The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 617 She Likes Me

At Gardner’s house.

In Scott and Edith’s bedroom.

Edith thoughtfully stared at Scott for a few seconds, as if she were going to see through Scott with her big clear eyes.
Being looked at in that way, Scott was embarrassed and asked, “Is there anything on my face?”

“No, no. You’re not normal today. Scott, have you concealed anything from me?” Edith asked thoughtfully.

Scott was stunned at once and asked, “Why do you say so?”

“You’ve been not normal since we met Annabel. For example, when Annabel invited us to live in her presidential suite for one night, why did you directly refuse?” Edith stared at Scott as if she were interrogating a criminal.

Scott shrugged and said, “We’ve a place to live in. Why should we live in her place? Besides, aren’t Fisher and Anika going to cook us a big meal for us tomorrow? If we live there, we might not be able to come back in time.”

“Excuse. It’s obviously an excuse. Humph, Scott, you no longer love me, right?” Edith compressed her lips and put on an aggrieved expression.

Feeling embarrassed, Scott looked at her and said, “Darling, how is it possible that I don’t love you? The reason why I want to come back here is really that Fisher and Anika are going to cook a big meal for us tomorrow.”

Edith ballooned her cheeks, put her hands on her hips and said, “I don’t believe it. Don’t underestimate the intuition of women.
When I believe there’s something wrong with you, there must be something wrong with you.”

Looking at Edith, Scott secretly agreed with Edith. There was really something wrong with the relationship between him and Annabel. But it was different from what Edith thought.

Besides, Edith became lovelier and lovelier after she was pregnant. Scott wondered if all pregnant women were like that.

“Well, then I’ll tell you. I feel that she seems to like me, so I don’t want to live with her.” Scott said.

Previously, Edith was going to listen to him seriously. After hearing what he said, she immediately widened her eyes.

Then she touched Scott’s forehead and asked, “Scott, do you have a fever?”

Scott rolled his eyes and spoke, “I’m serious. Didn’t you find that she looked at me in a strange way? Listen, men’s hunch could sometimes be quite right.”

Edith stuck out her tongue at Scott. After knowing the reason why Scott was not normal today, she was immediately not suspicious and spoke to him, “You’re a narcissist. In my opinion, it’s you that like her.”

“Didn’t you really find it? If that’s not true, why did she want me to challenge the young master of the Chan family? It already tells something.” Scott said seriously.

“She’s as beautiful as a fairy. How is it possible that she would like you? Besides, you’re already married. Could it be that she wants to take you away from me?” Edith lay down on the bed.

Scott silently said “yes” and thought that that was indeed what Annabel was thinking.
“Well, go to bed now. We need to help Fisher and Anika to cook tomorrow.” Edith said.
“Wait. I need Annabel to do me a favor.” Scott said.

“What?” Edith asked.

“Today, I defeated the young master of the Chan family. Besides, I made him lose his face in the presence of so many people. As a young master of a family like him, he wouldn’t let me off. I’m afraid that he would take revenge later and that Fisher and his family would be involved in it. So, I want to take the initiative to deal with it.” Scott said.

Edith nodded. In this respect, Edith deeply trusted Scott.

“Well, I’ll just tell you her cell phone number. You can make a phone call to her tomorrow and tell her what you want her to do yourself. But you mustn’t like her. Understand?” Edith said with her eyes wide open.

“Yes! My wife’s pregnant. How is it possible that I would like other women? Ryanorrow night, just cook and wait for me with Fisher and Anika. After I come back and have dinner, we’ll soon go home.” Scott said.

Edith nodded, lay down in Scott’s arms and then slowly fell asleep.

On a cliff of Moon Island.

A strong men was standing on the edge of the cliff. The waves were breaking on the shore. The moon shone on him, making him look mysterious.

After a long time, another people came here, bowed to him and said, “Mr. Theodore, I’ve got the information. Scott is now living

in a resident’s house here, and he does come here for a tour.”

