The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 614 Can I Come to the Stage Now

“Scott, help Annabel, please. You didn’t sign up for this match. However, if you challenge the young master of the Chan family later, he’ll definitely not refuse. As long as defeat him, Annabel won’t have to have dinner with him.” Edith said.

“Yes! Who knows if that guy will do something terrible to me while having dinner? I heard that he is lascivious and has ruined many girls.”

Annabel blinked innocently, looking like a poor little kitten that people loved.

Scott was a little speechless. He wondered: you’re the young lady of the Thompson family. How is possible that you’ll be afraid of the young master of the Chan family?

He guessed that Annabel deliberately made him challenge the young master of the Chan family, but he couldn’t expose it in the presence of Edith.

“It…I’s not appropriate. If I do that, could it be that I openly go against the young master of the Chan family? He’ll definitely make trouble for us for it later.” Scott found a casual reason.

“Anyway, we’ll just have fun here for a few days. Could it be that he will come to inland area to make trouble for us? Scott, at ordinary times, you’re quite willing to help others. Why are you afraid of getting into trouble now? Annabel’s my best friend. Can’t you be hardhearted enough to watch her be bullied by the young master of the Chan family?” Edith began to blame Scott.

“Forget it, Edith. Since he’s afraid of getting into trouble, I’m not going to get you into trouble. I’ll figure out a way to deal with it.” Annabel was somewhat frustrated.

She didn’t pretend to be frustrated. It was her real feelings. She knew that Scott could do that easily. However, he was unwilling to do that for her. How was it possible for her not to be frustrated?

Seeing Annabel become frustrated, Edith became anxious at once. After staring angrily at Scott, she hurriedly comforted Annabel.

Scott had no choice but said, “Well, I’ll go to challenge the young master of the Chan family later.”

There was originally frustrated expression in Annabel’s eyes. Now, her eyes lit up again at once.

Soon, Mylo defeated all the players. The host immediately excitedly announced that the champion of this match was Mylo.
Mylo stood up and looked arrogantly at the crowd. Finally, he looked at Annabel.

The host spoke at once, “Now, the lucky audience, please come to the stage. Tonight, you’ll have a chance to have dinner with Mr. Mylo. I believe it’s lucky for you to have this chance.”

People all looked at Annabel. Most girls were envious.
Annabel didn’t move. Instead, she looked at Scott.

After giving the stage a glance, Scott spoke in a not loud voice, but everyone could hear him. He said, “Before, I forget to sign up for the match. Now, I also want to participate in it. Can I come to the stage?”

Hearing that, the audience were all surprised. They didn’t expect that there would be someone wanting to compete in the match now.

After all, Mylo had defeated all the players. When Scott said those words, he was challenging Mylo. In their opinion, it was definitely bold and reckless for Scott to do so.

“Damn, doesn’t he want to live? He should dare to challenge Mr. Mylo. Doesn’t he know that it’s the people of the Chan family that give orders on Moon Island?”

“Judging from his expression, it’s obvious that he does it on purpose. Could it be that he also wants that girl?”

“Just now, that man was with that beauty. It seems that he doesn’t want that beauty to have dinner with Mr. Mylo. But he should know who he is. Daring to try to get the girl Mr. Mylo wants, he’ll get himself into great trouble.”

The girls who took Mylo as an idol also looked at Scott with disdain and considered him to be their enemy.

The host didn’t expect it and subconsciously gave Mylo a glance, seeking his opinion.

Mylo stared at Scott with his eyes narrowed. Just now, he didn’t notice Scott who stood beside Annabel. It was only then did he have a good look at him.

“Of course! Whoever wants to challenge me can come to the stage now. I’ll prove to you that I deserve to be the champion.” Mylo said.

Scott nodded and stepped onto the stage.
Seeing that, the host hurriedly stepped in for the rescue and conditioned the atmosphere, pushing the match to a new climax.

On the other side of the stage, Rowan and Rosa were also watching. There were too many people, so they could only hear what people say and couldn’t see who wanted to challenge Mylo.

Now, Scott was on the stage. Both of them widened their eyes.

“Is Scott out of his mind? It should be him that challenges the young master of the Chan family. Doesn’t he want to live?” Rowan spoke with a surprised expression.

“Could it be that he becomes so confident that he doesn’t take the young master of the Chan family seriously just because

someone treated him to a meal at the Crescent Hotel??” Rosa taunted.

Soon, Rowan’s surprised expression changed into a sneer. Rowan said, “Maybe you’re right. This is what someone who suddenly becomes rich is like. Since he’s not afraid of the danger and go to challenge the young master of the Chan family, we don’t have to be worried there isn’t anyone who would teach him a lesson. Offending the young master of the Chan family, he’ll suffer more.”

Rosa nodded with a hint of expectation in her eyes.

Rowan gave the people watching around a glance and said, “Let me tell you something. I know the guy who comes to challenge the young master of the Chan family. He’s a well-known loser in his hometown. There must be something wrong with his mind.
He should dare to go to the stage. It’s ridiculous.”

Hearing that, a few people around her were curious and asked her about Scott at once.
Rowan took the opportunity to belittle Scott.

After Scott came to the stage, Mylo looked at him up and down a few times and said with a smile, “Compared with those players, you’re so weak. Are you sure that you want to challenge me?”

Scott nodded.

Mylo laughed and went on speaking with contempt, “Why, is that beauty your beloved? You’re afraid that I’ll take her away from you, so you come here to prove yourself, right?”

“Stop talking nonsense. I don’t have much time.” Scott said coldly and then came close to the table and sat down.

Seeing Scott treated him in that way, Mylo’s expression became dark at once. Then he also approached the table and said coldly, “Guy, how dare you. I’ll make you regret it.”

The host watched them. Looking down upon Scott, he said with a smile, “It never occurs to me that there would be someone coming to challenge our champion at this time. This player’s courage is admirable. However, he’s weak. I’ma little worried about him. Let’s wish him good luck!”

The audience all laughed. Obviously, no one believed that Scott could defeat Mylo.


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