The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 618 Is This How You Entertain Guests

The Chan’s House.

Arlo Chan, the head of the Chan family, was busy in directing the people of the Chan family to arrange the decorations in the living room to make the house more luxurious.

This morning he received a letter saying that the head of the Davies family in B City would bring his wife to visit them in the evening. Arlo, who knew the status of the Davies family in B City, naturally did not dare to neglect, and immediately refused all invitations, concentrated on the home layout, ready to meet the arrival of the head of the Davies family and his wife.

Before that, Arlo only knew that the Davies family was very powerful and had supremacy in B City. It was not comparable to his family on the island. As for the head of the Davies family, he didn’t know who it was.

Therefore, he made people collect all the information about the head of the Davies family in the shortest time. After reading it, he admired Scott heartily.

“He is so young, but has such a bumpy experience, strong connections, tyrannical methods, and able to sit firmly as the head of the Davies family, this person is quite outstanding,” Arlo muttered to himself.

In fact, his son and the head of the Davies family were not much different in age. Thinking of his own son, Arlo felt angry in his heart. Scott had already been the head of the Davies family, while his son only played the field.

“How disappointing he is.” Arlo sighed, then walked to a servant and asked, “Where is Mylo?”

“Mr. Mylo is in the backyard. He called a dozen thugs at home. It seems that he is going to have a fight with someone,” the servant answered honestly.

Arlo suddenly snorted, frowned and walked towards the backyard. Today, the head of the Davies family would be here. He also thought Mylo and Scott might have a common topic as they were at the same age. If his son could make friends with the head of the Davies family, it would be great. However, he didn’t expect that his son planned to go out to start a fight.

“Bastard, if he dares to go out today, I’ll break his leg!” In the backyard.

Mylo was standing in front of a dozen burly men, and said aggressively, “I have already found out where that guy lives. You will follow me later. As long as you see him, go and beat him right away. Don’t be merciful. That guy can’t afford to stay in a hotel, and he probably has no background. Even if he is killed, I will take responsibility for you. Did you hear me?”

“Yes!” everyone replied in unison.

Then Mylo turned around to take a group of people out. At this moment, he saw Arlo, who was already standing behind him with a pale face.

Mylo was a little embarrassed, coughed slightly, smiled and said, “Dad, why are you here.”

Arlo walked directly in front of Mylo, kicked him on his ass, and cursed, “Damn it, you only know to go out and make trouble for others, and you even want to beat someone to death. How dare you! You are really lawless!”

“Dad, what I want to do is for the reputation of the Chan family. Last night, a stupid guy made me make a fool of myself in front of everyone in the square of the Crescent Hotel. I was humiliated. He doesn’t pay attention to the Chan family at all. If we don’t teach that guy a hard lesson, people will look down on us in the future,” Mylo explained immediately.

Arlo glared at him, and said coldly, “I don’t care your dignity. Later, the head of the Davies family in B City will be here. You must show up at that time. The head of the Davies family is about the same age as you. If you can become his friend, it will be of great benefit to the Chan family. As for you to teach that person, do it another day.”

“Okay, I see, I’m sure to show up later, okay?” Mylo answered.
Arlo glared at him again, then turned back to the living room and continued to command.

Mylo watched Arlo go, turned around and looked at the dozen thugs, and said, “It only needs a short time to beat up that guy. I’ll just rush back before the head of the Davies family arrives. Let’s go out through the back door and move faster.!”

A group of people immediately followed Mylo out through the back door.

On the way, Scott and Annabel walked in the direction of the Chan’s house.

Scott was expressionless all the way, and Annabel was like a magpie, walking around Scott, very happy.

It seemed that being able to walk alone with Scott on the road was a very happy thing for her.

“Scott, in fact, actually, it’s only good to marry more wives, and there’s no harm. My father has several women besides my mother. They all get along well. It’s very conservative of you to marry only one woman in your life,” Annabel said as she walked.
Scott was speechless. While walking along the road, Annabel had already told him the benefits of polygyny for a long time.

Annabel was also a little helpless. She found that Scott couldn’t leave Edith no matter what, so she had to settle for second best and ask Scott to marry her.

Just as Annabel continued to instill in Scott the notion of polygyny, Mylo also brought a group of thugs to this road.
Mylo noticed Annabel next to Scott at a glance, and then his gaze fell on Scott.

“How lucky I am. I still want to go to your place to find you, but I didn’t expect you to come by yourself.” Mylo sneered, waved to the thugs behind him. Those thugs rushed up and surrounded Scott and Annabel.

Scott didn’t expect to meet Mylo on the way to the Chan family. Mylo seemed to come for him.

“Boy, I happen to be looking for you. I didn’t expect to meet you here. You can only blame yourself for your bad luck. You should pay for what you did last night,” Mylo said, looking at Scott sullenly.

Scott looked calm. He went to the Chan family to solve this matter, as long as Mylo did not cause trouble to Gardner’s family, it was fine to solve this matter anyway.

“I am going to talk to your father about this matter now. Are you sure you want to stop me here?” Scott asked in reply.

Mylo laughed, full of mockery at Scott.

“Are you f*cking crazy? Do you want to talk to my dad about this? Pee and take a look at whi you are. Is it possible that you still want to ask my dad to give you justice?”

When the dozen thugs heard Mylo’s words, they all laughed.

When the dozen thugs heard Mylo’s words, they all laughed.

“Then how do you want to solve this?” Scott asked.

Mylo glanced at Scott, then moved his gaze to Annabel, his eyes full of greed.

“It’s very simple. If you don’t want to be beaten to death, then let this beauty go back with me. If she makes me comfortable at night, I will naturally let you go. Otherwise, you may not leave Moon Island alive,” Mylo said with a sneer.

Annabel heard what he said, and immediately snorted, and said angrily, “You are too shameless. Who is going to serve you? How dare you say such words in front of my future husband, he will definitely not let you go.”

“Future husband? Are you his fiancée? If that’s the case, it would be even more exciting.” Mylo’s smile turned wretched.

Although Scott was a bit speechless about Annabel’s words, he didn’t bother to explain, and said to Mylo, “Go and call your dad over, and then kneel and kowtow to admit your mistake. I can spare you one time. Otherwise, even god will not be able to save you.”

Mylo glanced at Scott contemptuously, and said, “Don’t be pretentious. On Moon Island, my Chan family is the most powerful.
Who are you? It is just a piece of a cke to kill you!”

After speaking, he gave the thugs a gesture, and the thugs immediately rushed towards Scott.

Scott moved quickly, with one punch, knocking all the thugs Mylo had brought to the ground, and then he came to Mylo, slapped him in the face, and directly caused him to fall to the ground.

In the distance, someone from the Chan family, who secretly followed to look on passively, was so scared that he ran back to the Chan’s house and told Arlo about it.

Arlo came over in a hurry, and was a little surprised when he saw a group of people lying on the ground. When he saw Scott, his look changed even more and he blurted out, “Lord… Lord Davies, why are you here? ”

Scott turned his head and glanced at Arlo, and said coldly, “Is this the way the Chan family entertains guests?”


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