“Humph, it’s indeed difficult to find him. To find him, I went to J City from B City. Now, I come to this place. If I don’t let him die in a painful way, it will not match the effort I made.” The strong man said in a cold voice.

“Mr. Theodore, Scott is not in B City now. You can take this opportunity to attack the Davies family. In this way, when Scott is back, he’ll find that the people of the Davies family have all been killed. It’s fun.” The people standing in front of Theodore said.

“Ho, ho. The Davies family is just a weak powerful. It’s unworthy of my making effort to deal with it. Father just asks me to take Scott’s head back. For me, commercial competition is but a game. When you’re as powerful as I am, you’ll find that it is power that is the most fascinating thing in the world.”

“The reason why the Davies family isn’t ruined is that they have Scott as their head. After I kill him, every problem can be solved.”

Theodore said slowly.
“Yes!” That people flattered him, “Then when is Mr. Theodore going to attack Scott?”

“Ryanorrow night. Let him live one more day. Ryanorrow night, he’ll be dead.”

In the early morning of the next day, Scott made a phone call to Annabel and told Annabel what he wanted her to do. He asked Annabel to send someone to give the head of the Chan family a message: Scott, the head of the Davies family, had come to the Moon Island and would visit the Chan family tonight.

On Moon Island, no one worked for him. If he went to give the head of the Chan family this message on his own, it would be less effective. So, he asked Annabel to do that.

Annabel was the young lady of the Thompson family, and now she was traveling. So Scott was sure that there must be a few hundred people protecting her secretly. Therefore, Annabel could definitely help him.

Annabel understood that Scott wanted to threaten the people of the Chan family with his status, so she soon sent someone to

give the message to the Chan family.

After receiving this message, the head of the Chan family immediately asked someone to prepare a banquet. Although the Chan family developed quite well in recent years, it was still quite far from as powerful as the Davies family in B City. When the head of the Davies family, an important person, came, he would certainly entertain him with care.

At this moment, he still didn’t know that his son was planning to deal with the head of the Davies family.

In the afternoon, Scott left after saying a few words to Edith. He told her that he would come back to have dinner after dealing with the matter.

It was not a good thing, so Scott didn’t let Edith go with him.
Before, Scott had asked Gardner about the location of the house of the Chan family. Now, he was heading for it.

When he arrived at the junction, he felt that someone was waiting for him at the corner. He became a little alert. When it was time for him to make a turn, he stopped.

Right at this moment, a beautiful girl wearing a long pink dress and a garland came out of the corner at once. It was Annabel.
“He, he, he. Are you scared?” Annabel asked with a smile.

Scott was a little speechless. He gave her a glance and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I come here to go to the house of the Chan family with you.” Annabel said while blinking her big eyes.

“My going there alone is enough. You don’t have to go there with me.” After saying that, Scott continued on his way.

“No, it’s not enough. I’ve told the people of the Chan family that the head of the Davies family and his wife would come to visit them. You can’t go there on your own.” Annabel immediately followed him and took Scott’s arm.

Scott immediately got rid of her, stared at her and said, “What? My wife is Edith. In any case, you’re not eligible to go there with me.”

Annabel instantly stared at Scott with tears in her eyes, looking aggrieved while saying, “I’m wrong. If you don’t like it, I won’t do that again. Why are you so angry with me?”

Scott didn’t know how to deal with it. The last person he could cope with was the girl who knew how to turn her charm on others.

“Considering that you’ve sent a message for me, I allow you to go with me. However, if you dare to say anything you shouldn’t, I’ll turn against you.” Scott spoke while staring at Annabel.

Annabel’s aggrieved expression immediately turned into a smile. She went skipping forward.

“Got it. Got it. I won’t do that. However, others might say something. In that case, don’t blame me. After all, I did ask them to tell the people of the Chan family that Scott and his wife would come to visit them.”


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