The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 616 Why Are You So Ill-formed

On the way back to hotel, Annabel wore an angry expression. She clenched her fists tightly and kicked the stones away from time to time, venting her anger.

“Scott, you’re bad and stupid! You wretch! Am I so terrible? I just want you to accompany me in the hotel for one night. Why do you act as if I would do something to you?”

“I just want to secretly follow you to the bathroom, flirt with you there and do something we should at night. Is that terrible? You should directly refuse! You piss me off!”

Annabel spoke to herself. When she thought of Scott’s cold expression, she got angry.

“Humph, it doesn’t matter. There’s still a lot of time. I’ll stay with you all the time. I can definitely find a chance to do that.” When she was lowering her head and trying to find stones on the ground, two people suddenly blocked her way.
Annabel stopped and looked up at them, finding that a man and a woman were standing there.

“What do you want to do?” Annabel asked while staring at them.

The man immediately smiled and asked, “Girl, are you a friend of Scott and Edith? Was it you that treated them to a meal in the Crescent Hotel today?”

“Yes. Who are you?” Annabel looked at them with a puzzled expression, feeling a little suspicious.

“To be honest, I’m Edith’s distant relative. The reason why we come to you is that we want to tell you that Scott and Edith are completely frauds. Don’t be fooled by them.”

It was Rowan that spoke to Annabel. The woman beside him was naturally Rosa. Before, when they watched Scott challenge Mylo in the square, they guessed that this woman, who was as beautiful as a fairy, knew Scott and Edith. They also guessed that it was her that treated Scott and Edith to a meal in the Crescent Hotel.

They speculated that Scott and Edith got a room on the top floor of The Pearl to get to know some powerful people. In their opinion, Annabel was a friend Scott and Edith got to know on the top floor of The Pearl.

When they saw that Scott defeated Mylo in the arm-wrestling match and that Scott exposed the fact that Mylo cheated in the match, they were naturally extremely astonished. However, in their view, even if Scott won, it was still not a good thing. In their opinion, when Scott did all those things, he had offended the young master of the Chan family. And the young master of the Chan family would certainly not let him off.

When they thought that the young master of the Chan family would give Scott and Edith a lesson, Rowan and Rosa were a little happy. Believing that they should stop a beauty like Annabel from being fooled, they followed Annabel to this place.

Annabel was somewhat speechless. She looked at them and thought that they were seemingly a little mad.
“Well, why do you claim that they are frauds?” Annabel asked while staring at Rowan.

Rowan said with a smile, “If I’m not wrong, you should get to know them on the top floor of The Pearl. They did get a room on the top floor of The Pearl, but they’re actually very poor. They spent all the money they had on getting a room on the top floor to get to make friends with people like you.”

“Edith’s from a family in a small place called J City. Her family is somewhat related to my family, but it’s not very powerful and is far from as powerful as my family is. I’m afraid that Edith can’t even make 6000 dollars a month.”

“Scott is even worse. He’s a well-known loser in J City, being unable to do anything. He always does housework at home, and is being cursed by his wife’s mother every day. They’re not eligible to make friends with you.”

Hearing that, Annabel smiled. When she collected the information about Scott, she had known what he told her. However, she knew that Scott had just pretended to be a loser. After all, she also knew how Scott dealt with Sasha and Margaret.

Now, in J City, no one dared to say that Scott was a loser. People who had taunted him were all anxious to flatter him.
Judging from Rowan’s telling her these things now, he obviously didn’t know how powerful Scott was in J City.
Annabel rolled her eyes, pretended to be very astonished and spoke, “Oh, my God. Why are you so ill-informed? The information

you gave me has long been out of date. Could it be that you don’t know Scott is the young master of the Davies family in B City?”

Rowan was expecting that Annabel might appreciate him after he exposed the lies Scott and Edith told. Now, hearing that, he immediately widened his eyes.

“What… What? He’s the young master of the Davies family in B City? How is that possible?” Rowan asked in disbelief.

Rosa also didn’t believe that and said, “It must be Scott that told you this. Don’t believe him. He had just made it up. He’s a complete loser. How is it possible that he’s the young master of the Davies family?”

“If you don’t believe that, you can check it on the internet.” After saying that, Annabel continued on her way.

Rowan and Rosa stared at Annabel dumbfounded. They came to expose the lies Scott told. Unexpectedly, they got such a reply.

“Darling, she’s a fool. She should believe that Scott is the young master of the Davies family in B City. If he is, how is it possible that he would be considered to be a loser by everyone?” Rosa muttered.

Rowan didn’t speak. Instead, he took out his mobile phone and hurriedly searched for information about the young master of the Davies family in B City. Soon, he found a post about the experiences of the young master of the Davies family. He clicked on it and the saw a picture of Scott.

He quickly glanced over the post, during which his face became darker and darker. According to the first half of the post, Scott had once been a loser in J City. However, according to the second half, Scott held a wedding in the Crystal Castle, inviting a lot of guests and causing a sensation in J City. Rowan was instantly dumbfounded.

Looking at the names of the people who attended the wedding of Scott and the gifts they sent, he was afraid.

The branch of the Patel family, who lived in G City, had lost contact with the branch of the Patel family in J City for many years, so the branch of the Patel family in G City didn’t know what had happened in J City at all. It turned out that that loser was really the young master of the Davies family in B City and that he just came to J City and married Edith to prepare for getting the Davies family back.

When he thought of how he treated Scott and Edith before, Rowan regretted very much. Sweat came out of his forehead.
Seeing that, Rosa hurriedly asked, “Darling, what’s wrong with you?”

Rowan gave her a glance with a despairing expression and murmured, “What she said just now…should be true. Scott is really the young master of the Davies family in B City.”

As he spoke, he handed his mobile phone to Rosa and let her have a look at the post.

After reading that, Rosa also wore a panicky expression, looking uneasily at Rowan and asking, “Darling, what should we do now? We directly offended the young master of the Davies family by treating him in that way.”

“Don’t ask me. I f*cking don’t know!” Rowan angrily shouted.
Just at this moment, Rowan’s cell phone rang. Rosa handed it to him and said, “Darling, it’s from your father.” Rowan took it, feeling uneasy. He answered the phone and asked, “Father, what’s the matter?”

“Rowan, do you remember the branch of the Patel family in J City? It’s the family that marries one of their daughters to a well- known loser in that city. I just got a news, saying that that loser is actually the young master of the Davies family in B City. He’s super powerful. After you come back home, let’s go to J City and visit them with gifts. We can try to build a relationship with the Davies family. It’s very beneficial to our family.”

After hearing that, Rowan helplessly sighed and said, “Father, you can give it up now. Even if we visit them with precious gifts, we might be driven out.”

“Father, I’ve made a big mistake!”


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