The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 615 You Lost

The game began.
Both Scott and Mylo put their elbows on the table and took each other’s hands.

The moment Mylo took Scott’s hand, he sneered and said, “Your hand is very soft. Could it be that you were kept by a woman before? I saw that you were close to the other beauty.”

“She’s my wife.” Scott said tonelessly.

Mylo immediately laughed, saying, “Since you already have a wife, why do you interfere with this matter? Could it be that you have an affair with the other beauty?”

“To be honest, when I do this, I also save you. You can’t afford to offend that woman.” Scott said.

Mylo sneered at once and shouted, “There isn’t any woman that I can’t afford to offend on Moon Island. I warn you. If you interfere with this matter, you’ll have to pay the price!”

Scott no longer talked to him and just waited for the host to tell them to begin.
Seeing that they were both ready, the host asked them to start.

Bath of them used strength at once. Previously, Scott was going to defeat Mylo quickly. In this way, he could put an end to this matter. However, to his surprise, Mylo really had great strength. Just now, he used thirty percent of his strength and failed to defeat Mylo.

At this moment, Mylo was more shocked than Scott. Just now, he also intended to defeat Scott quickly, so that others could know how weak this stupid guy was.

However, after he used strength, he couldn’t move Scott’s hand at all. It was indeed out of his expectation.
“Unexpectedly, you’re not too weak. But do you think you’re strong enough to defeat me?” Mylo sneered and then used greater strength.

Scott used ten percent more strength. Once again, they all failed to defeat each other.

“It’s impossible!” Mylo thought. He began to look at Scott in another way.

The audience only saw that none of them could move their hands and defeat the other people after the host asked them to start.
“Mr. Mylo didn’t defeat that guy in a second. It seems that he’s quite nice to that guy.”

“Yes, Mr. Mylo’s too nice. If I were him, I would defeat him in a short time and make him lose face.”

“Mr. Mylo’s just wants to have some fun with him. When he becomes serious later, he’ll easily defeat that guy.”

Seeing that they were in a stalemate, the host wanted to cheer Mylo. So he said with a smile, “It seems that Mr. Mylo’s not going to defeat this guy in a short time. It’s the greatest respect for his opponent. In my opinion, Mr. Mylo’s going to defeat him. I believe that this player will be grateful to Mr. Mylo later. After all, he loses, but Mr. Mylo doesn’t make him lose with dignity.”

Hearing that, Mylo cursed him secretly at once. He thought: f*ck, how do you know that I’m going to defeat him? This guy is not weak. If he lost, what the host said would make him lose more face.

Scott stared at Mylo with a playful expression. He wore a calm expression. However, Mylo had begun to grit his teeth. Besides, the veins on Mylo’s forehead bulged.

“Is that all the strength you have? If that’s the case, I’ll put an end to this game now.” Scott said with a smile.

“Don’t be f*cking pretentious. I haven’t used all my strength yet. When I do that, you’ll be done.” Mylo said while gritting his teeth.
After that, Scott found that Mylo used greater strength again. At the same time, he heard some sound made by machine.
Feeling puzzled, Scott looked at Mylo’s arm. It seemed that there was something in his sleeve.

Guessing what that was, Scott put on a playful smile at once.

Then, he used twenty percent more of his strength. Immediately, Mylo found that he couldn’t resist anymore. His arm was immediately falling to the table.

He tried hard to resist. However, Scott had used sixty percent of his strength and ordinary people wouldn’t be able to resist it.
Mylo’s arm fell to the table little by little. Soon, the back of his hand would touch the table.

The audience were all shocked. They didn’t expect that Mylo would possibly lose.
“Give it up. Even if you use this kind of trick, you can’t still defeat me.” Scott spoke.

“Bullshit! I won’t lose!” Mylo gritted his teeth. After that, the strength from Mylo’s hand became stronger, as if Mylo had pressed a switch. Then, Mylo nearly moved Scott’s hand.

Scott frowned. Wanting to put an end to this game, Scott used another twenty percent of his strength. At this moment, there was suddenly a puff of smoke coming from the arm of Mylo. Then there was the sound made when a machine had short- circuited. The sleeve of Mylo was immediately burnt.

Mylo was so frightened that he hurriedly stood up, rolled up his sleeve and threw a machine to the ground. Soon after that, it caught fire and made a sharp sound.

The audience were all shocked and stared at the burning machine dumbfounded. It never occurred to them that Mylo had defeated all the players with it.

The machine was just like a booster. When it was attached to the arm, it could enable people to use dozens of times more strength. However, even with it, Mylo still failed to defeat Scott. His machine was even ruined because of it.

The girls, who admired Mylo, were immediately disillusioned with him. People who taunted Scott felt ashamed.

Mylo stood on the stage with an extremely dark face. It never occurred to him that the fact that he cheated in the arm-wrestling match would be exposed in the presence of so many people. His reputation was ruined.

Scott stood up, gave Mylo a glance and said slowly, “You lost.”

Then he came down from the stage.

The host watched it in a daze. He had long not known what to say.

Mylo maliciously looked at Scott’s back with a murderous look in his eyes.

“Damn, you make me lose face. I won’t let you off!”

“Mr. Mylo…Mr. Mylo, what should we do now?” The host gave Mylo a glance.

Mylo directly slapped the host in the face and cursed, “What the f*ck can we do? Announce that the match is over now. Hurry up! Do you f*cking want me to continue to lose face?”

Being very scared, the host hurriedly took the microphone, announcing that the match was over and urging the audience to leave here.

Scott approached Edith and Annabel. Edith happily kissed Scott and praised him, “Darling, you’re so good!” Seeing that, Annabel was a little jealous and licked her lips.
She also wanted to kiss Scott like that, but she clearly knew that Scott wouldn’t let her do that.

“Scott, thank you very much. That guy should cheat in the match. He’s too bad. If it wasn’t for you, I might have been bullied by that guy.” Annabel said with a smile.

Scott just calmly nodded and didn’t say anything.
They walked in the square for some more time. Seeing that it was getting late, Scott reminded Edith that it was time to go back.

At this moment, Annabel rolled her eyes said with a smile, “Edith, what about living with me tonight? I’ve booked a presidential suite in the best hotel. It’s very large, but I live there alone. To be honest, I’m a little afraid. Besides, Scott helped me, and I should thank you for it. How about that?”

Scott gave Annabel a glance and said with finality, “No, we’re not going.”


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