Your son is not only making trouble for Scott. He also wants to plot against me. Lord Chan, if you don’t give us a reasonable explanation, my husband will not let you go,” Annabel said seriously.

When Scott heard this, he immediately turned his head and glared at her. Since he was in the Chan family now, it was not better to refute Annabel directly, so he could only give her a warning look.

Annabel had a playful look, didn’t take Scott’s warning seriously, and narrowed her eyes mischievously.

After Arlo heard Annabel’s words, he clenched his fist immediately, turned his head and glared at Mylo, and said quickly, “Mrs.
Davies, don’t worry, I will give you a reasonable explanation.”

Scott sighed. It seemed that Annabel was treated as his wife and he couldn’t explain it clearly.
“Rebellious! Hurry to kneel down and apologize to Lord Davies and Mrs. Davies!” Arloshouted at Mylo.

Mylo looked at Arlo a little unconvinced, and said, “Dad, I just…”

“What are you just? I asked you to kneel. Don’t talk so much nonsense.” Arlo slapped Mylo’s face.
Mylo held his face and slowly knelt in front of Scott and Annabel.

“Apologize!” Arlo said.

“I’m sorry.” Mylo said in a barely audible voice.

Arlo kicked Mylo without saying a word, and shouted, “Speak louder!”

“I’m sorry.” Mylo raised the volume this time, but there was some impatience in his voice.

“Lord Davies, my son has been spoiled by me since he was a child, and he did this kind of wrong thing. Please forgive him this time. He has already knelt down and apologized. I will certainly educate him well in the future and prevent him from making such mistakes again.” Arlo pleaded.

Scott suddenly sneered and said, “Lord Chan, your son has no sincerity in apologizing. I’m afraid I can’t forgive him so easily.”

Arlo immediately showed a hint of embarrassment on his face, and said, “You are right, Lord Davies. My son is really ill-bred.
Could you tell me how can you forgive him. I will definitely do what you say.”

“I have given him a chance before and let him kneel down to apologize, but unfortunately he refused. I am a principled person.
Since he did not cherish the opportunity given to him, then I will not show mercy anymore.”

“But since he is your son, I can punish him lightly.”

“Broken his arms, I won’t pursue this matter anymore.”

Scott said his request calmly.

Both Arlo’s and Mylo’s expressions changed. They didn’t expect Scott’s light punishment to be so terrifying.

Annabel felt the infinite charm from Scott’s temperament that easily determined a person’s fate, and her eyes became brighter.

“Lord Davies, breaking both arms is too serious. My family can pay you financial compensation. As long as you say how much you want, I will definitely pay,” Arlo said.

“I am not short of money. What I just said is my bottom line. If you are reluctant, then I will do it myself,” Scott said lightly.

Mylo showed a brutal look in his eyes, stood up directly from the ground, and said to Arlo, “Dad you have also seen this person, this person is so excessive. Why do we have to be polite to him? He is the head of the Davies family, but here is Moon Island.
Here is our territory, he is so excessive, even if we kill him, no one can find out that we did it.”

“What nonsense are you talking about! Hurry up and shut up!” Arlo looked at Mylo in shock, but he didn’t expect him to say something like this.

“Dad, he wants to break my arms. Is it possible that you still have to help him at this time?” Mylo yelled angrily.

Arlo also sighed helplessly. At this moment, he didn’t know what to do.
Mylo looked at Scott viciously, took out his phone, and said, “Wait for me, I’ll call someone. Since you are so arrogant…”

Before he could finish his words, Scott stood up, walked to Mylo, threw the phone in his hand on the ground, and then grabbed one of his shoulders and exerted force. With a click, Mylo screamed.

It happened in a flash, Mylo had no idea what happened, and then there was a sharp pain in his arm.

Arlo looked dumbfounded, and it took a minute for him to react.

“Lord Davies, you… what are you doing, let go of my son, why is his arm hanging down?” Arlo asked anxiously.

“Dad, my arm is broken, you…you call for help!” Mylo shouted with a pained expression on his face.

Expression on Arlo’s face suddenly changed. At this time, he didn’t care about anything, and immediately called for someone.

Scott slowly said, “Stop, you should have seen my skill just now. Before you call someone, I can easily kill both of you. And others will not notice it, even if I continue to play on this island for a few days, there will still be no trouble. I can leave calmly.”

Arlo’s body froze all of a sudden, he did not doubt Scott’s strength at all. As the head of the Davies family, he would not use such words to fool him.

“Lord Davies, please forgive us. My son is not sensible, please give him another chance, if both of his arms are abolished, his life will be over!” Arlo begged for mercy.

Scott glanced at Mylo and said, “Didn’t I tell you that I gave him a chance, but he didn’t cherish it. He is ignorant, but it cannot be a reason for me to forgive him. I hope he can learn a lesson after I break his arms this time.”

As soon as the voice fell, Scott’s hand was placed on Mylo’s other shoulder again. Mylo’s arm dropped immediately as soon as Scott moved.


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